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Sworn to Protect

Authors: Amalthia and Rosey-chan
Title: Sworn to Protect
Rated: Nc-17 Non-consensual sex, Angst.
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Spoilers: First chapter, all the way up to episode 25 or 26 of Fushigi Yuugi.
Disclaimers: These characters belong to the creators of Fushigi Yuugi.
Author Note: Rosey and I edited this story ourselves. Any and all mistakes are mine, Rosey's, and Microsoft Word grammar/spelling check. If the grammar bothers you too much edit the story and mail it to me, or offer to beta read chapter 2. I'm not great with titles, but this one seems like the theme for all the Fushigi Yuugi episodes.



"Tamahome! I love you! Please don't leave!" Yui cried out in desperation, tugging at Tamahome's long sleeves. Tamahome looked down at the yellow hair girl's anguished face. A myriad of expressions crossed his face, confusion, impatience, and pity.

How predictable. Nakago thought as he stood in the shadows and watched the scene unfold. Of course Tamahome wasn't going to leave, not at least until he tasted those sweet lips, and damaged all hope of Suzaku No Miko calling Suzaku. He could almost understand Yui's possessiveness of the Suzaku Seishi Tamahome. The young man's black hair and purple eyes made a striking combination. His fighting skills were also quite impressive.

The Suzaku No Miko was a very lucky girl. Her other protector, Hotohori, was also very beautiful. He was hoping for a chance to bed the emperor at some point before the Seiryuu No Miko appeared from the other world, but now he had orders to assassinate Konan's emperor.

His attention drifted back toward the young man and woman fighting. Suzaku No Miko was deathly sick in some village and Tamahome wanted to run to his beloved. Not that he could fight off the illness. Yui still couldn't understand why Tamahome didn't love her instead of Miaka, Suzaku No Miko. He knew what Tamahome liked. Suzaku No Miko had spirit, passion, and loyalty. However, Yui was a weak spirited girl. Far too easy to manipulate, just what he needed to for his purposes.

He stepped out from behind the wall once Tamahome started running down the hall, away from Yui. He reached for his whip coiled at his belt and unfurled it. It snapped and hissed against the wooden floor. Tamahome was coming closer to him now. Before Tamahome moved too far away, he snapped out the whip and curled it around Tamahome's leg, startling the seventeen year old boy into falling on his face. Finally he had his chance to whip and beat the beautiful Seishi, and maybe something more. He smiled.


"Open your eyes Tamahome." Nakago murmured against his restrained enemy's lips.

The young man shook his head and tried to turn his head to the side to avoid his kiss. Now he couldn't have that, he only had so much time before Yui came down to witness Tamahome's punishment. He reached down and grabbed the young man's balls and squeezed. The Seishi's eyes flew open in pain and his mouth parted. Nakago took the opportunity and thrust his tongue in Tamahome's mouth, tasting his enemy. Confusion, fear, and hate quickly filled the beautiful purple eyes. The chain overhead rattled and he had to wrap his arm around the smooth naked back and hold the struggling body close against his armored body. Tamahome's chest heaved from breathing too fast.

He slowly stopped kissing Tamahome's lips and gently licked his check.

"What the fuck do you think your doing Nakago!" Tamahome yelled. His eyes glittered fiercely.

He smiled tightly. "Nothing you aren't going to enjoy. Someday. Now be quiet unless you want an audience. I don't mind fucking you in front of the other guards. Its just that for your first time I thought you might want privacy?" He purposely dropped his voice into a suggestive whisper to further confuse the Seishi. It worked.

Goosebumps raised up on Tamahome's chest and his nipples hardened. Tamahome's panicked expression made him hard and ready. He hadn't taken anyone against their will in a long time, especially no one as lovely as Suzaku Seishi Tamahome. He used his power to lower the chain holding Tamahome's hands over his head. He didn't waste any time pushing the defiant young man to the floor and pulling his cotton pants down the slim tightly muscled thighs.

"Nakago! Stop this now! I'm going to fucking kill you. Yui is going to hate you for this!" Tamahome's struggles felt like that of a small child or woman, ineffectual and weak. He grinned.

"I'm not going to tell the Seiryuu No Miko about this and if you tell her I'll kill your precious Suzaku No Miko. Now shut up." Nakago grabbed Tamahome's ponytail and pulled back. Tamahome cried out in pain and arched his back, effectively lifting his smooth white hips and ass. He started slapping the white skin repeatedly. He liked the way Tamahome wiggled and ground his hips in an attempt to avoid the pain. He looked so cute. Nakago didn't stop until the skin had turned a light shade of red and he could hear Tamahome crying. Just the right incentive to keep Tamahome even more off balance and in his power.

Nakago sensed that it was almost time for Yui to show up and witness Tamahome's punishment. He slowly took his weight off the prone body and deftly untied the laces to his pants. Tamahome automatically tried to head butt him, but Nakago was ready for it and lightly punched Tamahome in the temple. The reaction was immediate. Tamahome lost all sense of balance and was unable to fight back.

Nakago quickly thrust into the sobbing young man and rode him for a few minutes before groaning in completion. This wasn't a tryst for his pleasure. This was about teaching Tamahome a lesson. Nakago was the master here and he had complete control over his fate. He just hoped Tamahome got the point. Next time he wouldn't be the only one to rape the Suzaku Seishi. Nakago tucked himself back in, tied his laces, and quickly pulled Tamahome's pants back up and buttoned them. He was just standing Tamahome back up when the guards entered escorting Seiryuu No Miko, Yui.


Part 2

The impact of the whiplashes hurt, they hurt like hell. But that was a pain he could take, a pain he somehow know how to handle. Tamahome forced his eyes opened, made himself look at Nakago while the blonde man and his torturer let their whips lash over Tamahome's upper body.

Outside the cell, Yui cried, pleaded for his sake but was held back by the guards. He felt sorry for her. She had been... She had been raped. And now he knew. Dear Suzaku, now he knew how she felt. Somewhat, anyway. He himself had been...

He himself had been... By Nakago. But it was wrong, it was so wrong, it couldn't be done! Right? One man couldn't rape another, it just wasn't done! And what would people think of him if they found out? What would... What would his father think? Miaka... Oh gods, Miaka! What would she... If she even was alive by now... She could be dead... No, she couldn't be, there was no way! But this had happened to him, how was to know bad luck wouldn't continue to follow them?

Suddenly Nakago spoke, pulling him away from his thoughts.

"All right. That's it. Yui-sama... You should leave now, I think he's learned his lesson."

"Sure, Nakago", she answered, her voice thick of tears, still strangely cold,

"I'll leave, but not without him."


"Well... You can't expect me to just watch as you leave him down here! That's inhuman!"

Nakago smirked, a low laughter slowly making it's way up his throat.

"We won't leave him here, Yui-sama. I assure you. When you've rested, in a few hours, come down here yourself and have a look. If he's still down here by then, I'll give you my word that you can return him to Suzaku no Miko, him and the Shi Jin Ten Sho. Do you wish for her to have them?"

Yui didn't answer, she looked at her feet, her eyes then darting from Tamahome to Nakago. Tears gleamed in them as she suddenly spun around and started running up the stairs, sobbing so loud Tamahome could hear her even as she held a hand in front of her mouth.

"Damn you", Tamahome spat, glaring at Nakago. "Why do you have to be so mean to her? You're only confusing her, don't you know that?! You know she's in love with me, why use that against her? It isn't a crime you know!"

Nakago looked after his Miko, then turned to face his captive. He smiled, walked up to the boy. Tamahome pulled back instinctively as he felt the man's hot breath against his face. The movement, however, made the pain in his bloodied back take its toll and with a startled gasp, Tamahome fainted.

He woke up, finding out he was sprawled out on the dungeon floor. Nakago stood next to him, wearing a blue robe and black trousers. New clothes, not the armor he had before, which meant some time must have passed by.

"What... What have you done to me?"

"Done?" Nakago lowered himself so that he came closer to the young boy, his lips almost brushing with Tamahome's as he spoke next.

"I haven't done a thing to you, I've only changed into something more appropriate. This removes a lot faster than my armor don't you think?"

He reached out, let one hand slowly caress Tamahome's cheek. The boy tried to yank away but soon found out he was so tired, exhausted, that he could hardly even move an inch. The whipping had been bad and he could feel the fever frying his body on the insides. It was no good, he couldn't keep away from the Shogun.

"What do you want from me", Tamahome whispered, sobbing out of frustration. "You've already made it pretty damned clear that I won't be able to get out of the palace all by myself, right? You prevent me from being with the girl that I love and you have even robbed me of my own privacy. What more could you possibly want from me?!"

"Oh, nothing", Nakago answered, his hand now leaving Tamahome's face as it traveled downwards, finding a nipple, starting to fondle it slightly.

"Nothing more than a little enjoyment. I like you, Tamahome. You intrigue me. You're fascinating, actually." He placed himself on top of the boy, kissing him.

The huge weight of the man on top of him, together with the pain from the multiple wounds he had, made it impossible for Tamahome to keep his mouth shut. He gasped, allowing Nakago entrance to his moist, hot cave. The kiss was almost gentle at first, lips touching lips, tongues barely touching tongues, but it soon grew more intense. Nakago's tongue lashed at Tamahome's, forcing its way as far into the boy's mouth as it was possible. The lips crushed Tamahome's, Nakago's teeth digging themselves into plump flesh. The Shogun drew back after what seemed like forever.

"You do taste good", the blonde man said slowly, licking his lips clean of blood. "Really good."

"Fuck you", Tamahome hissed, his breathing shallow and rapidly. "You can't do this! You've already... Isn't one time enough?!"

