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Title: Torment
Rated: Nc-17 Non-consensual sex, Angst.
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Tonight was going to be rough. Lord Alex could already tell just by seeing his drunken father walk up the steps to their small country cottage where they stayed at for two weeks each year. His father always made him feel uneasy. He felt this way even before his mother, Lady Mary, died three years ago when he was twelve. He couldn't say why exactly his father made him uncomfortable; maybe it was the way that his father would just stare at him, while they were eating dinner at their town house in LinSer. At first he thought it was because he looked like his beautiful dead mother. He had her auburn colored hair, which kept falling over his slanted green eyes and a slightly pointed chin. A thick mop of auburn shoulder length hair, that was too long and wavy surrounded his straight nose and high cheek bones. His smooth white skin, which made his lips look cherry red, were all his own features. It wasn't until after his mother was dead for a year, that his father would come to his room at night and stand at the door and watch him sleep.

At first these nightly visits didn't really bother him, because he thought his dad worried about him. He didn't start worrying about the visits, until he realized that it wasn't a passing fancy, and his father continued to come into his room at night. He didn't become afraid until his father started sitting on the edge off his bed while he slept, and called him Mary, while caressing his face and hair. At first he would pretend to stay asleep. It worked at first, but around the sixth time this happened his father started touching him on the ass and on his private parts. Then his father unexpectedly pinched his nipples really hard. The first time this happened to him he couldn't keep back his startled cry of pain and outrage. Alex still remembered everything that happened that night like it had happened yesterday, even though it happened five months ago. He pleaded with his father to leave him alone, and at the same time tried to remind him that Lady Mary was dead, and that what his father was doing is incest. At first he thought it would work when he saw the confusion in his father's eyes, and then his father's confusion turn into blind fury. He had never seen anyone get angry so quickly. By this time he was terrified especially when he noticed that his father was quite naked.

The first blow didn't hurt as much as the next two that followed it did. Maybe it was the shock. He cried out when his father dragged him from the bed by his hair and tied his hands to the posts at the foot of his bed. His arms stretched painfully between the two posts, and his toes could barely touch the cold wooden floor. He looked down at his rumpled bed sheets and tried to ignore the coarse ropes cutting into his wrists and the blood seeping down his arms as his weight multiplied rapidly. He almost cried out when something was thrust between his teeth and tied behind his head. A gag? He felt something cold and hard on his back. He jerked away and tried crying out behind the gag. In the end all he could do was sob silently as his father cut off his shorts with a pocket knife formerly lying on the dresser, leaving him completely naked.

He heard the low whistle of the belt before it hit his back, and at first he didn't cry out, trying to keep the pain inside so his father wouldn't get upset. By the sixth stroke his father was in a frenzy hitting him harder and faster, right and left, and at the same time he muttered under his breath about sinners and disobedient sons. Alex abandoned all pretenses of bearing this like a man as the pain raced like fire through his aching back and arms. Soon the pain became unbearable, and he started whimpering and struggling to free his hands from the ropes and escape the belt. In the end none of this worked and all he did was cut his wrists and enrage his father into an even worse frenzy than before. His father finally stopped when he drew blood, and he quickly cut the ropes holding Alex up and pushed him down onto the bed on his stomach.

The minute Alex was free he tried to run away but the beating had left him weak, and his father's six feet and four inch frame off solid muscle was stronger than his slender five feet seven inches. His father easily held him down on his bed. He cried out again as his father grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked him back towards the edge off the bed, so that only his upper body stayed on the bed. He tried to escape again but with his body still reeling in pain and shock he barely pushed his chest off the bed before his father used one of his large hands to hold his neck down so he couldn't gain any leverage. He felt his father moving behind him, in the dark room, and his legs trembled in terror, and he couldn't stop crying, suddenly more aware of his naked state than he had every felt in his entire life. Alex tried to cry out behind the gag, as his father spread his legs apart with his feet, making Alex feel very open and helpless. Suddenly, his father took his hand off Alex's neck, and grabbed his hips with both hands to hold him still.

When Alex felt the hand leave his neck he started struggling again, but it was too late, it had been since Mary had died, Lord Rain, Alex's father, with every bit of his strength thrust into his son's unwilling body. Alex's whole body screamed with the pain, but he couldn't cry out, so instead, he whimpered and started bucking despite the pain in his back; trying to escape an even greater agony. Alex almost passed out from the pain with the first thrust and for an instant everything went dark. Then in reflex action; his body immediately jerked away from the throbbing pain but his father had a good grip on his thighs, and he couldn't go anywhere. He didn't have long to wait to be free though. After six or seven quick thrusts, his father let out a moan of ecstasy, and collapsed on his semiconscious son, withdrawing his limp member from the pliant body beneath him. After a few minutes of silence broken only by Alex's almost silent sobs of pain and humiliation; his father climbed off him and walked out of his son's room as quietly as he came in grabbing his dressing robe on the way out.

When the door to his room closed Alex immediately pushed himself off the bed only to fall to his knees, his trembling legs unable to support him. Instead of running to his door and locking it Alex crawled. After he locked the door, he tore off the gag and the blood crusted ropes still on his wrists. Then he started weeping sitting in front of his locked door holding his hurt wrists to his chest. He could feel the part where his father had hurt him bleeding and it felt torn, but he couldn't see how bad it was, and his head still rang from the three slaps his father gave him earlier.

Still in shock he slowly climbed to his feet and walked to the end of his bed and started cleaning up the mess his father made. He threw the belt, knife, and the ropes he had to untie from the bed posts away; along with his soiled sheets and torn bedclothes.

Feeling more dirty and ashamed than at any other point in his life; he went to his bathroom and turned the bath water on the hottest settings, and scrubbed himself until his skin felt raw and the water turned cold. Nothing could make him stop sobbing; it never occurred to him that he could kill himself. Later after he changed into new clothes and remade the bed with clean sheets he couldn't sleep. He kept imagining that his father would attack him again, and he could feel the right side of his face bruising. Unable to sleep he got out of bed and placed a chair under the door knob, and just in case he then took a pillow and a blanket and put them on the floor of his walk in closet. He locked that door behind him. By the time he went to sleep light was already touching the morning sky, and nothing would never be the same for Alex again.


Alex shook his head and tried to clear the unpleasant memories from his head with very little success. After that first time his father had changed. During the day he was more cheerful and nice; it was like he didn't even remember what had happened the night before. Two weeks passed before his father came to his room again and raped him. Mostly, it was a repeat of what happened the first time except his father raped him twice before leaving. Everything started going downhill from there and as time went on things became even worse.

Soon his father was coming to his room every night, and within a few months Lord Rain started ordering him to go to bed earlier in the evenings. Naively he thought it was because his father noticed the shadows under his eyes but that first night his father came to his room around nine after he dismissed the servants early that night. It was a nightmare. That night his father had him crawling on the floor trying to escape the new leather belt he bought, and he loved it. After a couple of months Alex had stopped thinking of his father as his father, and started to think of him as Lord Rain. It hurt too much to think that his father would hurt him like this every night for fun. Eventually though whenever his father would take him it didn't hurt as much, but that only made him feel even more ashamed. It was in that state of mind and affairs that Lord Rain and his son went to their summer cottage and Alex saw his father drunkenly weaving up the path leading to their cottage door.

Chapter 1

"Alex! Where are you?" Alex winced as the door banged with a loud crash muted by his father's yelling.

"I'm over here by the window next to the piano." The piano had belonged to his mom. He could still remember all the rainy afternoons he spent learning how to play it with his mom occasionally helping him. He never played anymore. To him it was a symbol of all that he had lost. His father turned around and spotted him.

"Oh, there you are. Go set up the card room I'm having a few guests over from town to play. Well don't just stand there hop to it!"

He ran to the card room and started lighting the lanterns in the dark room. His father came to the room and helped him set up the table and placed five chairs around it. "Um, dad. When are your guests coming over?"

Lord Rain looked at him intently with a guarded expression in his eyes before answering his question. "In about ten minutes. Go get the liquor and get your ass in bed. I'll send a servant to get you if I need you later."

"Okay, I'll be right back with the liquor." He tried not to let his hopes rise too much least his father dash them again. Maybe tonight his father wouldn't come to his room. Alex ran off to get the liquor from one of the kitchen cabinets and took it to the card room. While he was gone one of the guests had arrived and was comfortably sitting in the chair by the door to the card room waiting for everyone else to arrive.

The man's dark hair looked slicked back with oil and it fell over the collar of his evening shirt. He wasn't old or really young he must have been in his early thirties or late twenties. All together though he looked like a drunken libertine with his bloodshot eyes and a flask of whiskey in his hands. He took an immediate dislike to the man his father invited over. Unfortunately, the man noticed him standing in the doorway holding a big bottle of hard liquor in his hands. "Well, what do we have here? Someone to entertain us I hope." The stranger said with a slight leer as he took in Alex's appearance.

"No, I'm Lord Alex, Lord Rain's son, I was just bringing the drinks. I'll be leaving now." Alex stated imperiously, and was turning to walk away, when the stranger stood up grabbed his arm and slammed him against the wall knocking the breath out of him.

