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Spellbound: Shade of Voldemort

Spellbound: 2 Shade of Voldemort
Rated: Nc-17 Non-consensual sex, Angst.
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Author Note: This story has been in progress for two years. I had the help of many people and they know who they are. I'm still editing the rest of the story and I'm posting parts as I finish editing them. When I complete the story I'll post it in 1 part. For now this is still considered a WIP.


Spellbound: Shade of Voldemort

Voices, hunger, and bright sunshine all woke Draco from a deep sleep. He blinked disoriented by the sight of Professor McGonagall and Snape standing at the foot of his hospital bed. They each held out a set of wizard’s robes, comparing sizes if he judged correctly.

Professor McGonagall noticed him awake first; she smiled "Good morning Mr. Malfoy. We were just about to wake you. Professor Snape and I have found some old robes that look like they may fit your frame. The Headmaster has also taken the effort to get your clothes altered by the house elves. I believe they are done by now."

Draco stared at her stunned.

She frowned and said. "Well don’t lie there all day. You still have classes. Your schedule is now changed. The majority of your classes are with Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students, no more Slytherins. After dinner, I will escort you to the Gryffindor House but until then, Professor Snape will give you your new schedule. I have things to attend to. Have a good day, Mr. Malfoy." She paused long enough to hand to Snape the robe she held, before she turned and walked towards the exit. Draco never had the chance to ask any questions.

Groggy, Draco shook his head, sat up, and put his feet on the floor. Professor Snape stood next to the bed, now in possession of the two robes.

"Draco, try these on, and tell me which one fits better." Snape said. "We can have the house elves alter the robes, but for now, you will have to manage with what we found. I do not have any underclothing for you yet but by tonight they'll be completed." Snape threw him the two robes and Draco had no choice but to catch them before they fell on his head.

Draco dragged his feet to the bathroom. Slowly tried on both robes, the first fell to his mid calves; he set it aside and tried on the other. The second robe fit perfectly, if a little faded. Finished picking his new robe, Draco rinsed his face and cleaned his teeth. His shoulder length hair fixed easily; he combed it with his fingers and stuck the longer strands behind his ears. With any luck, they would stay there until he found a pair of scissors. Feeling more human and awake, Draco left the bathroom and almost ran into Professor Snape.

"Here you’ll need these." Snape said dryly, and held out a pair of black sole shoes and socks.

Startled and grateful, Draco said, "Thanks," before grabbing the shoes and sitting down to put them on.

"You’ll need these as well," Snape said and placed a stack of books on the bed next to him. Draco looked at his new books with some interest; the books were a little worn around the edges but at least they were his.

"Thanks," Draco said, thumbing through the stack of books, "I don’t know how I’ll every repay you for your help…"

"No more of that talk. Make sure you do your work and that is enough for us."

Draco nodded his head ending the topic.


Draco was grateful for Professor Snape’s protection on the way to breakfast. None of the Slytherins dared to say anything as he passed them in the halls. The Great Hall was full when he entered and many stared as Draco followed Professor Snape to the Gryffindor table.

Draco picked a seat as far away from everyone as he could find, he intended to eat and leave quickly. To his dismay, Professor Snape sat down next to him. "Professor, I didn’t know you were allowed to eat at the house tables?" Draco asked hoping Professor Snape would get the hint and leave. This was embarrassing. In all their years, no one had ever seen a professor eat at a house table except at Christmas break.

"The Headmaster made an exception in your case. I am also waiting for prefect, Ms. White to arrive so she can give you your schedule. I am going to put you in Ms. White’s care as soon as she arrives. Also, if anyone bothers you let one of the adults know and we will deal with the problem."

Draco’s mouth went dry and he had to gulp more milk to wash down his toast. Draco looked up into Professor Snape’s stern face and decided not to protest. If Professor Snape trusted this Gryffindor prefect to see him safely to classes, he would accept the decision.