"Do you think it is? Remember what I said... You ARE going to enjoy this, one day. And for that, we need practice, don't you agree?"

Tamahome closed his eyes, hoping that he was only dreaming. This was a nightmare, a horrible, horrible nightmare. He would wake up, soon. He knew he would. He had to! He... Now what was the shogun doing? Tamahome could hear the low rustle of clothing being removed and he opened his eyes and looked at Nakago, his eyes full of hatred.

The blonde hair man had done something with his pants, they were still on him, but he had taken his cock out. It stood, erect and huge as a sharp contrast to the black pants he was wearing. Tamahome suddenly became aware of the fact that he himself was completely naked, the pants he had worn at the whipping had been stripped away from him.

Nakago walked up to him and reached down, his hand landing on top of Tamahome's head. Fingers dug into the bluish black hair, lifted the boy's face up. The pain was immense, forcing tears to his eyes, but Tamahome tried to remain as quiet as he could.

Nakago pulled the boy's head close to his crotch, making the tip of his penis touch the seventeen year old lips. Tamahome tried to turn his head away, repulsed.

"Oh no, you don't" , he heard Nakago chuckle. Then, the shogun's voice lost all the amusement it had had, he only sounded cold and anticipating:

"Suck it! And suck it good, or I'll punish you, do you understand me?"

"Only in your wildest dreams, motherfucker!"

Nakago drew back and then, without warning, he hit Tamahome in the face, hard. Tamahome moaned, pain making it difficult for him to focus his thoughts, even a little. He pushed his eyes open as Nakago grabbed a hold of his hair again, this time pulling the boy's face close to his own.

"Don't you dare", he whispered, coldly, "don't you dare say anything about my mother, do you understand me?"

He then let go of the boy, smashing him hard against the floor. "You will give me a hell of a blowjob. I really don't think you're behaving at all. Guess I'll have to punish you after all."

Tamahome felt himself grow cold at Nakago's words. He didn't want to know what would follow, but then again maybe he did want to know.

Nakago walked over the iron bars, knocking slightly at one. A few seconds later Tamahome could hear several footsteps coming down the stairs and then a bunch of Nakago's soldiers appeared. Nakago nodded towards them and then turned to Tamahome.

"Here, boy... Meet my subordinates. We will entertain you tonight, we will make sure your visit to Kotuo is one you'll never forget. How about it, shall we get started? Gentlemen...?"


Part 3

"Shogun, I don't think the Suzaku Seishi can take anymore damage?"

Nakago felt like punching the soldier's face into a bloody pulp, but restrained himself, if he started killing people randomly they'd become scared. He walked over to the prone figure laying on the hard stone floor. Tamahome's unconscious body shivered and faint moans escaped the bruised and bloody lips.

He turned on his second sight to trace the faint energy lines emanating from the naked body. They were growing weaker. Anyone else would have died by now, maybe that is one of the powers of the Suzaku's chosen, or maybe Tamahome is too obstinate to die and leave his plans in peace. No, Yui would blame him if Tamahome didn't come back to her functional. He was surprised at how long Tamahome held onto consciousness.

Five rapes and six beatings including his own foreplay. Nakago picked soldiers who had his own taste in blood sports and sadistic personalities. Alone they would have caused havoc among civilians, but harnessed into his army they were a force to be reckoned with. Soon his army will be the strongest this world has ever seen. His lips curved upwards. He was feeling benevolent toward his enemy today. Everything was moving along as planned.

"Wake him up." Nakago ordered.

One of the soldiers poured a bucket of ice cold water over Tamahome's upturned face. He started sputtering and choking, and his eyes opened. Tamahome stared fearfully around the room. Nakago chuckled. The purple blue eyes stopped their search when they found him. Predictable. Tamahome was still more frightened of him rather than the crude soldiers who'd just brutally raped him. It made sense in a way. He had the power to call in more soldiers or to let him go back to his quarters.

He knelt down on the floor and lifted the Suzaku Seishi into his arms and carried him to a cot in the next room. "Go find a healer. Seiryuu No Miko wants her toy back in one piece and alive."

Tamahome wasn't in danger of dying, he was too strong, but the bruises looked life threatening. They spread out all over his body. Tamahome couldn't even lift his hands to fight back when he started to pick him up. Tears stained the younger man's checks. His mind wondered back to the last time he cried. It must have been nine years ago. Right after the Emperor showed him his place in the palace. He tried not to remember how terrified and confused he had felt that first night in the Emperors bedchambers. How naive and weak. His eyes hardened. Never again would anyone take advantage of him. Once he became ruler of this world. No on could hurt him again. Not even the beautiful Tamahome. The first man to touch him in combat in years.

Yes Yui would get her prize back and in one piece. Tamahome still had spirit left in him, which would break in time.


Part 4

Hands were everywhere, touching him, investigating. Tamahome stiffened, terrified. No more, his mind screamed. No more now! I have had it! No more... But the hands, they didn't continue onward, downward. They were on his back, but only on his back.

The boy tried to make his dulled mind work properly again. What had happened? Nakago had picked him up, carried him somewhere. Hadn't he mentioned something about a healer? Then maybe...

Tamahome pushed his swollen eyelids open, looking through a blood red haze at the people present. It was the blonde shogun and an ordinary, dark clad man with cold eyes. Nakago, noticing his pray being fully awake, smirked:

"Welcome back, Suzaku Seishi. Slept well? Don't you worry. We're patching you up, wouldn't want you to die on us now, would we? Not yet anyway."

"Why..." Tamahome whispered, his voice hoarse and barely audible. "Why heal me...?"

"Why?" Nakago smiled. "Mainly because of Seiryuu no Miko, of course. She fancies you and I can't afford having her turning against me. But one more reason... If you heal, well... Then we can go on with our little game. Right?"

Tamahome wanted to curse at the shogun, wanted to spit in his face or something, but he had no strength left at all. Nakago couldn't mean he'd abuse him again if he got the opportunity, he couldn't mean that! Or could he? Would he abuse him again, would he let his soldiers do whatever they pleased with him again?

"Never", Tamahome whispered faintly, before drifting of to unconsciousness again.


The Suzaku seishi opened his eyes and found himself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. That voice, that voice he had heard in his dream...

"Miaka", he whispered, feeling the huge loss grip around his heart. Was she even still alive? His baka-girl, his light, his life... He could only hope he'd get back to her, eventually. If he survived this, if he got out of here, if he could manage to get Yui with him when he left. That poor girl...

Tamahome tried to sit up and found out that he could. It was night, nearing dawn, a small light managed to help him make out the outlines of the room he was in. A large room, a few furniture scattered over the room randomly.

He still wasn't dressed, he realized with a shudder. He felt better though, physically. The pain wasn't as bad, his mind was clearer. Somehow that didn't make him feel relieved.

He stood up, his head spinning and his legs barely holding him up. Standing up the pain grew more intense, but that couldn't be helped. He managed to wobble over to a small table where there was a small candle. After a bit of trying the soft candlelight lit up the room and Tamahome noticed some new clothes lying on a chair. Could they be his size?

Placing the candle next to him, the boy slowly got dressed, trying to avoid hurting himself all too much in the process. Finally, he was dressed. The clothes fit him. Well, he thought, guess they must know my measurements rather thoroughly... The thought made him feel nauseous, and he had to take support from the table before being able to continue.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he made his way over to he door. Hesitantly he tried to push it aside. Would it open? Yes, it did. Just like that. Tamahome paused, insecure. This could be a trap, or something. He had to be careful... Then he shrugged. Didn't have time for that. He had to find Yui, had to find some way to get out of here with her AND the scroll of Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho...

And he had to get out of here if he wanted to stay sane. Some more encounters with Nakago and his games could damage his mind if he wasn't careful. He opened the door, then... Stared.

"Leaving so soon", Nakago smiled sweetly, placing a hand on Tamahome's shoulder.


Part 5

"I thought you would like my private rooms. You're a poor man's son aren't you? Don't bother answering. I already know where your family lives. You have four brothers and sisters, and a sick father." Nakago ushered the bruised and shocked young man back into his room. He could tell Tamahome wanted to protest, but the information about his family held him in his power. Tamahome probably thought he would kill his family if he didn't cooperate. He would never kill children, pay someone else to, but he wouldn't do it himself. It wouldn't hurt if Tamahome thought he was giving himself to save his family.

He tightened his hand on the tense shoulder and leaned down. He inhaled Tamahome's scent. It was sweet and clean. The healer did a wonderful job. Tamahome tried to jerk away, but he grabbed onto the ponytail and untied Tamahome's shirt. The cloth slid off Tamahome's slender shoulders and pooled to the floor. Nakago bent down and began kissing the smooth creamy flesh under his fingers. He softly licked the whip mark that trailed over Tamahome's shoulder and onto his chest.

"Nakago stop! Please. Don't"

Nakago toughened his grip on the thin shoulders and whispered in tightly controlled voice. "I'll send assassins to kill your family if you don't stop fighting me. Never say no to me again, or your family is dead. After they are dead, I'll make sure the Suzaku No Miko is next on the list. Do you understand?"

He could feel Tamahome's body tensing even more. He could see tears glittering in Tamahome's beautiful purple eyes, realizing his defeat and hopelessness. He never looked more beautiful as he did in that one moment. Nakago roughly turned the younger man around until they were facing each other. Tamahome had to look up to meet his eyes, but that was fine. It was right that his subordinate should look up to him. "Kneel down." He ordered.

Tamahome looked like he might protest, but then he must have thought of his family and he quickly kneeled on the hard wood floor. "On your hands and knees. I want you to crawl to the bed and get back in it."