"Where do you think your going? Nobody gets away with talking to me like that." The stranger hissed in one of his ears. To emphasize his point the stranger jerked Alex's arm up and behind his back almost breaking it, and he pushed Alex's body up against the dark paneled walls bruising his ribs. Alex cried out in pain and tried to tear his arm out of the stranger's grip, but with the stranger's arm around his neck he couldn't do anything to help himself.

"Stephen you could let the boy go now. I'm sure he realizes that he made a mistake when he insulted you. He probably didn't even know who you are." Alex tried to twist around to see his rescuer but the stranger tightened his gripe so that he could barely breathe.

"Is this true boy? You didn't know who I was?" The stranger asked in an almost pleasant voice even as he tightened his arm around his neck until it was all he could do to breathe. Even so Alex gasped out something like "Yes, Yes I didn't know who you are. I'm sorry."

"Let the boy go he certainly looks sorry." The man who rescued him said. Suddenly the arm disappeared and without the support Alex fell to his knees and rested his forehead on the wall while trying to catch his breath. He was on his feet in a minute though; wondering where his father went and why he wasn't there to help him. Alex turned around to thank his rescuer and received another shock that evening.

Leaning against the wall in a black pair of tight fitting pants and a white shirt was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. The man had black shoulder length hair with white strands woven through indicating age except the man's face was young. His thick eyelashes surround the most beautiful pair of deep dark blue eyes Alex had ever seen, and the stranger was tall and slender with a wiry strength. He could see the muscle definition through the man's white shirt. His milky white face was flawless except for a scar on his left cheek near his eye, a few inches higher and the man would have lost his eye. His softly rounded chin and nose looked delicate; his ears also had slightly pointed tips like the elves. Except the stranger didn't have the slanted eyes a character most if not all the elves' posses.


My God the boy is beautiful. The boy has to be a half elf nobody else could have the same pair of brilliant green eyes. Slowly he walked towards the boy until he was a handspan away. Before the boy could protest Stormwind lifted the kid's chin up so he could see the boy's face in the light. He wanted to look into his eyes, his soul. All he could see was the pain, and Stormwind, who promised never to love anyone again, felt his heart go out to this tormented boy with crystal green eyes.

"What's your name boy, and how old are you?" Stormwind asked softly trying not to startle the boy. He felt himself harden in a sudden rush of desire, when he saw the boy's pink tongue dart out and lick his lips before answering the question.

"My name is Alex and I'm fifteen years old." Alex answered in a soft lovely voice. A bards' voice? He didn't know yet; Alex would have to be tested.

Stormwind talking in a voice to low for anyone else to hear said, "Alex my name is Stormwind and unless you want to be gang raped I suggest that you go to your room and lock the door and hope nobody else has seen you." Then he let go of the boy's chin. What ever he said must have worked because the boy ran out of the room with his overly long reddish brown hair flying out behind him. He didn't want anyone else to hurt this beautiful fragile boy anymore than he had already been. No one in this group would have any qualms about tumbling the boy against his will.

Except for him. He was there to find out who was plotting against his King and Queen, and this group of men were the most likely subjects. Stormwind wasn't afraid for himself even though he was spying on some of the most dangerous men in the kingdom. His elven powers protected him most of the time. If all else failed he had his knifes.

"Well, Kris are you ready to play cards?"

Stormwind didn't answer at first forgetting for a moment that he had a cover name. Another slip like that could kill him. To hide for his mistake he answered in his coldest voice, "I'm ready when you are." He pulled out a chair sat down and started shuffling the cards. Not bothering to see how Stephen reacted to Stormwind's inattention. Stephen disgusted Stormwind just on principle. The man had the morals of an alley cat.

Stormwind then proceeded to wait for the rest of the party to arrive.


Neither of them, Stormwind or Alex noticed that the other men had just come in through the front door and had enough time to see Alex running towards his room.

Alex ran to his room with heart in his throat, when Stormwind first grabbed his chin Alex became terrified not knowing what the man was going to do to him. Stormwind's deep bottomless blue eyes bore into him seeing his heart, his soul, and almost stealing it. It was all he could do to keep from crying in Stormwind's arms.

Scared of his own feelings Alex ran as fast as he could back to his rooms after Stormwind let him go. Why did he have to tell him to lock his door? Didn't he realize none of the rooms in the cottage have locks. His father made sure of it so he couldn't escape at night behind a locked door. Alex settled for second best instead, and put small night stand in front of the door. It wouldn't be able to keep anyone out for long but it would at least warn Alex if someone was trying to come in. Lord Rain had removed all the chairs out of his other room in the city after the first rape, and it looked liked he did the same thing at the cottage because his new room didn't have any chairs either. Wishing he was anywhere else at the moment Alex undressed himself and took a really long bath hoping to relieve the pain in his shoulders. It didn't really help; however, by the time he went to bed he fell asleep instantly.

Chapter 2

Downstairs in the card room things were not going so well for Stormwind or for their host, Lord Rain. Stormwind was bored, and Lord Rain was losing what little money he had. For two whole hours all anyone really talked about was horses and racing. It's okay to talk about it for a while but not for two hours! Suddenly the conversation took a really quick turn.

"Lord Rain how much would you be willing to sell your son to us for the rest of the evening?" Stephen asked as if he was asking Lord Rain what time it was.

"I don't know? How much would you be willing to pay?" Lord Rain answered cautiously. Stormwind couldn't believe this guy. He was bargaining his son's honor for money!

"I have to warn you though he probably won't be willing." Lord Rain added before Stephen answered.

"But that's the way we like them. They have more spirit, and it's fun to be the one to break it." Stephen said eagerly and as an after thought he added I'll cancel all your debts to me from tonight and so will everyone else. The other four men at the table nodded their heads too agreeing to Stephen's deal.

"It's a deal, but you also have to cancel all my previous debts too, take it or leave it." Lord Rain said with finality.

"Your a shrewd man Rain. I'm willing to agree to it." Stephen said.

"How old is the boy?" Lord Fedrick the quietest man at the table asked.

"He just turned fifteen, and he's really small for his age. Have you seen him?" Lord Rain asked Fedrick.

"Yeah, we all saw him going up to his room when we came in the door. I've never seen a lad more beautiful in my life." Lord Fedrick said with a wistful smile on his thick lips and his small beady eyes full off desire. "I'll agree to the deal."

"Does everyone else agree?" Stephen asked. Not knowing what else to do and starting to feel sick to his stomach Stormwind nodded his head. If he didn't agree they would know that something was wrong. Everyone agreed.

Stephen brought up the next point in the bargaining table, "Who's going to have him first Lord Rain?" He asked with an innocent smile awhile looking at Stormwind, as if he could tell that raping a helpless teenage boy did not appeal to him "Who ever pays the most I suppose. How much would you be willing to pay?"

"Is he a virgin in that area?"

"No, in a moment of carelessness I took him to me but he's still really tight and nobody's had him but me and he has the most beautiful way of crying." Stormwind almost lost his self control when Alex's father admitted to raping his own son. The man didn't even sound guilty.

"I'm willing to pay ten gold pieces." Lord Fedrick said after counting his money. If that was the highest offer Stormwind would have to overbid Lord Fedrick. He didn't want Fedrick to be the first one to take the boy. The size of him would tear the kid apart according to the rumors in town and Stormwind didn't want Fedrick to have the boy first just on principle. Also earlier that evening in the tavern he overheard some whores talking about the mighty Lord Rain and his small cock. Stormwind was afraid that the rumors might be true, which meant Alex probably wasn't as stretched out as much as he should have been, before accepting any of the men in the room including him.

Stormwind's first time was painful, but he was with someone he cared about so there was pleasure combined with the pain and altogether it was a very pleasant afternoon. Stormwind started to pay attention to the bidding. Lord Fedrick must be desperate if he's willing to pay twenty gold pieces to tumble the boy. The only reason Stephen cared to be first was because the boy pricked his pride earlier that evening. The bidding stopped at twenty five gold pieces because Stephen would never pay more than twenty gold pieces to tumble someone. Shit he was hoping he wouldn't have to do this.

"I'll bid fifty gold pieces." Stormwind said in colder than voice. Everyone grasped in shock. Nobody they ever heard of had paid fifty gold pieces' for anyone. They didn't realize that he was extremely rich in his own right even without his inheritance coming into the picture. "Is that okay with you Lord Rain?" He asked while standing up.

"Yes, of course. It doesn't look like Lord Fedrick gets to have my son first after all." Lord Rain said with a happy smile at all the money he was getting. Seeing Lord Fedrick become upset and afraid that he would take it out on Alex, Stormwind asked, "Are there any rules

"Oh thanks for bringing that up. Okay here they are. No punching him and especially in the face. And if you do hit him in the face make sure that it's a light slap. It wouldn't be half as fun if he passes out. The next rule is if you want to whip him I have a belt you can use and you have to stop when blood is drawn. So if you want him to last a long time don't hit him to hard. He has very delicate skin if you want to tie him up or gag him I have some silk scarves in a draw in the room. I also have a draw full of the roughest rope I could find. You can use that for his wrists if you feel like tying him to the bed posts. You can have him for the rest of the evening, but you can't take him out of the house. I'll give the servants the day off when they come this morning so you can have your privacy. Since it's almost twelve now tomorrow morning at twelve you have to leave or pay more money to stay longer. And if you don't like the rules you can leave." Lord Rain finished telling them the rules with a breathless little laugh. Pleased with himself. As an after thought he said, "Oh and I'll provide food."