Draco picked at his eggs, nibbled on his toast, and tried to ignore the glares from the Slytherin table and from his fellow Gryffindors. Lonely and embarrassed, Draco realized everyone hated him.

Not a good thought first thing in the morning, Draco thought fighting to keep his face expressionless. "Ahh, here she is." Professor Snape said rising from his seat, when a teenage girl reached their table. She had black hair, black eyes, and wore glasses. She was mildly pretty; Draco decided standing up as well.

"Ms. White, did Professor McGonagall give you Mr. Malfoy's new schedule?"

"Yes sir. I have her written note here." The seventh year prefect of Gryffindor held out a sheet of yellow parchment with Professor McGonagall’s stamp on it.

"Then you know what to do?" Professor Snape asked.

"Yes of course. She wants me to escort Draco to all his classes until further notice." She answered back obviously eager to please Professor Snape.

Draco grinned when Professor Snape glared at the girl, until her smile died away.

"If you fail in your duty you will no longer be prefect. This is an important matter." By the time Professor Snape finished, her smile turned into a frown as she looked back and forth between the two of them. Draco felt mildly sorry for the girl; it was only her second day as prefect this year. She must be swamped with all sorts of other responsibilities.

After getting her stammering agreement, Professor Snape strode out of the dinning hall leaving Draco with the Gryffindor Prefect. She set her mouth firmly and stared at him. Then she sighed. "Well come along. I have classes too."

Draco followed her to his first class, Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall.

"Malfoy, our classes are not the same." She said at the doorway. "It will take minutes for me to get here and escort you to your next class. So, wait for me. Okay? I will be able to get out early in most classes. I shouldn’t be too late." Draco did not know the order in which they rearranged his classes so he quickly agreed to wait for her. Besides, he did not want to take the chance of meeting anyone who hated his guts.

She frowned not too happy with his too quick answer.

"I will wait. I promise." Draco reassured her before he stepped into the classroom to the curious stares of all Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw students. Some he had never had class with before. No one said anything as he took a empty seat near the back of the classroom and watched the rest of the class take their seats before Professor McGonagall showed up and deducted points from their house.

Draco used the time before class to catch up on his readings; he tried hard to ignore the curious stares, whispers, and complaints from his new classmates. No one wanted him there.

The door opened and Professor McGonagall swept in the room her brisk walk not hindered by the long robes she wore. Draco tried not to cringe knowing how much she knew about him. He fumbled with his quill nervously but when the professor did not spare him any special attention Draco relaxed and paid attention to the new lesson. He finished his assignment quickly and correctly. Normally it would take him longer but he did not bother anyone and no one wanted to speak to him.

Before he knew it class was over and the Professor went to every table and graded their work. Her dry comments to the careless students were mildly funny but Draco did not laugh with the rest of the class.

"Mr. Malfoy, I see your skills are improving. Good work." McGonagall moved on to the next table.

Draco sighed, slumped down, and rested his elbows on the table wondering if this was how all the classes would be for today…

They were, Draco quickly discovered. To his surprise, none of the teachers asked any awkward questions as to why he was in their class. His schedule was much different now. Professor McGonagall made sure he did not share any classes with Slytherin students. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, he had Transfigurations, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Arithmancy, and Magical Creatures.

On Tuesday's and Thursdays, he had Double Potions, Divination, Herbology, and History of Magic. This year, they mixed up the classes so Gryffindors and Slytherins no longer shared the same classes, which meant for him, he was now sharing the same classes with them again, Magical Creatures, History of Magic, and Herbology.

The three did stare when their prefect, whose name Draco finally learned was Sandra, escorted him to the clearing for their Magical Creature lesson with Hagrid. Draco felt Granger's eyes on him from time to time, and he knew if she knew what had happened to him, and then Potter and Weasley knew about it as well, all thanks to the Slytherin students.