To his surprise, Tamahome did exactly as he ordered. He supposed if he had a family to care for he would obey someone else's will, too. He stalked over to the bed and quickly pushed the struggling man flat onto the mattress. He grabbed the back of Tamahome's neck and hair to hold his head still and brought his lips down to meet Tamahome's. He started biting and licking the sweet lips. When Tamahome gasped in pain he thrust his tongue inside and dropped all his weight on the figure under him. Tamahome is a Suzaku Seishi he can take it.

Nakago brought his head up and stared into the defiant purple eyes. Yes this was going to be fun. He sat up keeping his weight on Tamahome's hips and started stripping off his body armor. He threw everything onto the floor and quickly resumed kissing Tamahome, the only man who was close to his equal. They had the same marks on their foreheads. Different meanings, but still leaders.

He needed to take off his clothing. He wanted to feel Tamahome's skin next to his. First, he needed to strip the unresponsive body under him. He loved blackmail. He sat up and moved away from Tamahome. The young man didn't move from his position. He looked shocked. "Take off your pants Tamahome, and then you may help undress me."

Tamahome lay on his back for a few more moments before he used his arms and pushed himself up. The bed dipped a little from the weight. Tamahome got to his knees, untied his pants and let them slid down his hips, and then he sat down on the bed and pulled them the rest of the way off. He tossed them over the side of the bed.

Nakago stood up next to the bed. "Come here."

Tamahome crawled over to the side of the bed in front of him. He looked down at the bowed head and wondered what Tamahome was thinking. He felt surprised and pleased when Tamahome started unbuttoning his blue silk shirt. He wasn't as good as some of his bed partners; then again Tamahome wasn't trying to get anything from him or expected any favors. He let Tamahome push the cloth back off his shoulders. He let the material drift to the floor to rest with the other clothing.

Tamahome's hands reached lower to undo the lacing of his silk pants. The slender hands trembled. He wondered why Tamahome was so frightened. Had he undressed any of his bed partners before? He stopped the trembling hands before they reached the ties and brought them up to his lips. Tamahome's startled eyes flew to his. He looked so confused. Nakago pushed Tamahome back and gently made the younger man lay back down. The blue sheets complemented Tamahome's pale skin.

"What do you want from me!" Tamahome cried out just before Nakago had a chance to rekiss those beautiful lips.

Strong arms came up and pushed against his chest. Nakago backed off and settled himself between Tamahome's spread legs. He felt confused himself. Why did this young man intrigue him? He was beautiful but he'd seen better. Maybe it was the passion that burned in the purple eyes? Or maybe Tamahome was the first person to hit him in combat in more than five years? One thing he knew. Tamahome sparked his passion and he wanted the young man in his bed.

This time instead of playing with Tamahome, he decide to give the Suzaku Seishi as straight answer. "You intrigue me and I want you in my bed until I get bored of you. I'll treat you as an equal if you come to me willingly, and I won't harm your family. If however you decide to fight against me, I'll punish you. Those guards got out of hand. I apologize."

"What if I don't agree?"

"I'll take you by force and you'll be hurt. No one has to know. During the day you can stay in your room and spend time with Yui, but your nights belong to me." Why was he giving Tamahome the choice? A small voice at the back of his mind whispered, You want his trust, respect, and soul.

Something in his expression must have convinced Tamahome because he bowed his head and when he looked back up, he had his decision. In a low even voice, Tamahome started speaking. "What you ask of me goes against everything I believe in. It's immoral and I don't love you. You aren't suppose to give yourself to someone unless its love and I'm already in love with Miaka. I'm sworn to protect her." Tears shimmered in Tamahome's eyes. He looked so tortured by his decision.

Nakago was at a loss. His first impulse was to tie Tamahome down and rape him again, but rape lost its appeal rather quickly. "This is love Tamahome. If you agree to sleep with me, I'll make sure you get daily reports of Suzaku No Miko's progress. I'll also let you go five months from now and you'll be ten times richer. I'll give you enough money and jewels for your family to live in the city and have enough food. Maybe even hire a healer. Miaka and you will have enough money to start a new life together."

Tamahome's eyes lowered. This time it took him longer to raise his head. Nakago felt like holding his breath. He didn't know what he was going to do if Tamahome refused him. Of course, he wasn't going to give Tamahome real reports of Suzaku No Miko's travels, but he would give the young man some money. He had plenty of it from the Emperor.

"I agree to your terms."

Tamahome's soft answer broke him out of his thoughts. He smiled in triumph.


Part 6

"Well then", Nakago sighed. "If we understand each other, will you then help me with my pants? Tamahome looked up, eyeing the other man slowly. Maybe there still was some time to escape this. Maybe... His siblings... They risked getting killed if he didn't agree to Nakago's sick ideas, on the other hand, they could get a big chance for a new life if he accepted the money he would get if he became the shogun's lover.

No, not lover, he thought. Never a lover. He can bed me; he can do whatever he wants, but I won't succumb to him. Never!

"Tamahome...? I'm waiting."

Pulled away from his thoughts, Tamahome stood up and walked over to Nakago. He breathed deeply and then sunk down on his knees. His hands, still trembling slightly, reached out, touching the fabric of Nakago's trousers.

"Go on", the shogun whispered, his voice tense with restrained emotions. "Do not be afraid."

"Easy for him to say," Tamahome muttered to himself in his thoughts.

His hands slowly tied up the lace that held Nakago's pants up. The fabric was a fine one; it felt good underneath his sensitive fingertips. Without further hesitation, he got a hold of the pants and gently let, them slide down Nakago's muscular hips, revealing the man's huge, hot member to the world.

Tamahome couldn't suppress the chill of pure loathing that slid down his back hopefully Nakago didn't notice. He quickly looked up at the man, frightened. No, the man hadn't noticed, he stood with his eyes closed, his face turned upwards. He was enjoying this.

So far so good. Tamahome sighed and then whispered quietly, "You can step out of your pants now, Nakago."

The man opened his eyes and looked down at the teenager. He smiled slightly and then walked over to the bed, now totally nude.

"Come over here", he ordered.

Tamahome nodded and walked over to the man, slowly, ever so slowly. He had to dothis, it didn't mean he wanted to, or that he was going to pretend he liked it. Nakago could have his body, yes, but not his mind. Never his mind.

He stopped when he was in front of the shogun. Nakago reached out, his hands grasping Tamahome's shoulders lightly. He then put a bit of force behind it, pulling the Suzaku Seishi down on the bed. He didn't place himself on top of Tamahome however, instead he gathered the boy into his arms and lowered his face down, his eyes looking intensely into Tamahome's.

"Tamahome", he whispered. "This time we'll do it differently. This time you kiss me. Do you understand?"

The boy closed his eyes, thinking quickly. He still had the chance to head butt the shogun in the crotch or kick him, something. He still could escape. But then, maybe his family would be killed... His father was so sickly, Chuei and the other kids were still so young... Gyokuran... Shunkei... And... Yuiren. He couldn't allow anything happening to them, he couldn't. He had to forget about himself, had to concentrate on Yuiren and the others.

He allowed his lips to meet Nakago's.

His lips were sore, and bloodied; Nakago's were hard, dry and demanding. They tasted of power, somehow. Tamahome wanted to pull back after a little while, but Nakago brought his hands up behind his head, forcing him to remain still.

Suddenly he could feel Nakago's tongue carefully sweeping over his lips, licking them clean of blood. Understanding what the man wanted, Tamahome opened his mouth, allowing Nakago to enter him. Nakago was gentle and somewhat teasing, letting the tip of his tongue slowly touch the roof inside Tamahome's mouth. Then down again, tasting the boy curiously.

After a little while, Nakago let go of Tamahome's head and their lips broke contact. The blonde shogun breathed hard, a satisfied expression in his eyes. "You learn fast, boy. Good. Now, you still owe me a blow job, don't you?"

Tamahome nodded, his eyes closed. He had to do it; there was no other choice. And he had agreed to Nakago's demands, hadn't he? Well then...

Nakago stood up, allowing Tamahome to move away. When both the men stood on the floor, Nakago walked over to a big chair, placing himself in it. He gestured for Tamahome to get closer. Tamahome obeyed and he didn't even protest as Nakago made him stand on his knees in front of him, no matter how humiliating it was.

Nakago made himself move closer to the boy, making iit easier for him to reach his throbbing member. Tamahome didn't hesitate, he knew, thanks to the soldiers earlier, what he had to do. He reached out with one hand, touching the hot flesh. Nakago was big and he wondered how he was supposed to have all that meat fit into his mouth.

Well, I'd better get it over with.

And he bent forward, opening his mouth as wide as he could, allowing the tip of Nakago's penis to slide into him. He felt chills run down his spine, but at least Nakago was fresh and clean. The other soldiers hadn't been, they had tasted awful. Nakago just tasted salt, sweat and pre-cum.

He forced himself forward, taking in more and more of the other man. Soon enough his whole mouth was full of him and he had to suppress a gag. He couldn't take more now, not without getting ill. And still he hadn't taken Nakago in to the root of his shaft. Hopefully he wouldn't mind all too much...

Tamahome then began moving back and forth, rubbing his lips gently against Nakago. He didn't dare harm him; he couldn't bare the consequences it might cause. He felt Nakago tense up, the member growing ever bigger, a huge amount of blood collecting itself in it.

"Alright", Nakago hissed, "That's enough. Turn around and bend over."

Tamahome let him go and bowed his head in acceptance. He turned, letting himself sink down on his hands and knees. He looked down on the floor, waiting quietly. He had to do this, he had to do this, he had to do this. The thought repeated over and over again in his head. He could hear Nakago spit and then there was a soft, stroking sound. A fewseconds went by when Tamahome suddenly felt the tip of Nakago slowly push against his rear.