Stormwind would have cried if his life didn't depend on acting tough. Twenty four hours stuck with an insanely beautiful; hurt boy was going to play havoc on his mental abilities mostly on his empathy though. He was having a hard enough time keeping his shields up when was around these men.

"Lord Rain, won't Alex have his door locked?" Stormwind asked stalling for time.

"Don't worry about it. I had all the locks removed before we came here and he doesn't have any chairs in his room anymore to put under the door knob. And he can't escape through the windows because I had bars installed two weeks ago. By now he should be asleep." Lord Rain said with pride in his voice at his intelligence.

All Stormwind could say was oh as Lord Rain lead them all up the stairs to his son's room. Lord Rain turned around and told them to be really quiet as he slowly turned the well-oiled knob. Stormwind assumed that Rain oiled it for just this purpose. Rain grinned. "Okay, William on the count of three break down the door." Lord Fedrick said.

"I know how to do it you idiot I don't need you to count for me I'm twenty five." William said in a very offended childlike voice.

"Okay! One, Two, Three!" William counted and then turned the door knob and with his muscular upper body mainly his shoulders he busted the door inwards knocking the night stand over. The noise could have waked the dead. Instead, it woke up Alex who was sleeping peacefully for the first time in five months. Stormwind was through the door right after Stephen. In time to see Alex jump out of his bed and look around the room like a cornered deer for possible escape routes. Not finding any he dropped to his knees and started climbing under the bed where the bigger men wouldn't have fit. It would have worked if the boy was two seconds faster. Instead, Stephen was able to grab the boy's ankle and pull him out.

Stormwind could feel the boy's terror as he tried to escape, and Stephen being the older and better fighter easily knocked aside the boy's feeble attempts at escaping. Then he reached over and slapped him on the face first one cheek then the other. Stephen didn't give soft slaps either the sound of his hand meeting Alex's face cracked across the room like thunder. Rain was right though. After only two slaps the boy was reeling in shock, and was unable to fight or scream for help. Stephen quickly gagged him with two silk scarves just in case. By the time Alex's head stopped ringing Stephen had him tied to the carved bedposts with the coarse rope Alex's father gave them.

"If anyone wants to whip him stand in line I'm first." Stephen said as he started ripping the boy's nightclothes off of him until the boy was completely naked. Stephen started taking of his clothes and as if that was the signal so did everyone else including him.

Stormwind noticed that only Lord Stephen, and one of his good friends Lord Peter was up there to whip the boy. Everyone was content to watch except him. He could feel Alex's helpless fury and shame at having people see him the way he was. After everyone was naked and their cloths put out of the way Stephen started. The first crack made everyone flinch except Stephen and Peter. Stormwind could see Stephen and Peter getting hard watching Alex pull at his bonds with no success, and Stephen used the leather belt whipping Alex again and again without pausing.

Alex was crying out behind the gag and all of us could see his tears. Stormwind could feel the tears. Shit he wasn't going to be able to perform if he didn't cut Alex off soon. He looked around and saw everyone else's members hard as rocks. Peter had taken over the whipping and instead of concentrating on the back Peter started smacking Alex's ass. Even in the dimly lighted room he could see how red Alex was getting. They were going have to stop soon because the welts were starting to bleed a little.

Stormwind hated this part he had to open himself to the other men in the room so he would be able to rape Alex. It wasn't too hard, and when he did it, the pleasure rolled over him in waves. It was in this state that he walked over to Stephen and Peter and told them their turn was over. Stephen found a pocketknife on the dresser and severed the ropes holding Alex up with it. Alex kept whimpering in pain, and his whole body shook with sobs. Stormwind could see the blood flowing down Alex's arms.

Once the ropes supporting Alex's weight left his legs failed him and if it wasn't for Stormwind being there he would have fallen on his face. Instead, he was gently pushed onto the bed and Stormwind quickly mounted the sobbing boy before he lost his nerve. Alex screamed in pain behind the gag and started struggling with all his already waning energy to escape the burning pain. Stormwind had to hold the boy's hips to keep from being knocked off.

Shit he was going to come if Alex didn't stop moving around. Stormwind gritted his teeth and threw back his head as he tried to hold back his orgasm. Stretching the boy enough so when Lord Fedrick mounted him so it wouldn't hurt as much. When he finally had his body under control again he made a tentative thrust. Immediately the boy's muscles tightened up trying to keep him out but it didn't help. He just pressed harder. Damm the boy feels too good.

Stephen climbed on the bed and knelt in front of Alex to take the gag off. His gasps of pain were as loud as his whimpers and they tore re at Stormwind's heart that he should cause this boy pain. Once Alex caught his breath though; he started screaming for his father to help him. With a cruel little laugh Stephen reached over and twisted Alex's right nipple painfully and asked, "Who do you think let us in your room?" Stormwind couldn't see Alex's expression, but he could tell by the way he stopped yelling for help, and his whole body seemed to shrink in on itself that the news shattered him. Stormwind wanted to rip out Stephen's throat for telling Alex the truth. All of us could still hear Stephen's quiet voice over Alex's muffled sobbing.

If only Alex knew how much his muffled sobs and whimpers inflamed them. Stormwind stopped thrusting so he could hear Stephen over the fire in his blood. Stephen was telling Alex that if he bit him or let one drop of cum escape his mouth he was a dead man. Even he believed Stephen. Stormwind repositioned Alex so that the boy was on his hands and knees in front of him. Stephen lay down on his back and spread his legs out so that his legs were touching both Stormwind's and Alex's legs. All Alex had to do to take Stephen's cock in his mouth was bend down. The decision was taken out of his hands, however; when Stephen reached over and grabbed a handful of Alex's hair and forced his head down and told him suck it.

Afraid that Alex would refuse and make Stephen angry. Stormwind stretched out over Alex and whispered in his ear, while nibbling it at the same time, that if he didn't do what Stephen wanted him to do he would personally cut his throat. He continued kissing and nibbling Alex's ears before he moved on to his neck. Stormwind started sucking on the skin on the back of his neck, and Alex jumped up in pleasure, which helped Stormwind to penetrate deeper. Alex moaned but not so much in pain anymore. Even Alex's disgust over sucking Stephen's cock wasn't as bad anymore. After Stephen came and he left to go clean himself nobody replaced him.

Stormwind started thrusting with more rhythm, and once Alex became use to it he didn't need both of Stormwind's hands to keep him going. Stormwind reached down and grabbed Alex's semi hard cock and started pumping it in time with his thrusts. Alex moaned in pleasure as his cock became hard in Stormwind's hands. It was all he could do not to come right then but he liked leaving his partners satisfied.

He didn't know how this kid fit in the picture but the principle was the same. In spite of himself Stormwind started thrusting faster and his hips were hitting Alex's ass each time he thrust. Stormwind knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer, so he used his other hand and gently played with Alex's nipples, and at the same time leaned over while still thrusting and softly blew air onto the back of Alex's neck.

Alex cried out and soon he was panting and striving for something not knowing what it was, and at the same time when the pleasure became too intense he started saying something like, "I can't! I can't! It's too much! Stop!" in a voice too low for anyone but Stormwind to hear, and at the same time shaking his head as if to resist what was happening to him.

Only he didn't stop. Starting to lose control Stormwind's thrusts became faster and his free hand was moving all over Alex's upper body. By this time Stormwind had lost all self control, something he had never done before, and becoming desperate he kissed Alex on the side of his neck. Alex bucked and cried out but he didn't come. Stormwind was becoming scared. He never felt like this before and was beginning to agree with Alex that it was too much, to intense, and yet he couldn't stop. Alex's hands were twisting in the sheets as he griped them and tried to hold back his cries of pleasure. And still Stormwind continued to kiss him. Both of them were beyond thought by now, and when Stormwind darted his tongue into Alex's ear Alex's whole body bucked. Alex bit down on one of his hands to stifle his scream of pleasure pain because at the same time Stormwind climaxed; he stifled his cries by biting Alex on the neck. Alex and Stormwind couldn't tell where they ended or where they began. The sensations ended up being to much for them, and they both passed out oblivious to the world.

Chapter 3

"Shit! They fainted. William said with awe. He didn't know pleasure could cause people to faint. Pain yes. But pleasure? It was worth thinking about. "Um, Stephen what do we do?" William asked confused by the turn of events.

"Bring me some of those brown ropes we used on Alex earlier." Stephen said to no one in particular, as he walked toward the sleeping couple on the bed. "Oh and one of you start the fire place I think we need to teach these two a lesson. Don't you?" He said as an after thought.

"Oh, sure Stephen I'll get the ropes right now."

"And William don't forget the fire place." Glad to be given directions he ran of to do Stephen's bidding without a second thought Peter, with more in his head than William, asked in a hesitant voice "Stephen what do you plan on doing? I mean we're not going to kill them right?"

"No of course not! Just hurt them a little. They'll live."

