Devil's Walking Stick

I was mighty surprised when I
caught from the corner of my
What my grandma would call
the devil's walking stick
Unaware he just sat there
typing o his keyboard "click, click,
My voice almost rose to tell him
"your soldier's exposed"
But quickly changed my mind
who am I to keep the
little guy confined

I guess I was starring a wee
bit too hard
because like lighting flashes
he put away his guard
I was afraid to look up
not sure what I may find
I had no choice I had to
pay for my crime
His face was solid red
no white to be seen
his blue eyes reveled what
could not be said
I would rather have been
beneath a guillotine
and some other nasty places
seemed quite appealing
I tried to smile like it was
no big deal
I think that made it a
bigger ordeal
So we sat there in silence
no words I could speak
Hoping and praying for some
miracle feat
Time slowly passed and the
situation became less bleak
soon we were talking as if
it were last week

What can I say about this
sordid affair
Keep your eyes up high if you
friend is wearing nothing
but boxer underwear.

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