Hands touched his cheeks, pulling them apart. "Spread wider", Nakago demanded and Tamahome did as he was told. One of Nakago's fingers slowly brushed over Tamahome's hole, teasing it. The boy cursed quietly when he felt himself react to the sensation. This couldn't be! Betrayed by his own body!

The finger then entered the hole slowly, forcing the rings apart. Another finger joined and then another. The fingers pushed in and out of him a few minutes and then pulled out completely. Tamahome closed his eyes, knowing what would follow.

And then Nakago entered him. Tamahome knew he'd be big, he remembered from the last time, but he had told himself that he'd be better prepared this time, maybe a bit worn out or something. It still hurt.

Tamahome whimpered slightly and Nakago bent over, hugging the young boy from behind. Nakago's hands stroke over Tamahome's face, over his chest, somehow managed to make him relax.

As Nakago had pushed himself in to the hilt, he paused, whispering into Tamahome's ear, "There now. See, I can be gentle. Just behave like you have so far, understand?"

"I...I understand." The man didn't waste more time on words; he began pumping in and out of the boy,slowly at first, but steady. He increased his speed gradually, at the same time, his breathing grew more and more labored and his moaning grew louder. Tamahome was rocked back and forth by the impact of Nakago's thrusts, unable to hold himself still. And unable to keep his tears from falling.

He cursed, cursed himself for being so weak. Why did the man make him cry so easily? He wasn't even rough this time. Still he cried. Damn it all!

Harder, harder, faster, faster. When Nakago finally came, he bent down and let his teeth dig into the shoulder of the boy, muffling his groans. Tamahome tried not to cry out, something that proved to be in vain. He sobbed loudly, crouching underneath Nakago's weight.

When calming himself down, the man withdrew from the boy and placed himself on top of the bed. Tamahome could feel his eyes upon him and looked away. He could hear Nakago chuckle quietly and then there was some rustle. Tamahome looked up; noticing Nakago had laid himself down on the bed and that he had closed his eyes.

He also noticed the big sword that was on the table, totally unprotected. Tamahome closed his eyes and quietly counted down from ten to zero, then he sneaked over to the table and grasped the sword. It was heavy, sharp. Beautiful. And it would be his key to freedom. As well as Yui's. He walked over and lifted the sword over his head.

"Go to hell, Nakago", he whispered.


Part 7

He kept his eyes closed and his breathing slow, feigning sleep. He feed energy into the shield surrounding his body, waiting for Tamahome to make his move. He forced his body to remain still even as Tamahome brought down the sword. His blood quickened in anger and he was about to lash out with his power and immobilize his enemy, when the sword stopped just inches away from his shield. Tamahome's indecision plainly visible. Suddenly, Tamahome's face twisted into a grimace of disgust. He lifted the sword, and backed away from the bed, holding the sword straight out in front of him, as if it carried a contagious disease.

Quickly, Tamahome turned away and placed the sword back where he found it, his shoulders shaking in fear, anger, or just too much tension, he couldn't tell. He heard Tamahome take one loud deep breath and release it. Apparently, it calmed Tamahome because when he turned back around his face showed no emotion. He almost smiled when Tamahome climbed over him and laid down next to him on the crinkled and damp bed sheets. The younger man turned away, his body tense. Strands of Tamahome's hair gathered on the pillow next to his head, a darkness in the moon bright room. A soft breeze wafted through the open window.

Nakago dispelled his inner eye and parted his eyes. He felt restless and ill at ease. Tamahome acted submissively enough but Tamahome didn't enjoy one second of their encounter. He wanted something different. Fire, passion, intensity. Of course, Tamahome felt nothing. Sex was a burden for Tamahome, he'd stripped away the Suzaku Seishi's pride and initiative and replaced it with fear and loathing. He didn't want to fuck a stiff corpse, he wanted Tamahome free and wanton, begging for his caresses. Soi is an enthusiastic lover, but he would always prefer men to women. If Tomo wasn't so needy and fucked up he would sleep with the long hair magician. No instead, he wanted his worst enemy, the man in love with Suzaku No Miko, the only person in the world who could ruin his plans.

He rolled over on his side to spoon up behind Tamahome. If anything, it only made Tamahome more tense and rigid. "Tamahome, are you awake?"

"What do you want Nakago?" Tamahome asked in a flat and angry tone.

Nakago sat up and pulled Tamahome back over on his back. The tear stained eyes glaring back at him screamed hatred and vulnerability. Tears trailed the sleek valleys and contours of the pale flawless skin, ending near his nose. One lone tear dangled from the tip of Tamahome's ear. He leaned down and nibbled the ear, licking the tear away. He used his other hand to caress and smooth away the other evidence of Tamahome's anguish and misery. What was it about Tamahome that made him care? He tried to be harsh with Tamahome, even in the face of his enemy's inexperience at such matters as pleasing men. He realized that Tamahome was still waiting for his answer.

"Something different." It was the only reply he could make without damaging himself.

He gently slid his hand under Tamahome's head and tangled his fingers into the fine black hair. Tamahome stared at him wide eyed and wondering, eye's growing larger as his own mouth descended toward Tamahome's parted lips. Protest was on the tip of Tamahome's tongue but he stayed silent. Nakago tenderly took possession of Tamahome's mouth. Never before had he played the role of the gentle lover. In all his experience, he was always completely dominant or submissive. Yui's obsession with Tamahome might just give him the opportunity and time to break and mold Tamahome into his perfect lover. Killing the Suzaku No Miko, Miaka, might not even be necessary if he planned carefully enough.

He deepened the kiss and lightly ran his hand down Tamahome's chest, scraping the dusky nipples with the tips of his fingers until they hardened. Then he moved on. He pulled his mouth away from Tamahome's, and started to nibble on the soft ear next to his mouth, he didn't spend much time there, instead he planned on kissing every inch of the mystery called Tamahome. He trailed his kisses down Tamahome's neck pausing for a few minutes to bite the skin above the major artery. Tamahome stiffened his body and arched his neck to give him more room. His arms came up and his hands gripped his biceps, just holding on. Nakago continued his downward journey, stopping and paying attention to all of Tamahome's nerve endings. By the time he reached Tamahome's thighs the younger man was writhing beneath him drowning in pleasure. Tamahome kept silent the whole time, letting his body do all the talking. The parted legs, flushed face, and the mindless glaze of lust shinning in Tamahome's eyes said everything.

Nakago hadn't planned on taking Tamahome into his mouth, but once his lips reached the hard straining sex organ, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. He took the head into his mouth and gently ran his tongue under the head. He sucked Tamahome alternating his suction method, first hard then soft, Tamahome arched his back and he uttered his first cry of pleasure. Nakago started to pull back, when he felt hands tangle in his hair holding him in place. A brief thought of breaking Tamahome's wrists entered his mind, but he decided to allow Tamahome this small measure of control.

He went down further until the tip of Tamahome's cock hit the back of his throat he didn't choke, just accepted it and breathed through his nose. Years of experience helped this time. One more reason to hate the emperor. He used his hands and massaged the slightly hairy balls until they started to tighten up, then he stopped, not yet ready to rush Tamahome into orgasm. He continued to bob up and down on Tamahome, but more slowly, the hands in his hair tightened briefly in frustration, but Tamahome didn't force him to go faster. Nakago didn't try to understand what Tamahome was thinking.

He reached down and touched his own aching organ, and gathered the pre cum leaking out of him into his finger tips. Inserting his finger into Tamahome didn't take long at all. Tamahome's legs lifted up automatically once he felt the light teasing at his back entrance. The pleasure in his body making Tamahome forget his earlier pain, Nakago assumed.

He gently eased one finger in, the lubrication helping. Tamahome tensed and Nakago quickly sucked Tamahome all the way down to the root. He heard a loud gasp above him and Tamahome arched his back off the bed. When Tamahome came back down, his muscles relaxed and Nakago thrust his finger all the way into Tamahome, who only spread his legs wider, encouragingly. Nakago wiggled his finger inside of Tamahome until Tamahome gave a loud cry of pleasure and thrust back down on his finger. Nakago made a mental note of that spot and added another finger. He used his other arm to hold Tamahome's hips down to the bed. Suddenly, Tamahome's body stiffened and a jet of liquid gooey salt invaded his mouth, he swallowed every drop of Tamahome's come. They young man's hands loosened their hold on his hair once the last spasm faded.

He pushed himself up to his hands and knees and made his way up Tamahome's body, until they were face to face, then he brought his lips back to a very flushed and surprised Tamahome. He rubbed his need against Tamahome's stomach and felt a rush of satisfaction when Tamahome didn't flinch. He opened his mouth and thrust his tongue inside Tamahome's mouth sharing Tamahome's seed with him. At first, the young man tried backing away, but after he growled and told him to stay still, Tamahome obeyed and started to participate. While they kissed, Nakago lifted Tamahome's legs up and wrapped them around his waist, he pulled his mouth away and spit into his palm, before bringing his hand down to add lubrication to his cock.

Fear entered the purple eyes and he murmured nonsense words trying to comfort Tamahome as he positioned himself. He took his time entering Tamahome, he'd already come three times early that night. He clenched his jaw trying to remain in control. His first impulse was to drive into the warm heat of Tamahome's body. His patience was rewarded however when soon Tamahome started thrusting back onto his cock and crying out in pleasure. He'd never seen the Suzaku Seishi so wonton and wild before. He continued to make sure he was hitting the sensitive spot in Tamahome.