"Stephen we can't do anything to Kris. He'll kill us when he escapes."

"You fool! He's not really Kris. His real name is Stormwind or something like that, and he's a spy. I had him checked out when he first joined our group."

"Why didn't you tell us! We could have killed him."

"Yes you could have but they, meaning the King and Queen, would have sent another spy, and this time I might not have caught him or her before it was to late. At least this way I know who my enemy is and can have him watched. Personally, I'm surprised he went this far with us. He must really be attracted to the boy." Stephen broke off looking impatiently around for William.

"Where's William?"

Panting for air under the heavy load of logs in his arms William said, "I'm right here. I had to find fire wood to make the fire."

Glaring at William, Stephen hissed quietly "You idiot! I told you to find the ropes first. I need to restrain Stormwind before he wakes up."

Dropping the wood on the floor next to the fireplace William quickly raced across the room to the first set of Chester draws and frantically started looking through them trying to find the ropes he misplaced. Peter and Fedrick started to walk towards the Chester draws to help William find the ropes, when Stephen's very angry voice told them to stay where they were and let the imbecile who lost the ropes find them. Suddenly, William's shrill voice yelled from across the room, "I found them!"

Stormwind's body stirred next to Alex's, but he didn't wake up. Stephen was furious. Smiling William handed the ropes to Stephen's outstretched hands. His smile disappeared, however; when Stephen used the ropes William gave him and slapped him across the face with them. William's hand immediately went to his cheek where the ropes had cut him and his eyes started to fill with tears.

Disgusted with William's tears; Stephen his voice tight in anger told William to cloth himself and leave before it was too late and he changed his mind about letting him live. Without saying another word he turned around and ignored William as he dressed himself and left. "Peter come here and help me tie Stormwind." Stephen said with all traces of anger out of his voice Peter walked slowly toward Stephen afraid to mess up and give Stephen an excuse to kill him.

"Hurry up I'm not going to bite you! I need you to make sure Stormwind doesn't escape in case he wakes up before I'm finished. Here help me move him over to the left side of the bed."

"Which side is left?" Peter asked in a whisper.

"The one away from the door." Stephen answered starting to sound impatient again.

"Oh sure. I'll grab his arms, while you roll him over."

"Fedrick can you guard Alex in case he wakes up?"

Looking at Stephen, Fedrick asked, "Do I tie the boy's wrists together?" Glancing distractedly at the sleeping boy Stephen couldn't see anything to suggest he would escape. He looked quit innocent with his small body sprawled face down on the bed, and his red hair falling over his cheeks and spreading across the covers. Still Lord Fedrick enjoyed doing everything in his power to make his victims feel as helpless as possible, and it wouldn't hurt. Making his decision he told Fedrick to go ahead and tie Alex's wrists together and to leave his legs untied.

Just as Stephen finished tying the last knot in place Stormwind's intense dark blue eyes snapped open. Stephen and Stormwind stared at each other in surprise before they realized that they were enemies. Stormwind's sleep filled mind didn't realize his danger until it was too late. By the time he started struggling Stephen was on top of him holding his arms down above his head near the head board. His body hung suspended over Stormwind's for the few minutes it took to tie the ropes. Unable to gain any leverage in the position he was in Stormwind's twisting and turning quickly excited Stephen, who was squeezing his thighs into Stormwind's hips, while trying to stay on. Eventually Stormwind tired and Stephen quickly tied Stormwind's wrists to the headboard.

"Peter! Tie his feet together and connect the rope to the footboard. Hurry! I can't hold him much longer. Making sure the ties were secure Stephen let go of Stormwind's wrists, grabbed a handful of Stormwind's black hair and forced the young man's head back against the pillow. With satisfied look in his eyes he slowly lowered his body on top of Stormwind's and lightly rubbed his chest against the other.

Then unable to resist Stormwind's full lips he bent his head down and softly kissed him on the mouth caressing his face and body at the same time. Stormwind didn't know how to react at first. He felt the pleasure thunder through him making his body tremble. Everything that happened afterwards might not have happened if Alex hadn't moaned in pain forcing Stormwind to remember what Stephen had done. Immediately Stormwind tried to bite Stephen.

"Careful my captive one I know who you are."

"Stephen! His legs are tied." Peter said from the foot of the bed.

"Get off me! Son of a bitch!" Stormwind cried out his face flushing in anger and shame at his reaction. His arms started jerking at the ropes around his wrist and the new ones around his ankles. Ignoring Stormwind he went on "Okay, good. Hand me a scarf will you?" Stephen looked at Stormwind's lips in regret. "It's a pity but we have to gag you. It wouldn't do to have you calling for help would it? Beside I have another fish to fry tonight. Fedrick is Alex awake yet?"

"Yeah, he woke up about the same time Kris, I mean Stormwind did. I already tied him up for you and everything."

Looking up from Stormwind's angry glare Stephen glanced at Alex still on his stomach held down by Frederick's ham sized hand around the neck his mouth distorted by the gag.

"Take off the gag. I want to hear him scream. It's this one who needs to be kept quiet." Stephen said referring to the body under him. "Peter did William start up the fire?"

"No, you kicked him out before he could start it."

"Hum, Your right. Since you're not doing anything right now will you start it for me?"

"Sure no problem."

Once a good blaze was going and Stephen could see everyone in the room clearly he climbed off Stormwind after firmly gagging him, and walked around to the other side of the bed so he could see Alex better. Long thin welts, that were already turning black and blue, crisscrossed from the boy's shoulders to hips. Stephen felt a shimmer of pleasure course through his body as he remembered hearing the sound of the whip and Alex's muffled cries of rage, pain, and humiliation. His eyes shinning in excitement he went to the fireplace and finding the wood poker he laid the tip into the now roaring fire. Alex couldn't see what he did because his head faced the opposite way. Stormwind on the other hand saw and his eyes went round in horror as he realized what Stephen was going to do.

"Fedrick if you want the boy you better take him now." Stephen said with a meaning full glance towards the fireplace poker.

Fedrick answered by grabbing Alex's hair and roughly turned him over on his back. Alex's back body arched off the bed and he yelped in pain. Before he could become accustomed to it though, Fedrick pulled Alex's legs towards him until his butt was over the edge of the bed. Both of Alex's legs hanging on either side of Frederick's hips. Alex moaned in pain as his back scraped over the silk bed covers. Fedrick not caring about Alex's pain, lifted Alex's legs up until the heels of his feet were over his shoulders. After Fedrick positioned himself and the boy, he opened the boy's ass, and thrust into the squirming body tearing Alex up. Alex's eyes flew open and he made a soul shattering scream of pain as Fedrick slammed into him again penetrating even deeper than before, but still not all the way in. Stormwind couldn't drown out Alex's hysterical sobs of pain, and he couldn't help looking at Fedrick bent over Alex.

The boy's knees were almost touching his chest, as Fedrick leaned down further over the boy now holding Alex's hands over his head because he tried hitting him earlier. Frederick's steel arms kept Alex's legs from sliding off his shoulder's. Stormwind felt the bed shake with the violence of Frederick's thrusts. The man was almost in Alex to the hilt and with no lubrication it was no wonder Alex grasped and sometimes whimpered with each of Frederick's thrusts.

Alex tried to keep the pain to himself after his first startled scream of pain, but he couldn't. Everything hurt and every time he started to become somewhat accustomed to the cock pumping into his backside, Fedrick would push in deeper, which caused him more pain. He could feel blood falling down his chin from his mouth where he bit to stifle his screams. He would have used his hands but Fedrick was holding them down over his head, which made him scream at first when the movement caused all his cuts to open again. I can't take all of him. Alex thought irrationally in fear and pain as he felt Frederick's hips slam against his ass. It took all his will power to contain the scream building in his throat. Please be over! Please be over he started saying to himself over and over again as Fedrick started pumping faster into him. Instead, almost as if he was reading his mind Fedrick stopped and stayed in him to the hilt for at least a minute. His sweat soaked face, hair, and body right above his head. Alex turned his face to the side so he wouldn't have to look in Fredrick's eyes, and tried to block the picture of Fedrick over him from his mind. It didn't work. A person would think that the pain would lessen in time but it never really does. When Fedrick got himself under control again he started pumping slowly, and then gradually built up his speed again.

Alex could feel the other three men in the room watching him avidly, which only further humiliated him. That and the fact that he couldn't keep his pain to himself. The two men standing by the fireplace, obviously excited by his pain, laughed at his tears. He turned his attention back to the man raping him and almost gagged in revulsion by the pure greed and lust he saw in his eyes. This rape was totally different from the last one.

The last one, he blushed in embarrassment from even thinking about it, despite the burning pain in his back and anus. He never imagined such pleasure was possible and it shamed him to know the man who tried helping earlier was responsible for it.

He could tell Fedrick was close to climaxing by the way his hip started pumping into Alex so fast his cock barely left his butt. Then Fedrick with a loud yell stopped. Alex could feel the hot sperm entering him. Then Fedrick collapsed on top of him too spent to move. Alex let his legs slide off Frederick's sweaty shoulders, and he lay there not moving, and not really thinking of anything but how heavy Fedrick was. He felt a hysterical laugh building in his stomach as Fedrick heaved himself off of him and apologized for being too rough. He started to laugh at the insincere apology; instead, a sob of anguish and pain poured out as he lay there with his legs sprawled open hanging over the edge of the bed. Tears started streaming down the sides of his face and into his ears.

Chapter 4

"I can't believe the kid is crying. We haven't even hurt him yet! Can you Peter?" Stephen sneered in disgust not really expecting Peter to answer. His mouth twisted into an ugly expression as he surveyed the room. Turning back to Alex he said. "If you don't stop that caterwauling I'll really give you a reason to cry." Despite Stephen's warnings Alex only cried harder, and his whole body shook with force of his sobs.

Stormwind started to become scared when he saw Stephen's face twist into a mask of unreasonable hate and anger directed towards the boy. He wished he could hold the boy and try to calm him, but with the gag over his mouth and his hands and feet tied he couldn't even help himself. Stormwind's eyes followed Stephen as he walked across the room to the dresser and started rummaging through the draw where they had earlier found the ropes. It didn't take too long for Stephen to find what he was looking for because less than a minute later he pulled out a rope at least fifteen feet long.

Why does he need such a long rope? His silent question was answered a few minutes later when he saw Stephen throw on end of the rope over one of the wooden beams running across the top of the room. The ends of the ropes barely reached Stephen's hands when he evened out the ropes. Peter and Frederick watched silently from the background fascinated with whatever Stephen was doing. Clearly they knew about as much as Stormwind. During the time it took Stephen to finish working with the rope Alex's sobs had turned into hiccups and he looked like he was about to fall asleep from exhaustion.

"PETER!" Everyone in the room jumped in startlement as Stephen's voice boomed across the room.

"What!" Peter cried out fearfully. Instinctively afraid that somehow or another he messed up.

"I told you to bring Alex over here. Is your head up your ass or something? If you can't follow simple instructions maybe you shouldn't be in our organization anymore."

"BUT, I... "

"That's right its always you. STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!" Stephen screamed at Peter knowing he couldn't throw him out like he did with William. Peter was too far up the ladder to order around too much without having any problems. Funny he didn't hear anything. Stormwind felt a hysterical laugh rising in his throat.

"Okay give me a minute." Peter said as he walked towards the bed with the almost unconscious boy lying sprawled across the sheets.

Man the kid looks drugged. Peter thought as he looked down at the kid.

"Peter do you need any help carrying the kid?" Peter jumped about a foot in the air and uttered a startled scream. His face flushed in shame, and he turned his now hateful gaze towards the kid blaming him for his embarrassment. Before this incident the kid was just an amusing toy to be hurt and played with, but now he started hating the kid with a passion that almost equaled Stephen's.

"Good God man make some noise next time! My heart almost stopped!" His heart still pounded furiously from the startlement and it took him a few more seconds for his breathing to become normal again.

Fedrick shook his head smiling and answered. "I did make some noise you were so engrossed in the boy you just didn't hear me." Peter stared at his feet not answering. Neither of them worried about the boy escaping. "You haven't answered my question. Do you need any help?"

Peter smiled and raised his head to look Fedrick in the eyes before answering. "Sure I don't feel like chasing the boy around the room if he escapes. Maybe when I was younger I would have enjoyed it but not now." He sighed in relief when Fedrick didn't mention or make fun of his startlement.

"Will you guys hurry up! I'm going to die of old age before your done at this rate." Stephen's angry voice shot across the room causing both men to look guiltily towards each other and then down to the now sleeping boy. Both of them grinned. This was almost too easy.

"I'll grab one arm and you get the other one." Peter told Fedrick.

"Sounds fine to me."

Alex woke up when the two hands grabbed his arms and jerked him off the bed and started dragging him across the room to Stephen. What now! Why can't they just go away and leave him alone? Why is he holding those ropes and what's with the chairs? Alex's confused mind couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on, and he didn't really care. All he wanted to do was go to sleep and in the morning find out that the past five months were just a dream.

"Stand him up on the chair." Stephen told the two men as he climbed on top of the chair next to the one underneath the ropes hanging from the rafter.

It wasn't until then that Alex saw what Stephen planned on doing. None of his struggling worked because within a few minutes the three men had Alex's arms tied to the ropes hanging from the rafters above his head. Stephen then told Peter to take the chair back to the other room where he had found it. Stephen walked around Alex surveying his work. There wasn't much to see though. Alex stood on the chair with his tied hands raised slightly over his head, and the rest of him standing easily on the wooden chair. Stephen's eyes widened in surprise when he heard Fedrick speak to him. Fedrick never talked first.

"Stephen I don't like this. Do plan on hurting both of them or just Alex?"

"What I was planning is none of your concern, but if you really wanted to know I planned on working on Stormwind after we finished with the boy. Is that okay with you?"

"Actually I have an idea. In my old country we have this binding ritual and it sort of connects two people together; so instead, of punishing two people and taking a lot of time. My people would bind the two people together and punish one of them. The one not being beaten would still feel everything like it was happening to him."

"Why haven't I ever heard of this before now?" Stephen asked. Suspicious of anything Fedrick said.

"My people didn't want anyone to know we had that ability, and it was outlawed about fifteen years ago. People started considering it unclean and inhumane, because the ritual used blood magic. The side effects also played a major role in outlawing the binding ritual. First off, after the two people were bonded, it was for life. Second, it drove some of the bonded couples insane, it had something to do with sharing each others thoughts.

Third, the couple had to stay within fifteen meters of each other or they would both fall down in agony, and sometimes they would die from the pain. The main reason they outlawed it though was because of the power. Can you imagine an average mage suddenly possessing more power than three Adepts altogether? It's impossible. Right?" Stephen nodded his head agreeing everyone knew that no on could handle that much power. "Well it is possible. Its happened a few times. The last time it happened an evil mage was bonded to someone with mage potential on accident. The mage triggered the other person's potential, and then used his partner's power to take control of half the nation. It took ten experienced Adepts to stop him. In the end, when they killed the mage, his partner also died even though no one touched him. I think it had something to do with the power surging back into its original source, and it was too much for the man to handle alone, and he died. Afterwards they outlawed the binding ritual, and executed all the bonded couples with any mages or mage potential in them. The rest had their tongues cut out. All the documents telling how to perform the ritual burned along with all the people whom knew how to complete it. I heard rumors about it. I ran before the guards reached my town, and I didn't stop running until I crossed the boarder. A few others might have escaped but I doubt it."

Stephen nodded his head thoughtfully it was a few minutes before he answered "If what you say is true why would you want to make Stormwind more powerful than he already is?"

"The drug you gave him earlier this evening, to block his powers, lasts for a few days. I assumed we were going to kill them when we finished with them, so it shouldn't matter whether or not they are bonded. I can't tell if Alex has potential or not. Although I'm sure if he could do something he would have already done it already."

Peter's eyes widened in surprise. Was he the only one who didn't know Kris, Stormwind, was a spy? Stormwind, who had been listening to the conversation started in surprise too, he knew something was wrong but he didn't know they drugged him. He couldn't believe he was that gullible. It was ironic, one of the strongest Adepts his country had ever produced, was at the mercy of these ruthless and somewhat insane men.

"How do we perform the ritual?" Stephen asked after a few minutes of silence. Alex seeing the expression on Stephen's face became even more frightening. Hearing about some of the bonded couples going insane didn't help either.

Chapter 5

"Its really easy once you know how to do it. Here untie the boy and bring him over to Stormwind." Fedrick ordered the others with a confidence of some who has done this hundreds of times.

"Shit and we just finished tying him. Why don't we bring Stormwind to the boy?" Peter asked hopefully. The prospect of taking the boy back down wasn't very pleasant they had enough trouble getting the boy on the chair to begin with.

Fedrick reached over and slapped Peter upside the head. "You idiot! The boy is weaker than us and has no fighting experience. It was plain luck we were able to finish tying Stormwind up before he really woke up. Who would you rather have escape the kid or the grown man with fighting experience?"

Stephen stood still and watched all of this silently before he spoke. "Fedrick has a good point. It might be inconvenient to untie the boy and retie him later, but it would be even more inconvenient if Stormwind escaped. Peter why don't you hurry up and get another chair from the next room Fedrick and I have a few more things to discuss."

"Okay, sure I'll be right back." Peter ran out of the room so fast the carpeted floor almost caught on fire.

"So what did you want to talk about Stephen?" Fedrick asked as soon as he overcame his amazement at Peter's speed.

Hell he was still getting over it. Just looking at Peter you wouldn't be able tell that he could move so fast. Peter was more like a big lumbering ox and just as clumsy. Maybe he just pretended to be big and slow so his enemies would underestimate him. Oh well it wasn't his concern. "I wanted to know what we had to do to perform the ritual, and would it affect us in any way."

"I've performed the ritual a few times and nothing happened to me or the other people in the room. Don't worry it's safe." Fedrick's expression said otherwise though.

"For us right?"

"Yes! Okay can you drop it! The ritual takes a lot power to complete and you can't just stop in the middle and say, "Well geez, I'm tired I better stop and try this another time." Stopping during the ritual can kill the person performing it."

"Well then why did you suggest it?" Stephen asked.