He reached around and pulled Tamahome's hands away from his own hard on, he wanted to give Tamahome all the pleasure this time. He held Tamahome's wrists tightly above his head, and picked up his thrusts. Tamahome's body rocked under the pressure and he cried out even more loudly begging him to touch him. He planned on giving Tamahome a few more minutes of this sweet torture before initiating Tamahome's complete surrender. But he wanted what Tamahome wanted. He reached down and started stroking Tamahome in time with his thrusts and within moments Tamahome's body started shaking and his back arched off the bed. The sphincter muscles and other internal muscles throbbed around him and it was all he could do to withhold his own release. He closed his eyes and focused on Tamahome.

The young man lay exhaustedly his head turned to the side cooling his flushed face on the cooler pillow beneath his head. Nakago couldn't resist the urge to bend over and lick the smooth skin of Tamahome's neck and collarbone. He gently thrust forward, making sure he hit the right spot again, and Tamahome's breath caught in his throat. He looked up at Nakago confused by the turn of events but in his eyes, there was a sense of wonder and amazement. Nakago slowly started thrusting again, gradually speeding up and thrusting harder, continuing to hold Tamahome's eyes with his own. He wanted to see Tamahome's various expressions on his way to having another orgasm. He wasn't disappointed. Tamahome's eye's widened in surprise at the intensity of his orgasm and his mouth opened, he quickly covered Tamahome's mouth with his own, drinking in the cry.

He kept his eyes open. It took all his willpower to look into his enemy's eyes even as he felt his warm fluid jetting out of his body and filling Tamahome. It felt so wonderful, Tamahome's muscles milked him for every drop. Sweat dripped off his chest and onto Tamahome. Tamahome looked as worn out as he felt, so he slowly pulled out of the young man and stood up.

The sweaty sheets did not look comfortable to sleep in, though he could tell Tamahome was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. He reached down and picked up the slender man. Tamahome's skin was slick but he didn't have any trouble holding onto him for the short walk to the next room, where he kept his private bed. He didn't like having sex in the bed he planned on sleeping in. He set Tamahome down at the foot of the bed on the long padded bench and made sure Tamahome wasn't going to fall over before he went to his dresser where the white water pitcher sat. He poured water into his small towel and walked back over to Tamahome, heating the towel with his mind.

He stood Tamahome up and gentle washed the satin skin with the soft towel, making sure he cleaned Tamahome's legs. His come was slowly dripping out of the Suzaku Seishi's body. After he finished cleaning Tamahome, he quickly rubbed himself down with the towel. He threw the towel toward the dresser not caring where it landed, the servants cleaned his room anyway. He went to his small chest and pulled out a butt plug for Tamahome, he didn't want Tamahome to get his sheets dirty.

"Come on Tamahome, its time to sleep." He guided Tamahome to the large bed and bent him over the edge. Tamahome didn't complain when he inserted the small butt plug into his ass and secured it with satin ties. He pulled back the covers and pushed Tamahome onto the bed before climbing in next to him. Tamahome scooted over and promptly fell asleep.


Tamahome woke up, his mind still muddled from the sleep. He turned, feeling someone lying next to him. Opening his eyes, he bolted. Nakago!The sight of the shogun made the last nights events come back to him in violent waves. Part of him wanted to throw up, the other felt... Strange. Just strange. It had been nice, somehow. Not painful in the least, and he had been really aroused by the whole thing.

What are you doing to me , he thought, looking at Nakago's sleeping face. I don't understand at all!

Nakago suddenly opened his eyes, a small smile playing in his face.

"Well hi there."Baffled, Tamahome stared at him. Was this Nakago, the fearsome shogun of the Kotou army? He looked so much at peace, almost like a young boy. By the way, how old was Nakago anyway?

"Eh... Hi. I need... I need to get dressed..."

"Well, take your time", Nakago mused as he stretched himself, yawning. Tamahome could only stare, his eyes big and confused. The day went by and Tamahome tried to stay out of Nakago's way as much as possible. He had a few conversations with Yui, and as time went by, the night came.

Tamahome was standing at the window, thoughts racing around his mind. How was it possible? How was it possible that he had enjoyed Nakago's games with him? He didn't know, he only knew that he did, he couldn't do anything to deny that fact. He felt filthy, ashamed of himself. And he still didn't know how Miaka was, if she was still alive or anything.

What I don't understand is why Nakago treated me so gently , he thought. As if he cared about me, or something. Damn, he's so confusing!

Suddenly Tamahome jumped, he thought he had heard a voice, a familiar one. It couldn't be! He strained his ears, trying to hear if he was delirious or not.

"Tamahome-kun! Can you hear me?"

There was no mistake; the voice belonged to Chichiri! "Yes", Tamahome stuttered. "I... I hear you. Am I dreaming?"

"You're not dreaming, Tamahome-kun, no da! Please, I need you to go over to the screen in the room no da."

"What?! Whatever for? And how the heck can I talk to you?!"

"Tamahome-kun, please no da! Just do as I say no da, there isn't much time no da!"

"Chichiri, wait! What about Miaka? Is she alive?"

"Tamahome-kun no da!" The monk was practically whining. "Hurry up no da!!!" Tamahome shook his head in bewilderment, but did as the monk told him to. He felt stupid, kneeling in front of a folding screen waiting for... what? And then, right before his eyes, the screen began to fade out, or illuminate, slowly, ever so slowly, making the image of Miaka appear right before his eyes.

Tamahome blinked, unbelieving. There she was, what only seemed a few steps away, her hair shiny and bound up in two braids, the rest of her hair loose underneath. She wore a turquoise little jacket and a blue, beautiful skirt. She looked healthy as ever. Gorgeous.

"Mi... Miaka", Tamahome whispered. "Tamahome..." the girl answered, her voice thick with tears.

She stood up, her legs trembling, then she dashed, running towards him, crying his name out again. Tamahome frowned, wasn't there the screens dividing them? If she kept running... He hadn't time to finish his thoughts as the girl of his dreams hit the screen in her room with a bang.

"Oh brother", Tamahome muttered, amused. "I knew you would do something like that!"

"It didn't hurt at all", Miaka assured him, her face glued to the screen, this making her look like a blowfish.

"Now that's attractive", Tamahome whispered, his eyes big. She didn't seem one bit different from before, Miaka baka...HHHHHH he sighed, then smiled slowly at her.

"By the way, I heard you were sick. How do you feel now?"

"Much better, completely recovered in fact", Miaka beamed. "Mitsukake healed me."

"Mitsukake", Tamahome frowned, the name vaguely familiar.

"Yeah, one of the seven Seishi! We've got all of them now!"Miaka continued, her face full of tranquillity: "Tasuki, Chiriko, Mitsukake, as well as Chichiri, Hotohori, Nuriko and..." She paused, opening her eyes. "And Tamahome. And now when we have all seven, you can come home again!"

"That's wonderful", he whispered. To come home, to not have to meet Nakago anymore. To meet the others... Would they see his sins? Would they turn away from him? Tamahome couldn't help but feeling a bit nervous.

Miaka continued:

"And do you know what? I've spoken with your family. They are all doing just fine! Your father told me to tell you that you should be happy and that you'd follow your destiny proudly as a Suzaku Seishi."

"Really", Tamahome sighed, images of his family filling his heart. "I'm so glad."

But what do I have that I can be proud of , he thought bitterly. I'm only Nakago's whore, after all...

"Tamahome...?" Miaka said, her tone worried.

"What? Oh, it's nothing. Nothing special anyway." I can't tell her...!Suddenly Miaka turned away, saying something to someone else. Tamahome guessed it was Chichiri. When Miaka turned to him again, she looked deadly serious.

"Listen, Tamahome, we don't have much time. We'll come for you and the scroll of Shi Jin Ten Chi Cho tomorrow evening. Where do you think we could meet?"

"Let's see..." Tamahome thought hard, tried to remember all the places he had seen in the palace and it's surroundings. Suddenly he thought of something.

"In the garden, there is this great tree surrounded by sweet smelling flowers. You can't miss it! I'll meet you there when the moon is at it's highest. And don't worry about the scroll, I'll see to that I get a hold of it. I promise."

He bent over and kissed the screen, Miaka did the same. With only a bit of imagination, he could almost feel the taste of her lips as the image of her slowly faded away. Instead, he soon remembered the taste of Nakago's lips, Nakago's body. With a shudder, he pulled back, blushing slightly.

"Damn", he whispered, furious at himself. Oh well, it didn't matter. He was going home! Now, if only he could stay out of Nakago's way until then...

Suddenly he heard someone at the door and he turned his head, staring. Yui.

"Did... Did you hear", Tamahome asked her slowly.

"Yes. I overheard."

There was something in her voice, something that made him wonder. She didn't sound as happy as she should have. "Well then", he continued, "then you should be getting ready. Miaka is coming for us tomorrow night!"

Yui quickly walked up to Tamahome, her eyes intense and determined.

"No! I won't! I won't let you go back to her!"

"Yui, what...?!"

Tears began brimming in her eyes and she took a hold of the young man's hand, bringing it up to her breast. She placed the hand firmly upon it, securing it with her own hand. Tamahome gasped, shocked.


"I love you", she cried. "I've loved you ever since the first time I saw you! Please Tamahome, I give myself to you. Please, take me, Tamahome! I don't want to loose you!"

Tamahome still was stunned, his thoughts racing. What was it about him that made him getting caught up in these situations? Miaka loved him, Yui loved him, Nakago was attracted to him... This is getting out of hand!

"Yui, remove your hand. Let me go." He didn't want to say that, he didn't want to hurt her, but she left him no choice, putting the whole this on its edge like this.

"Why? Why should I? Why can't you... You met me the same time that you met Miaka, didn't you?!"

"Let me go."

Yui looked stricken, tears welling out of her eyes. She let her hand fall and whispered, devastated: "You won't... You won't even hold me?"