"Because the rewards far out weigh the setbacks! Because I want to! And just because! Don't you understand?" Fedrick said in a beseeching voice; his face close enough to Stephen's to kiss.

"Okay! Okay! If that's what you want to do fine."

"Quiet Peter is coming back and we wouldn't want to worry him." They both shared a smile of conspiracy as Peter came back into the room dragging a big wooden chair with red padded seats behind him.

Trying not to laugh at the picture Peter presented Stephen asked. "Why didn't you get the plain chair we used last time?"

"Somebody moved it and this was the only other chair in the room." Peter's out of shape lungs panted for air as he answered.

Fedrick seeing the advantages of having a bigger chair interrupted the two men. "Don't worry about the chair. If anything the bigger chair would make standing up on it much easier." Peter and Stephen seeing that Fedrick was right decided to forget the subject. Stephen was the first one to speak. "Okay Peter set the chair next to the other one so I can untie the boy."

Peter dragged the chair the last couple of feet and swung it the rest of the way, which would have been great at any other time, except the momentum caused the chair to tip over and knock Alex's chair out from under him. Alex screamed in pain and surprise as the chair tipped over. His arms and back stretched taunt as his weight and gravity pulled his body to earth. He couldn't breathe. The pain became too much and he blacked out. A few seconds later he came to the sound of people arguing overpowering in the otherwise silent room. Alex's legs kicked wildly as he tried to touch the ground with no success. He still couldn't catch his breath and the men just stood around and watched his agony.

"Come on Peter the boy is going to die soon from lack of air if we don't set the chairs back up." Stephen said as he tore his gaze away from the sight of Alex and his beautiful face contorted by the agony. He could still here Alex gasps as he struggled for air.

With all three men working together the chairs went back to their original places before Peter knocked them over. Alex's legs immediately found the chair placed under him and he slowly stood up his legs still shaky from the experience. His whole body shook with silent sobs, and he looked truly frightened for the first time since the men interrupted his sleep. Before he just thought he would have to bare the pain and humiliation, and in the morning they would leave. Then he could pretend none of this nightmare happened. Now that he realized how close he came to dying he was shaken and terrified. Stephen climbed on the big chair next to Alex's and spent a few minutes trying to untie the knots that had been pulled tighter by Alex's unexpected fall. Alex's hands stung as the blood rushed back to them, and he gasped in pain knowing he couldn't do anything to make his hands feel better.

Peter caught Alex before he fell of the chair his legs too shaky to support him. "Where do you want me to put him?" Peter asked Fedrick holding Alex in his arms like a small child. Alex's head rested against Peter's shoulder and the rest of him lay limply in Peter's arms to exhausted to move.

"Place him on the bed next to Stormwind." Fedrick answered as he rummaged through the draw looking for some new ropes to tie the boy with.

Peter carried the boy back to the double bed and dumped him on top of Stormwind. Both of them groaned in pain as Alex's elbows and knees went every which way. Alex quickly rolled off Stormwind despite the pain in his back knowing that staying on Stormwind was causing the other man pain. Fedrick came up behind Peter and handed him some new ropes.

Then he went around on the other side of the bed and climbed on so he could make sure Alex didn't try running. Then he reached over and grabbed both of Alex's wrists and held them out to Peter forcing the boy's body into an uncomfortable sitting position.

"Tie the boys hands together, and then tie them to Stormwind's wrists." Peter did this in less than a minute, although he had some trouble connecting Stormwind's and Alex's hands together. Mostly because he couldn't see exactly how Stephen tied Stormwind's hands together. After a few moments of trial and error he had both of the victim's hands tied together. Half forcing Alex's body back on top of Stormwind's.

"Stephen hand me my dagger. Its with the rest of our clothes." Fedrick called out across the room.

Stormwind and Alex quickly looked into each other's scared eyes. What did they need a dagger for? Peter and Stephen also looked puzzled. They didn't know why Fedrick needed the dagger either.

"Here's your dagger." Stephen said as he handed the jeweled dagger to Fedrick.

"Okay both of you stand back just in case." Fedrick told the two men as he walked around the bed to where Stormwind and Alex lay tied together.

Stormwind could feel Alex's body tremble or maybe it was his body trembling he couldn't tell. Fedrick sat down on the side of the bed and ran his free hand down Stormwind's exposed body and then without warning his hand shot out and smacked Alex on the ass. Alex jumped in surprise and pain and he uttered a small cry of fear. His trembling increased enough so not only did Stormwind feel it the other men also saw it. Alex started crying again his silent tears fell on Stormwind's cheeks. His lips compressed as he tried to hold back his sobs, and he closed his bloodshot eyes. Stormwind almost started crying too. The drug might have taken everything else away for a while but it couldn't take away his ability to feel someone else's emotions.

Fedrick grabbed Alex's wrists and slashed his dagger across the veins. Blood started spurting out all over the place. Alex stared at his bleeding wrists in shock. Stormwind could feel the warm blood falling onto his wrists and then he felt the cold dagger slash his wrists. Before they both passed out from the loss of blood Fedrick picked up another piece of rope and bound their wrists together even tighter than before. Stormwind could feel Alex's and his blood mixing together and his head fell back in ecstasy. Alex's head fell down and rested on his shoulder and he moaned in pleasure. Stormwind could barely hear the soft chanting in the background over the blood rushing through his and Alex's body.

Alex could feel a steady pressure building in his head. His confused body and mind didn't know what to do. He uttered a small cry as his mind blasted open and he started hearing voices in his head. Pictures ran through his mind. First he saw beautiful city full of glass spheres and decorated walkways hung suspended over gently flowing rivers. Dark alleys and dirty buildings rising three and four stories high intruded on the beautiful city picture. He saw a beautiful woman with a gentle smile and gray running through her jet black hair. A tall smiling man with pointed ears and slanted eyes appeared with the lady more than once. They were in a green field and in the glass city dominated the background. Stormwind tried to close his mind but images kept escaping and he heard Alex's confused voice running through his head. Unlike Alex, Stormwind didn't see pictures of cities. Instead, he felt a verity of emotions race through his mind shame, anger, fear, loss, and hate. He couldn't block Alex's memory of his father first raping him or the sorrow of his mother's death. Stormwind felt everything Alex felt. It was a total joining of the minds. Stormwind and Alex almost lost themselves in each other.

As it was it took physical pain to bring them back. Fedrick reached over and slapped Stormwind's face. Both Stormwind and Alex jumped in pain. Suddenly like a splash of cold water sensations of pain, and an echo of humiliation raced through Stormwind's body. His arms, back and ass ached. Stormwind's body instinctively arched of the bed as much as possible to escape the burning pain. Only he couldn't escape the pain. He was feeling everything Alex felt and it was all he could do to keep the pain to himself. He felt tears of pain falling down his face for the first time in five years.

Chapter 6


Stormwind winced in pain as his eyes shot to Alex's face in surprise.

*Not so loud! I can hear you fine.*

Alex forgetting to mindspeak answered loudly "Oh sorry."

*Not out loud! Talk inside your head!*

*You're crying!*

*What! No I'm not!*

*Yes you are. I can see your tears.*

*How can you stand the pain?* Stormwind asked softly.

*I.. I can't stand it! I hurt all over, and I want to die. But I'm scared at the same time.*


"Are you two lovebirds done talking?" Stephen asked from the foot of the bed. Alex starting to lose his temper replied sharply. "No!" *I can't believe you said that! Do you have a death wish or something?* After seeing the look in Alex's eyes he wished he hadn't thought of that question. *What do you think?*

Before Stormwind could answer Alex's silent question Stephen jumped onto the bed grabbed Alex by the hair twisted him around and slapped him so hard across the face blood flew from his nose. Stormwind and Alex both whimpered in pain as Stephen continued beating the boy. Alex instinctively tried to mold himself to Stormwind's body trying to protect himself from Stephen's blows. Nothing worked. Finally after an eternity Stephen stopped and the room fell silent except for Alex's crying.

"Fedrick untie Stormwind and bring him to me." Stephen demanded as he walked to the Chester draws and picked up another long piece of rope.

"How do we know the ritual worked?" Peter asked Stephen as he helped throw another rope over the rafters and even it out.

"Remember when I first slapped Alex they both cried out at the same time. Was it coincidence? I think not. Here hand me that end of the rope we are going to tie the two lovebirds together. They make such a pretty picture. Don't you agree?" Stephen went rambling on as he tied special knots into the ropes so he could easily adjust them later on.

Fedrick interrupted Stephen's ramblings by yelling from the bed. "Peter! Come over here and give me a hand with these two."

Peter sighed and went over to see what the trouble was all about. He only had to glance at the mess of ropes tangled together to see what had to be done. "I'll get a knife."

He found one on the dresser, and he quickly went back to the bed and started cutting the ropes holding Stormwind to the bed. Then he cut the rope binding Alex's wrist to Stormwind's. After freeing Stormwind it took the two of them five minutes to force him over to Stephen and the ropes he prepared. It would have taken less time if Peter thought to knee Stormwind in the groin earlier. As it was Stephen easily tied Stormwind the same way they earlier tied Alex. Except they had to shorten the ropes to compensate for Stormwind's height. Stephen left Stormwind standing on the chair with his arms pulled above his head, and went to the fireplace. "Fedrick! Peter! Bring the boy over here."

Moving Alex took less time than they expected, and before Alex knew it he was on his knees in front of Stephen. Stormwind would have gasped in surprise had he been able to. Alex looked extremely beautiful with the firelight highlighting his mane of flowing red hair. His youthful face looked noble and despite the beating his bearing stayed proud. He looked like a god or a king. Then the scene changed and he was an ordinary boy again. He never forgot what he saw though.

*Stormwind what are they going to do!*

At first Stormwind didn't know what he was talking about and then he remembered the fireplace poker and his eyes widened in comprehension. He tried to hide it but he wasn't fast enough and Alex saw what they planned on doing. Alex uttered a small cry of shock and jumped back away from Stephen right into Peter's and Fedrick's arms.

"Hold him down tight. I don't want him scarred anymore than he has to be." Stephen told the two men as he turned around and picked up the fireplace poker.

Stormwind could see the bright red tip from where he was standing.

Mean while Alex continued to struggle as the two men bore him down to the ground on his stomach ignoring his curses. Peter took Alex's arms and Fedrick took the legs. It was all they could do to keep the struggling boy still. Stephen seeing the dilemma told Peter to sit on the back of Alex's shoulder blades and for Fedrick to continue holding the legs tightly. Peter quickly repositioned himself on top of Alex so now his knees and arms pined down Alex's arms and most of his weight rested on the boy's shoulders.

"Spread his thighs Fedrick."

Alex uttered a choked sob as his legs were forced open. Stormwind turned his face away not wanting to see them break Alex.

*Stormwind....Stormwind...Why are...WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO ME!* Alex finally yelled out if only in his mind.

Stormwind couldn't answer. The boy's terror made it impossible to send anything. Alex's head faced the fire so he couldn't anticipate where Stephen planned on burning him or when.

Stephen didn't waste any time as soon as Fedrick spread Alex's thighs open Stephen took the fireplace poker and pressed the red tip down hard on the inside of Alex's thigh. Alex's scream of agony echoed throughout the spacious room. Stephen took the fireplace poker's tip off of Alex and put it back in the fire. Stormwind almost passed out when Stephen burnt the boy the pain almost too much for him.

"Peter get off of his shoulders so I can talk to him, and Fedrick let go of his legs." Peter slowly climbed of the sobbing boy with reluctance.

Stephen knelt down next to Alex and turned him over and held him in his arms while gently stroking his hair. "Alex if you weren't such a bad boy I wouldn't have to punish you. You know that right?"

Alex started sobbing harder.

"Don't worry as long as you do as I tell you I'll never have to burn your lovely skin again." Stephen sounded genuinely concerned as he wiped the tears off Alex's face. "There are you done crying?"

"Y...Yes." Alex answered his voice shaky.

"That's good. Now that you're calm the rest of your punishment will have more meaning." And with that cryptic remark Stephen handed Alex over to Fedrick and Peter.

"He's yours for the next twenty minutes men!" Stephen cried out joyously.

For the next twenty minutes Fedrick and Peter took turns raping the shocked boy. Meanwhile Stephen worked Stormwind over with a belt until he had red belt marks all over his body. Stormwind also learned something during the short time period. Neither of them, Alex or Stormwind felt the same kind of pain; instead, they felt the echoes of each other's pain.

Chapter 7

"Okay guys the fun is over bring the boy over here." Stephen told the men just as he gave Stormwind a final smack with the belt.

"Oh come on Stephen we just got him." Peter whined.

"Don't give me that crap. Besides I have something else planned."

"Stephen the boy is bleeding all over the floor." Peter said just now noticing the blood.

Starting to look angry Stephen asked. "Where's the blood coming from?"

Peter turned Alex over on back searching for the wound. "Stephen I can't find the cut there's blood all over him."

Fedrick's eyes widened just remembering something. "Check the boy's wrists."

"Yes! There it is!" Peter yelled excitedly.

Stephen spun around and stared hard at Fedrick. "I thought you said you healed them during the ritual?" His voice sharp in the otherwise quiet room.

"I did! I must have cut deeper than I first though." Fedrick answered shrilly looking bewildered.

Peter spoke for the first time since Fedrick and Stephen started. "Are Stormwind's wrists bleeding?"

"No! I would have noticed something like that." Stephen replied sharply not liking someone questioning his competence.

"It doesn't matter who notices what we need to bandage Alex's wrist before he bleeds to death." Peter told the other two men vehemently.

Stephen and Fedrick nodded their heads agreeing with Peter. They started looking around the room trying to find something they could use as a bandage. Peter rejected the dark bed curtains saying they were too big. Fedrick suggested the window curtains but they were really fancy and it would have been sacrilege to tear the curtains. Stephen was the only one to come up with a reasonable answer. He said to use one of the pillow cases, and everyone agreed. Meanwhile Alex and Stormwind became weaker due to the loss of blood.

Chapter 8

*You know there's one good thing about being bonded together.*

*Yeah what's that?*

*Stormwind I'm the one who's suppose to be dreary!*

*Get to the point!*

*Okay! Okay! You might not like it though.*

*How am I suppose to know if I like it or not? You haven't told me anything yet.*

*Well its just that when we die we won't be alone.*

Stormwind could have cried at that statement if he had any more tears left. Alex looked so weak and helpless lying there on the floor not even moving to escape. There were so many things Alex might never be able to do if Stormwind didn't get them out of this mess, and quickly. *How are you feeling?*

*I've been better. I lost so much blood and I feel really tired and cold. My leg hurts.* *Sorry.*

*Its okay. I have a few questions though?*

*What are they?*

*I hope you don't mind but during the bonding I guess you can call it I saw this beautiful city. Tell me about it.*

*Why don't you just read my mind?*

*I can't unless your thinking about the subject.*

*Oh! I didn't know that.*

*You can read my mind!*

*No your right I can only read what your thinking and only when I think about it. Don't worry I won't invade your privacy any more than I have to.*

*Oh good I was worried about that.*

*Now you want to know about the city you saw?*

*Yes if you don't mind.*

*Well there's not much to say about it.*

*I don't care.*

*Okay, first you have to know that I'm half elf and half human. My father lived in that city you saw and my mother was a slave my father brought. In those days slave trading was quite common and during the five years my mother was a slave to my father they fell in love. My father wanted to marry her but its against the law for a slave to marry so my father brought her freedom and he married her soon after. I was born a few years later. I guess you can say I had an idealistic childhood, both of my parents loved me, my family was rich, and I was going to live forever or so I thought. Everything was perfect. But beneath that perfection everything was wrong. Our government was corrupt and our country was fighting a war against these invader for as long as I can remember. When I was seventeen my family started hearing news from outside the city about the invaders overcoming our defenses. Nobody paid any attention to the warnings though. The people who brought the news were quickly silenced, and everything was perfect again.

My mother though was worried. I was her only child and she had a rich and powerful family in the human country. She never did tell me how she became a slave and I never asked. I looked more like her than my father so when I turned seventeen she sent me away. My mother and father told me I was going to go and live with my grandfather to learn more about the humans. I felt so betrayed. How could they send me away? I begged, pleaded, and cried. Nothing worked however and I was sent to my grandparents. A few months later I started hearing rumors about the invader destroying the city. I didn't believe them at first, but when my letters returned unopened I suspected the worst, and I ran away from my grandparents house and traveled day and night until I reached the city. It took me about two weeks and I was exhausted.

What I found devastated me. The city was in ruins the glass walkways shattered beyond repair and all the prominent figures in the government had their heads staked on poles outside the city walls including my parents. Everyone who survived was sold into slavery by the invaders and I suspect that is why your a half elf like me. At first I blamed myself because by this time I knew I was more interested in men than the girls my grandparents introduced me to. In my fathers culture same sex pairings are suppose to be really bad and I thought I was being punished. My grandparents helped me overcome this misconception but still the doubt remained. They died a few months later. They were very old and the stress was too much for them. I inherited their extensive fortune.

Alex didn't know how to express his sympathy but that didn't matter Stormwind could feel what he was thinking.*Don't feel bad it happened so long ago its a dim memory for me.*

*How long ago was it?*

*About seventy-five years ago.* Alex gasped in shock. *What! You don't look like your ninety something years old!*

*Don't worry I'm not going to stoop over and die anytime soon.*

*But how!*

*The elves average life span is about 300 to 400 years. I'm a half elf so I suspect that I live to be about 150. If these three don't kill me first. You'll live to be that old too so don't look so horrified.*

*You don't look that old.*

*We age differently too. When an elf is about to die of old age. They start to look their age. Until we stay young except for our hair. My father was 200 years old when he married my mother.*

*What makes you think I'm an half elf anyway?*

*Its your eyes. All the elves I met had slanted green or purple eyes.*

*But my mother wasn't an elf and you saw my father?*

*How many months after the marriage were you born?*

*I was premature that's why I'm so small.*

*You are small boned and delicate like most elves and if your lucky you won't have to worry about facial hair.* *So my real father didn't rape me?*

*No I suppose not but I can tell it doesn't make you feel any better.*

*How can I not think of him as my father. He used to take me horse back riding and... and he was everything a real father should be!* Alex started crying again. *Don't cry.* Alex continued ignoring Stormwind's interruption. *He changed after my mother died he couldn't handle it. At first I thought it was my fault, and now I don't know what to believe. For the first time in months I was sleeping peacefully and then you guys barged in my room and now look at me. Is it true that my father gave me to you?*

*Yes. Your father had a lot of gambling debts and they said they would cancel them if they could have you for the night.*

*Why are you here?*

*I don't know if you guessed it or not but I was sent to spy on this group of men and find out who was plotting against the King and Queen. You might not know it but these are some of the most powerful men in our country. Somebody must have told them about me. I was so careful!*

*Why did you rape me?* Alex asked calmly. Stormwind felt like he had the wind knocked out of his sails. He almost forgot all about his part in this whole mess. *Um.. I ..* Stormwind floundered around for awhile before he finally had an answer for Alex.