All right, he had to make things clear for the poor girl, how cruel the words might seem. Better, to her now, avoiding her building up dreams in vain later. Still, he hesitated a few seconds before telling her: "I can not hold you that way, Yui, because there is someone else whom I love dearly, someone that I'd devote my whole life to protect. That someone means the world to me, and more. I could never deceive her. Not even in my thoughts."

But you got into Nakago's bed, didn't you?

Yui looked at him, crying more and more for each second.

"That much... You love Miaka that much", she whispered. Then she turned around and ran out of the room, every sob from her piercing Tamahome's heart.

I'm sorry, Yui.


Part 9

"Are you sure that is all you heard?"

"Yes of course, tomorrow night under the full moon near some tree. That is where they'll be waiting for Tamahome." Yui choked back a sob and covered her mouth.

"What's wrong Yui-sama? I'm sorry for pressuring you." He said calmly.

"Tamahome! That's what's wrong. Nakago! I can't stand it! Tamahome loves Miaka more than he'll ever love me and I've tried everything to make him love me, and he's going to leave me tomorrow night."

He doubted she tried everything, knowing Yui she probably clung to Tamahome and cried. What was there to love? All she did was whine and complain, at least the Suzaku No Miko tried to stay cheerful and productive. Not that he would let Yui chase down the rest of the Seiryuu Seishi in Kutou. He couldn't risk losing her.

Nakago listened dispassionately as Yui cried in his arms over a man he himself found just as exciting. He however did not mistake his feelings for anything other than lust. Yes he lusted after Tamahome, like he'd never wanted anyone else before. He loved the way Tamahome's sleepy eyes quickly widened in shock and surprise when he woke up next to him this morning. He looked so beautiful and he blushed very easily. He thought, remembering Tamahome's adamant protests that he could remove the butt plug himself. Half the fun was taking it out.

The news Yui gave him was nothing new or surprising, he knew it was a matter of time before Miaka found all seven Seishi, and they would try to retrieve Tamahome. Despite this knowledge, he couldn't stop the cold lump of dread from forming. He and Tamahome were finally making headway, Tamahome's responses to his touch made him harden thinking about it, and now he had to resort to drastic measures.

A slight shove to his chest and his mind came back to the girl in his arms. It sounded like she was going to stop crying soon. He clenched his fist around the small pill in his hand. Two weeks ago, he'd went to the palace herbalist and told him what he wanted. A behavioral changing drug that was foolproof. He needed a backup plan in case Amiboshi failed.

This afternoon a page brought him the message that it was ready. At the time he requested the Kodoku he didn't know Tamahome and didn't particularly care what would happen to the boy, but now he was having doubts. He wanted to win Tamahome himself, not have a drug compel Tamahome into obeying him. He forced himself to harden his mind and forget who Tamahome was, he couldn't afford to let one boy change years of work and planning.

"Yui-sama, shh...its okay I have something that will help Tamahome forget all about the Suzaku No Miko." He pushed Yui back away from him and opened his fist.

The blond hair girl looked at the small blue pill in his hand puzzled. "How's a pill going to help me?"

He hated it when people questioned him. "Don't worry about it, just trust me. Have I ever lied to you?"

He lied to her all the time but what she didn't know couldn't hurt. "Just put the pill in Tamahome's food and he's yours. You do want him don't you?"

Her teeth bit at her lower lip, and her eyes gazed steadily at him searching for deception. "It just doesn't seem right? I mean this isn't going to hurt him is it?"

Not physically "Of course not, Yui-sama I wouldn't hurt your friend. I know how much he means to you and I want to make you happy. He still pins after Miaka you know."

"Don't say her name!" She said nastily and stepped away from him.


He grabbed Yui's hand and opened her angrily clenched fist. He dropped the small blue pill into her hand. She would be the one to take responsibility for drugging Tamahome. The scars on her wrists where she slashed herself trying to commit suicide stood out, white and ugly, a visible reminder of her rape.

"I'm sorry Yui-sama I promise not to say your ex-best friend's name ever again. When you call Seiryuu you can wish her back to her world and never see her again if that is your wish."

She moved away from him. Holding the blue pill carefully. "Think about it Yui. If you don't do something soon, Tamahome will leave you. They just found the last of the seven Seishi. You don't really think he's going to stay here when his country needs him, do you?"

He said nothing as she turned away and ran down the hall. Her brown school uniform rapidly fading from his view. He left the small room and made his way back to his room. The servants aired it out by now and it was late so it no longer smelled of sex. He ordered one of the servants standing outside his room to fetch him dinner and for another one to bring Tamahome to him.

His dinner arrived before Tamahome and he directed the servant in the table layout. He wanted this evening to be as perfect as possible. This time tomorrow night the Tamahome he knew would be gone. Yui would drug Tamahome to keep him with her. He sat down at his table and waited for Tamahome, wondering how the young man would act tonight.

Tamahome cautiously peeked his head inside the door, his manner apprehensive. Not that he could blame Tamahome for feeling scared. He was too good at keeping his enemies off balance.

"Welcome Tamahome. I trust you slept well last night."

His innocent words made Tamahome blush. Tamahome passed out after their second bout of sex. "I'm fine. What do you want?"

"Tsk...Tsk, don't you remember our agreement?"

"I remember," Tamahome answered softly. He closed his eyes briefly, and when he opened them, hatred and contempt stared back at him. This time his voice a lot harder, "If I understand correctly, you're suppose to give me reports on Miaka's progress?"

Nakago nodded his head and indicated for Tamahome to sit down in the chair across from him. He didn't let Tamahome's anger faze him. The reaction was perfectly normal. "My spies tell me Suzaku No Miko was last seen in your home village. Apparently, one of the Suzaku Seishi has healing powers and he healed your father. Don't look so homesick Tamahome. Is it not good news that your father is finally better?"

Tamahome shook his head. "I swore to protect Miaka and my family. I should be over there in Konan, not here! You don't understand! I haven't seen my family in a long time. You don't know what love is, so how can you understand how important family is, shit your just a sadistic bastard. I don't even think your mother loved you."

Nakago didn't remember standing up, shoving the table out of the way, or punching Tamahome. All he saw was Tamahome falling off his chair. Landing painfully on the hard wood floor judging from the wince on Tamahome's face. "Get up Tamahome."

Tamahome didn't immediately react, instead he gazed up at him shocked and amazed, one of his hands already touching his bruising cheek. This angered him and he reached down, grabbed Tamahome's hair, and yanked him to his feet.

"Shit! What the fuck! Let go of my hair!"

Nakago ignored Tamahome's angry protests and dragged the struggling young man, past his ruined dinner scattered over the floor, to the four poster bed. "Apparently, your loving family never taught you manners. I thought we could come to understanding, but I see I was mistaken."

He tried to stay calm even as he pulled Tamahome face down over his lap. The strong willed Seishi was not going to like this at all. He brought down his hand and spanked Tamahome. The firm buttocks barely jiggled from the impact he noted briefly in the back of his mind. Right now he wanted to punish Tamahome, for saying what no man has ever said to him and lived to tell.

"Shit! Stop it please! I'm sorry!" Tamahome cried out frantically and tried to bring up his hands to cover his ass. Nakago swatted them aside and hit even harder the next time.

"You'll treat me with respect, Tamahome if it's the last thing you do."


"And if you ever repeat what you said at the table, I'll kill you."


"Do you understand me?"


Tamahome wiggled, but wasn't having any success at escaping. "Please! I understand! I won't do it again! Just Stop!"

Nakago hit him five more times, before pushing Tamahome away from him.

Tamahome was breathing deeply and Nakago could smell fear radiating off the frightened and sore young man. He had to remember that Tamahome was only seventeen. He stood up and walked to his door. Like usual a servant was standing right outside waiting for his command. He ordered the servant to clean up the mess, he'd lost his appetite so he didn't bother ordering more food.

He ignored the servant cleaning the mess. The man kept his head bowed and choose not to look at Tamahome who was sitting on the floor by the bed with his knees pulled to his chest. Tamahome kept his face hidden, ashamed, he assumed. Obviously, the servant heard everything that happened in the room. He hated living in the palace, too many eyes and ears. Soon the emperor would hear of Tamahome's stay and want to taste the Suzaku Seishi's charms.

Once the man servant left, Nakago walked over to Tamahome and pulled him to his feet. Tears streaked Tamahome's face, but he didn't feel sorry for Tamahome, he deserved what he got. "Help me take off my armor. You ruined my dinner its the least you can do."

Tamahome bowed his head and moved behind him and started undoing the straps and ties holding the armor together. He let out a sigh of relief once the heavy weight left his shoulders. Once his body armor lay on the floor he turned around and tilted Tamahome's face up to meet his. "Don't test me again, Tamahome. I'm not afraid to hurt you. Now take off your clothes and get in bed."

The young man glared at him and it looked like he was going to say something, but then he turned away and pulled his shirt off over his head. Good Tamahome is finally learning, he thought as he started blowing out the candles lighting the room. He didn't touch the candles on the shelves next to his bed. He needed the light to see Tamahome. The young man obeyed him, thankfully, he didn't feel up to punishing his new lover tonight.

He stripped off his shirt and pants, not ashamed of his nudity. Tamahome averted his eyes, he was such a backwoods boy. He ripped the sheets out of Tamahome's clenched fist and pushed the covers to the end of the bed. It was summer and the room was comfortably warm. Tamahome didn't need the sheets. He liked the sound of Tamahome's soft cry of surprise. It sounded so sexy and soft.

Nakago reached sat down on the edge of the bed trusting that Tamahome didn't have a knife hidden on his naked body. He grabbed a small jar of oil, and blew out the last candle. The darkness was sudden, his eyes quickly adjusted to the dark, thanks to the moonlight shining through the open window. Tonight there was no breeze and he could hear crickets singing. Normally the wind rustled the leaves so much it was hard to hear anything but the wind.