*They started bidding for who would have you first and I didn't want Fedrick to be the first one to have. So I outbid him. Damm! I wish I didn't have this gag in my mouth! Fedrick would have tore you up worse than he did earlier if he had you first. Your body wasn't ready for him so I was hoping that if I took you first it wouldn't hurt as much when Fedrick finally had you.*

*Why didn't you stop them in the first place!* Alex mentally cried out in anguish.

*I couldn't without blowing my cover. I had to be just like them. I didn't know they already knew who I was! God I wish I knew! But there's nothing I can do to change it.*

*We need to get out of here Stormwind. I'm starting to lose myself. Earlier when they held me down for Stephen I would have done anything for him if he would just let me go.*

*I know. Are you still ashamed of what happened when I raped you?*

*Yes! I didn't know it could be like that and it shamed me to know that you showed me.*

*I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. Earlier tonight you looked so beautiful and vulnerable I wanted to see if I could make you lose control and enjoy sex. It worked and I'm sorry that it hurt you.*

*Its okay. The only good part about this evening was the time I spent with you both mentally and physically. I have another question?*

*Go ahead ask.*

*Earlier they were talking about mages and power. What were they talking about?* Stormwind was silent for a few moments before answering. *All elves have these special powers and so do some humans. The more power a person is able to channel and use the more powerful they become. I'm an Adept that is the highest a person can get in mage abilities. If I wasn't drugged I'd be able to teleport us out of the room or untie these ropes with my mind. Or I could burn Stephen to death with just a thought.*

*How did you learn how to use your powers?*

*I went to the capital and enrolled in a mage school. My family would have taught me but elves don't come into their powers until late teens and by then they were dead. So I settled for second best. It was my ability that landed me this job in the first place.*

*Do I have any powers?*

*Yes but there dormant.*

*I think I know how we can escape! If you trigger my powers I can teleport us out of here.*

*I can't do that. It might kill you!*

*I don't care! Please don't you see they are going to kill us anyway!*

*I can't risk it! Not yet! Give me some time to think of an alternative.* Before Alex could answer Stephen, Fedrick, and Peter used the torn pillow case cover and started wrapping his wrists to stop the blood. Then Peter carried him over to Stormwind and propped him up on the chair while Stephen tied his wrists together with Stormwind's so that their chests touched each other. Alex winced as his cut wrists stretched open.

*Stormwind you need to shrink.*

*Sorry I can't help you there.* Both of them grasped in pain as a belt hit Stormwind on the back. Then Peter knocked Stormwind's chair out from underneath him. They left Alex's chair alone not wanting the boy to die of lack of air or blood before they were ready. Stormwind tried holding his weight up but Peter wound the belt out again and hit Stormwind on his arms causing Stormwind to lose his concentration and he fell all of his weight supported by his arms and his feet swung three feet above the ground.

All three men continued this game for about an hour alternately hitting Alex and Stormwind. His whole body covered with a fine sheet of sweat Stormwind hung limply tied to the ropes above his head, to exhausted to do anything but moan. All three of the men where waiting for this moment. Before they were to scared to untie him because of his short military training, but now while he was still weak they could have him.

Stephen cut the ropes holding Stormwind up and Peter and Fedrick caught him as he fell. Fedrick dragged Stormwind to the bed pushed him onto his stomach and entered Stormwind forcefully enough to cause him to gasp in pain behind the gag. Despite Stormwind's weariness none of them dared to take of the gag.

After Fedrick finished Stephen took his place and then Peter. They took turns violating Stormwind until they became bored. Then they tied him back up with Alex. *Are you okay?*

Stormwind looking like he was about to cry answered *Yeah I'm all right they didn't hurt me as much as they hurt you.*

*It still hurts though.*

*Yeah it does.*

*They are going to kill us soon. I can tell.*

*How do you know that?*

*Its simple facts. First they are tired, second they are holding another lord against his will, third we know too much.*

*I can't think of anyway to get out of this and it seems like your way has the best chance of success.*

*What happens after though. My father still has legal guardianship over me so this can happen all over again.*

*If we get out of this alive I'll go to the queen herself and ask for your guardianship if that is what you want.*

*I don't want everyone knowing about my father though.*

*The queen won't tell everyone and neither would the king. They're my friends.*

*So your willing to unlock my powers?* Alex looked scared but determined. *Yes.*

*Is it going to hurt?*

*Yes and you might die. Its happened before. I'm scared that you're going to lose control and blow up this house. Or what if your power is so small you might as well not have any?*

*Then I'll borrow your power.*

*Okay hold onto my hand.* Alex grasped Stormwind's hand tightly in his own. *I'm ready.* Fedrick as if sensing Alex and Stormwind were going to try something picked up the belt again and started to beat them both. *I wish he'd stop that.*

*Don't flinch Alex. I have to concentrate.* Soon Alex's head started feeling fuzzy and he felt like he was going to be sick. As luck would have it Lord Rain woke up early out of his drugged sleep and decided to go and check on Alex. From his room he could hear the sound of the belt and his son crying out. He quickly became excited hearing those cries and he hurried his pace. Lord Rain opened the door to his son's room without knocking and his mouth dropped open in shock. His son was standing on a chair tied to the rafters above his head, while the man with black hair who was also tied to Alex hung free while Stephen whipped them.

"Good God men I won't be able to sell Alex to anyone until he heals! I told you to be careful with him. Now he's going to be scarred." Lord Rain wailed as he took in the sight of his potential money maker.

Alex's eyes turned red as the mage power ran through his system. Pain was no consideration. At first his fury didn't really have a target. But when the man who raised him and called him son came running into the room. Not to rescue him but to complain at how his profits might be damaged. His fury found a focus and with the untrained power of his mind he sent his father flying into the wall. Killing him instantly when his neck and back bone snapped under the impact.

Stephen and Fedrick seeing what had happened teleported to a safe place leaving Peter to face Alex's wrath. Alex not wanting Peter to have an easy way out like his dead father imagined Peter burning and before he knew it Peter was on fire and running around the room screaming in pain and terror.

The old dusty curtains on the bed caught on fire and from there the fire spread quickly. Peter finally fell down in front of the fire place not moving anymore.

Stormwind came out of his shock when he felt the heat of the fire coming toward them. *ALEX! STOP IT! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE! UNDO THE ROPES!* Alex's eyes returned to normal as Stormwind's voice thundered through his head.

"What?" He asked still confused.



*USE YOUR INSTINCTS! CUT THE ROPES!* Alex closed his eyes and concentrated on seeing a blade of air slice trough the ropes holding them up. Soon he felt the pressure in his head release and the next thing he knew he was falling, being pulled down by Stormwind's weight.

*Okay now teleport us out of here. Imagine yourself somewhere else! Its that easy!* Alex closed his eyes and the before he knew it he was sprawled on top of Stormwind in a field smelling fresh horse manure instead of smoke.

The grass was cold and damp and the morning air had a bite to it. It took a few minutes before Alex and Stormwind were able to stand up with their wrists still tied together. Alex reached up carrying Stormwind's wrists with him and untied the gag over Stormwind's mouth. It wasn't until his body brushed against Stormwind's that he realized they were both naked.

"We're naked." Alex said staring stupidly down at himself.

For the first time that night Stormwind laughed. It was a short laugh Stormwind's throat and mouth were still dried out from having the gag in his mouth for hours.

"Look Stormwind the sun is coming up." Alex looked at the sunrise pensively. Then he started crying again. "It's not over yet is it Stormwind? Stephen and Fedrick escaped, and I killed my father."

"You're safe for now. I won't tell anyone how he died. By the way where are we?"

"We should be on the hill overlooking the summer cottage. Maybe we should go back and get our clothes?" They walked for a few minutes in silence trying not to look at each others nakedness. Alex stopped so suddenly Stormwind almost bumped into him.

"The house is burning!" Stormwind cried out in surprise.

"It doesn't matter. The place doesn't hold any good memories for me anyway. What's going to happen next?"

"I don't know." Alex thinking about his lost innocence asked. "Nothing ever stays the same does it?"

"No it doesn't." Stormwind answered for the first time feeling all his years pressing down on him. Feeling years older than the day before Alex said.

"Don't worry about clothes we might find something in the stables." And with that last statement they headed down the hill in silence lost in their own thoughts.