He turned around and lay down on his side next to Tamahome, the moon shed enough light in the room for him to see Tamahome's shadow, but it didn't take light for him to feel and see how tense Tamahome held his body. He wondered briefly if he should take this seduction to the other room, but decided that he liked seeing Tamahome in his bed.

He leaned over and brushed his lips across Tamahome's hoping he would open his mouth. No it was not going to be easy. Tamahome turned his head the other way once he let up. "Tamahome."

"What is it?" Tamahome asked with hint of fear touching his voice.

"Relax. I'm not going to hurt you."

"Funny that's not what my ass is telling me." Tamahome turned his back on him and inched away.

He tried not to let his anger get the best of him. He was not going to let Tamahome break his control. He set the jar down within easy reach and grabbed Tamahome's upper arm, not giving Tamahome a chance to pull away. He flipped the boy back over on his back and quickly straddled him. "Don't turn away from me again, Tamahome, or I'll punish you, but this time I won't use my hand." He gently slapped Tamahome's face, more to humiliate than to hurt. Tamahome tried bucking him off, but Nakago increased his weight and moved up until he was straddling Tamahome's chest. Tamahome started panting trying to breath even with Nakago's heavy weight on his rib cage.

Nakago was not prepared for the sharp stinging pain on his leg. The bastard pinched him! He slapped Tamahome again, this time harder. "Stop fighting me!" He grabbed Tamahome's wrists and held them in one hand. He scooted down on the bed and pulled Tamahome with him. He felt at the foot of the bed for his silk robe. He found it rather easily and pulled the sash through the hoops. He flipped the now struggling Tamahome over, and bound Tamahome's wrists together behind his back, with the silk tie.

By this time, Tamahome's wrists were secured behind his back the younger man stopped struggling and lay on his stomach his head turned to the side. His sides heaved, his breathing labored.

He knelt next to Tamahome and wondered what to do next. It should not be this much work just to have sex with someone, but the struggle left his semi-hard erection hard and heavy. He kept Tamahome on his stomach and reached for the jar of oil, he opened it with one hand and dipped his fingers inside. He carefully placed the jar back on the shelve. He didn't want any of the oil staining his bed sheets. "Turn over Tamahome." He ordered once he was ready for any move Tamahome might make.

The young man obeyed him without questioning his order. He grinned in pleasure at Tamahome, the young man was so beautiful with his back arched off the bed and his graceful body splayed out for his delight. "You look so beautiful Tamahome. Its a shame I can't keep you here forever in my bed."

Tamahome closed his eyes and turned his head away, denying him. "I don't want anything to do with you Nakago, I'm only here because of our agreement. Don't make this anything more than it is. You just want to fuck me. I don't need flattery."

He was taken aback by Tamahome's vehement statement, but he didn't let Tamahome's bad mood bother him. He reached down with his oil slicked hand and started masturbating Tamahome. The oil made it much easier to move his hands quickly. At first, Tamahome tried to hold his body still, but soon he was thrusting into his closed fist. He took his hand away once he felt Tamahome's balls tightening up, close to orgasm.

Tamahome groaned in denial, and tried to rub himself against his legs. "Not so fast Tamahome." He said and reached for the oil jar again.

He quickly applied oil to his own pulsing organ, and then carefully lifted Tamahome's legs up. Once Tamahome realized his intentions, he tried to bring his legs back down. "Look Nakago wait please! I'm still sore from yesterday!" The soft sound of Tamahome's begging sent a jolt of want throughout his body.

"Shhh.. Relax. I'll be gentle tonight." He carefully teased the small opening open with his oil covered index finger. Tamahome tightened up in fright, but he had a vast reservoir of patience if nothing else. Slowly he inserted one finger and then two, he angled his fingers so on ever thrust he was rubbing against Tamahome's prostrate. Soon Tamahome's protests turned into whimpers of need and pleasure. He could feel heat spreading through Tamahome's skin and the younger man spread his legs wider. Yes Tamahome was ready. He replaced his fingers with his oil covered organ. Tamahome groaned and kind of melted, his whole body relaxed and he wrapped his legs around his waist. Nakago thrust inside adding more of himself with each thrust. Tamahome arched his neck back and his mouth opened in a silent cry of pleasure. He tried to keep silent as well not wanting the servants to hear him pleasuring the young man.

"Please harder." Tamahome panted between breaths. Nakago readjusted himself placing Tamahome's long legs over his shoulders, and leaned down, thrusting into Tamahome using his arms for leverage. He liked this position he decided when Tamahome reached up and started kissing him. He couldn't see Tamahome's eyes in the dark room, but his body was writhing in pleasure, his body crying for release. He used one of his arms and started masturbating Tamahome. He wanted both of them to come at the same time. Tamahome came soon after and his body clenched up, milking an orgasm from him. He bit Tamahome's shoulder in an attempt to keep quiet. Tamahome cried out from both the pleasure and the sudden sharp pain.

Nakago slowly let Tamahome's legs slip from his shoulders. He couldn't move just yet. He wanted to stay like this and enjoy Tamahome's rapid heartbeat under his head. Once he got up, he had to concentrate on his mission. He couldn't lose. He didn't know how he was going to kill Tamahome if the time ever came. Hopefully he could ruin Miaka before he had to step over the Suzaku Seishi.

"Nakago, you are many things, but you aren't light. Please get off me."

He smiled at Tamahome's remark and slowly withdrew from Tamahome. He kissed Tamahome on the mouth intending it to be a quick kiss, but was slightly surprised when Tamahome opened his mouth and participated. He pulled back reluctantly, missing the sweet allure of Tamahome's lips. "So beautiful." He whispered before climbing off the bed to get a wet washcloth.

He took his time cleaning both of them, and he kissed Tamahome's wrists and massaged the tense hurting shoulders. The silk tie lay on the floor where he tossed it after untying Tamahome's wrists, a lonely snake.

He used his power to dry the bed sheets and got back into bed to spoon up behind Tamahome. This time Tamahome stayed relaxed and leaned back into him. He wondered how long he could keep Tamahome before Tamahome betrayed him.

"Nakago? What are we? I mean what are your intentions? You hit me one moment and then instigate mind blowing sex the next."

"Shhh... just sleep. For now, until you leave we'll be lovers. Don't test me and I won't hit you. I can be a considerate lover as long as you obey me."

The slight "oh" of surprise hinted at more confusion, but he didn't want to deal with Tamahome just yet. He wanted to sleep. "Go to sleep, Tamahome. We'll talk about it in the morning. If you're concerned about your reactions to sex with another man, don't worry, its natural."

He closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep.


Part 10

This is the second night in a row I fall asleep in Nakago's bed after we have had sex. And the second morning in a row that I've woken up next to him. The second time I've enjoyed our... no, his games. If only I could understand myself at this... But I don't. Well, it doesn't matter, this was the last night. Today I'm out of here, forever!

Tamahome opened his eyes for the first time that morning. His thoughts had forced him to wake up early, but he didn't want Nakago to know.

His own feelings towards the man confused him. He hated his guts, still he reacted towards him, felt attracted to him. And he didn't even like guys to begin with! And Nakago was an asshole.

Tamahome sat up, surprised to find he was in his own room. How'd he gotten here? Before, didn't he hear some sound? He had thought it was Nakago shifting in his sleep, but it had to be something else. He looked at the door to his room. Someone had stepped out of his room. Nakago...?

The sweet smell of food lingered in his nostrils and he noticed one of the tables full of freshly cooked dishes. No, probably not Nakago. Yui?

Slowly the young man walked over to the table, carefully tasting one spring roll. It tasted good. He couldn't tell if it was poisoned or not, but why would Yui try to poison him? She loved him, didn't she? Well then. Reassured, Tamahome sat down and finished of most of the dishes, he was starving.

Getting dressed, Tamahome frowned at his sore behind. Just the nerve of that blonde sadistic bastard! Spanking him.

I must really have ticked him of. Wonder why? But this isn't the first time he's been edgy about his mother, right? Maybe...

Tamahome smiled sheepishly, maybe she's his real god, and not Seiryuu. I can see him now, oh great Mother, come down to us...! Now, really, Tamahome! You're loosing it!

He figured he was just happy about the fact that he was finally going home. Still smiling, he opened the door and got outside. Now, he had to find Yui.

No wonder she's avoiding me, after all, I put her down pretty hard.

Running through the palace's corridors, Tamahome's smile slowly faded. He really didn't have anything to be happy about, he didn't. But maybe that was the reason he tried to get a few laughs out of his almost hopeless situation?

Lost in thoughts, he almost didn't hear the voices coming from a room nearby, but the deep tone of Nakago's voice caught his attention and he stopped in his tracks, slowly. What he heard shocked him. "So you didn't do it?"

Nakago's voice was plain, without any emotion at all. Tamahome could hear someone sigh. Then Yui's voice was heard. "I couldn't do it. I couldn't put the pill in his food. I just couldn't."

"In other words", Nakago answered, "you just let Suzaku no Miko have him. Are you going to let yourself down like this? Remember, it was your own decision to go up against Suzaku no Miko by becoming Seiryuu no Miko, wasn't it?" "... Ye... Yes. I'm sorry, Nakago."

Tamahome couldn't believe his ears. Oh dear gods, Yui... She hadn't been forced into becoming Seiryuu no Miko, she had chosen it by herself. But why? What could have caused the girl to become her best friend's enemy? So some of all the troubles they were facing was Yui's fault. And undoubtedly it had been Yui's idea to bring Tamahome to Kotou. Which meant Yui was as much an enemy as Nakago was. But why?

Feeling anger well up inside him, Tamahome knew he had to get away from the spot where he was standing, if he didn't, he was surely to give himself away and he couldn't afford that. He quickly turned around, walking back to his room.

Okay, guess I'll have to rearrange my plans. Can't get Yui to come with me now, can I? She'll probably want to stay here, with Nakago. How am I going to tell Miaka about this? It's going to hurt her so much... But maybe she all ready knows? She's been a bit strange whenever we've discussed Yui. I don't know, I can't tell what a girl is thinking when she's trying to hold a secret for herself! Shit, wish I was Nuriko instead...

The thought made him smile. Nuriko... He missed him. Hotohori-sama. Yes, he missed him as well, although their relationship was a bit strained. Chichiri... Did he miss that strange monk? He hadn't known him for that long. But he had proven to be a useful alley and a good, somewhat weird, friend. And now the others had been found as well. What had Miaka called them...? Tasuki. Mitsukake. Chiriko. Who were they? Where they men? Women? Nice? Probably, Miaka had sounded as though she liked them. Mitsukake could heal.

Thoughts of home, of Miaka and of the other Seishi continued to fill his mind throughout the day, mixed with his confusing feelings for Nakago.

He found himself often standing by a window or sitting at one of the doors, gazing out over the unlimited sky. There was something about it that made him almost feel at peace. This was the sky, the same sky Miaka looked up upon, the same sky pops, Chuei, Gyokuran, Shunkei and Yuiren looked at before they went to bed.

And the night came. No sign of Nakago. Tamahome really didn't know if he was to be relieved or if he should worry. Did the shogun plan something? It would be strange if he didn't, he couldn't really let him go now could he? Then he wouldn't have his sex slave any more... Tamahome frowned, he couldn't think about that, he mustn't think about it, he was going home, away from all the unpleasant memories, some of the memories all the more unpleasant because of the fact that they really were pleasant.

Before he left, he had to talk to someone, set things straight. Yui. After asking around a bit, he found out that she was in one bathing pools, cleaning herself. Her maidens tried to prevent him from seeing her, but he pushed them aside, angrily.

"Yui", he called out, he himself surprised how mad he sounded. "I have to talk to you!"

"Tamahome", she gasped. "What... What are you doing here?!"

"Is it true that you became Seiryuu no Miko by your own free will? Is it so? Answer me!"

She was quiet for about two seconds, then he heard her voice, upset and almost desperate. "Yes it's true. So what? It was her fault to begin with! If that didn't ... If I hadn't... If that never had happened to me, I'd never consider taking you away from her. But after she did that to me, betrayed me, I'm never going to let her have you! I don't want to!"

"I see", Tamahome whispered, his voice sad. "Then you won't be going back to Konan with us. I'm leaving now, Yui. I hope you'll be happy now, with the path you've chosen."

He thought he heard her call his name, he wasn't sure. Now he had to hurry, he couldn't make Miaka wait too long for him, then what should she think? As he was about to leave, he suddenly felt dizzy, nauseous. He fell to his knees, dimly registering Yui's maidens fussing around him. He could hear Yui's voice:

"I'm sorry Tamahome, but you'll never leave. You belong to me now." You and Nakago Tamahome thought when the girl kneeled beside him. He frowned as she put something in her mouth, but he didn't have time to register what it was. Before he knew it, Yui kissed him, passing the tiny object from her mouth to his.

Something, a drug perhaps, some toxic gas, made his head spin even more, and with the image of Miaka's smiling face before his eyes, he slowly drifted away to nothing.

Part 11

"They're finally getting around to the fight," Nakago said to Yui. They stood side by side on top of the hill overlooking the field where Tasuki and Tamahome faced off.

"What imbeciles. The pill we made Tamahome swallow was no ordinary drug. It was made from the deadly Kodoku."


"Are you familiar with curse magic, Yui-sama?" Not waiting for her to answer he continued, "By using it we can control the memories of the Suzaku Seishi to make them despise Suzaku No Miko. We changed his personality. The Suzaku Seishi, Mitsukake has no power over it. It's impossible to cure. On Tamahome's forehead, the character of the ogre will never appear again." He stopped, a pang of regret echoed in his mind. He didn't let Yui see how this made him feel. The Tamahome he knew was gone. In his place, the perfect weapon, awaited his orders.

"Tamahome!" Yui cried out suddenly.

He focused his attention back to the fight. watching Tamahome and the red hair Tasuki move toward each other in a flurry of fast paced motions and violent intention. Both men knew how to fight. Rather equal actually. Oh yes, now he knew what upset Yui.

"I lowered the barrier, hindering their magic. Thought it would be more interesting this way."

Another flame shot out of Tasuki's fan barely missing Tamahome. "Tamahome!" Miaka screamed, not seeing Tamahome jump up and out of the way of the hot flames. Even after Tamahome abused her, broke her arm, she still loved him. Admirable.

He could hear Miaka scream at Tasuki not to hurt Tamahome. Tasuki put his iron fan back in its sheath, behind his back, and deciding to fight Tamahome with no weapons. Foolish boy. Tamahome was a killer now, who would use ever weapon available to kill the Suzaku Seishi.

Tasuki barely hung on to consciousness, but he continued to fight for Miaka's life. Tasuki, he liked the boy. Too bad, he had to die. The fire-headed young man fought passionately and bravely. He heard Tasuki faintly yelling at Chichiri to save Miaka.

He watched for a moment longer before materializing himself next to Tamahome. The young man glared at him, angry at the interruption. Chichiri and Miaka disappeared, but he didn't worry, there was no way out of the barrier he created. Tasuki attacked him and he sent a jolt of pure energy out of his body. It hit Tasuki in the face and the young man went flying. He landed on the grass ten feet away and stayed still, only for a moment. He could see the strain in Tasuki's arms and back as he forced himself to stand up again.

"Nakago! You're fight is with me!"

He decided not to comment. Tamahome walked up behind Tasuki, and wrapped his Nun-Chuck around Tasuki's neck. "Wrong, your fight is with me." Tamahome said coldly, steadily applying pressure to his weapon. Tasuki choked and tried to get his fingers under the metal links, before he choked to death. He turned his attention back to finding the Suzaku No Miko and her other Seishi, Chichiri. He blasted one of the bushes surrounding the clearing, and was rewarded with a high pitched muffled scream. Girls. He continued to randomly select a bush and destroy it. Eventually he would find Suzaku No Miko. He could feel Chichiri testing the boundaries of the barrier with his chi and he sent more energy to the barrier.

Tasuki was close to death, he could feel the young man's energy lowering as his struggles weakened. The sound of a flute was his first warning that something was not right. A bright red light emanating from Miaka and Chichiri blinded him briefly. It was long enough for Chichiri to use his chi to move Tasuki out of Tamahome's hands and into theirs. Miaka had tears running down her face. She knew that Tamahome was not the same anymore and there was nothing she could do to change him back. Then they were gone and the clearing was quiet again.

Blood rushed through his veins and he felt energized. He loved a good fight, it was a shame they got away. He looked over at Tamahome to tell him not to worry about the Suzaku Seishi escaping, and stopped short. Tamahome had tears running down his face and his purple eyes looked large and angry, as if trying to stop the tears but not sure how.

Yui finally made it to the clearing. She gasped when she saw the tears. "Tamahome?"

"I don't understand it. They won't stop." He said furiously and wiped his eyes with the back of his long sleeve shirt.

His eyes narrowed in concentration feeling Tamahome's chi, no other magic touched the younger man, except the curse magic, of course. Was it possible there were emotions stronger than Kodoku? He spoke after a few moments, he tried to keep his tone mild, after all Suzaku No Miko would die, eventually. "It's nothing, Tamahome. Let's go back to the palace."


"Tamahome, help me take off my clothes."

Tamahome walked over to him smiling and gently helped him off with his armor, and the rest of his clothes. He had never seen Tamahome happy with the prospect of helping him or following his orders, let alone playing along with his seduction.

This Tamahome quickly shed his clothing and washed his body with a washrag, and without being told to, gently washed him as well. He liked the feel of Tamahome's hands moving over his chest and legs. The young man took his time and slowly built up his level of arousal. He almost gasped in shock when Tamahome took him into his mouth and started sucking. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. Enjoying the feeling. He could almost relax.

The rest of the evening followed in the same fashion. Tamahome pleasuring him beyond belief, but it didn't feel right. Tamahome stayed silent the whole time, following his orders, and pleasing him, but he never asked for pleasure himself. Tamahome would have fallen asleep happy if he never came that night at all. He could do whatever he wanted to Tamahome and he would take it without complaint and still obey him the next morning. Where's the challenge? He might as well fuck his hand. Okay maybe not his hand, Tamahome knew what he was doing, but it was not the same as before. He liked the challenge of making Tamahome want him in bed, and then dealing with Tamahome's willfulness. Tamahome looks beautiful when he blushes, and yet not once tonight did Tamahome blush, no matter what they did.

Tamahome lost his innocence. He screwed up and ruined everything he liked about Tamahome, and no magic could fix the Suzaku Seishi. Like he told Yui, it was forever. Tamahome was still a formidable fighter, even without his powers granted by the god Suzaku. However, he would have died if Miaka hadn't beg Tasuki not to kill Tamahome. Tasuki fought with passion and with the need to protect, while Tamahome fought coldly and efficiently. Tamahome's power was cut in half. He climbed out of bed, careful not to disturb the sleeping Tamahome, and went to his own room. It felt to weird sleeping with Tamahome, who wasn't Tamahome.

Tomorrow morning he would send Tamahome to Konan to kill the emperor and Suzaku No Miko. If he died it wouldn't make a difference, because the man he respected and desired was gone forever.

to be continued

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