They must have found it amusing to share his predicament with anyone who would listen. The sad part is that if this had happened to someone else, Draco might have joined in and made that person’s life a living hell as well.

Magical Creatures was his last class of the day for which Draco was grateful, he needed a break. Except for Granger, everyone else ignored him. Hagrid did not seem surprised to see him there either, however, the gruff man could not meet his eyes even when he passed out the new magical creature of the week, which thankfully did not possess sharp teeth.

After learning more about the magic frogs, which sang songs, Hagrid, lead them to the frog’s new home in the greenhouse. Draco did not relish the idea of taking care of a singing frog for the next two weeks, and nor did he like the written assignment but he kept his complaints to himself.

Draco stayed behind in the greenhouse he quickly cast a simple hex on his frog’s new home. It would not harm anyone with good intentions, but anyone planning on sabotaging his project will get a nasty surprise.

"Malfoy, what are you still doing in here? Wrecking our projects won't make yours turn out better you know." Weasley said snidely, blocking the open doorway of the greenhouse.

"Already attached to your pet frog, are you?" Draco said, pocketing his wand, not bothering to hide his contempt at the Weasley's insinuation. As if he wanted to bother with frogs that sang.

"I’m not the one staying behind in the greenhouse to check my frog’s cage, now am I?" Weasley countered.

"Then why are you here?" Draco asked replacing the lid on his frog’s cage and turning to face Weasley.

The expression on Weasley’s face would have been funny on any other day of the week but today all Draco felt was weary.

"I’m just making sure you aren’t tampering with our projects, that’s all." Weasley said standing in the doorway of the greenhouse not an ounce of trust in his eyes.

"Trust me, I don’t want to have anything to do with these frogs."

"Trust you! You have got to be kidding. No one trusts you."

Draco kept his expression frozen trying not to let the truth of those words hurt. Draco walked towards the exit and pushed past Weasley who had blocked the door. "I’m out of here."

"I’m not done talking with you." Weasley said and grabbed his arm, holding on tightly.

Draco felt the mark flare to life through the thin layer of cotton. "Let go of me." Draco demanded his free hand reached for his wand. Not fast enough.

"Alizar." Weasley said quickly, his blue eyes wide and his face white behind the freckles.

Again Draco felt the mark flare to life and his will was no longer his own. The thin layer of cloth was not enough to protect him from the power of the spell. Still Draco fought to move his body, to speak, call out for help, anything but this waiting in silence for Weasley to give him an order.

"Shit I think it worked." Weasley said more to himself still looking shocked at getting the upper hand for once.

"Jump up and down." Weasley ordered still too innocent to think of worse things to do to him.

Humilated. Draco could not stop himself from jumping up and down. His legs were starting to burn before Weasley ordered him to stop.

"So what they are saying is true isn’t it?" Weasley asked horrified his eyes even wider than before.

Compelled by the spell Draco answered Weasley’s question. "Yes." Draco clenched his hands into fists trying with all his will power to fight against the spell.

"Ron, Mr. Malfoy, what are you still doing here?" Hagrid asked his voice obviously startling Weasley, who jumped and yelled. Draco had to admit if not for the spell he probably would have done the same. How such a big man could sneak up on them was beyond his comprehension.

"Mr. Malfoy, Professor McGonagall is here to escort you to your new house." Hagrid said. "Ron, you need to run along and get ready for dinner."

Weasley looked back and forth at him and Hagrid not sure what to do about the spell he activated. "Hagrid, there’s something I need to tell you."

Taking a deep breath, Weasley blurted out, "There is a rumor going around school that if you hold Draco’s arm and say a certain word a spell will activate and Malfoy will be under your control. I didn’t believe it but I tried it anyway and now he’s doing everything I tell him to do even embarrassing stuff so it can’t be some trick…is it?"

"Is this true, Mr. Malfoy?" Hagrid asked him.

Draco knew from previous experience that he could not speak without Weasley’s permission and did not even bother trying. He already had a headache from fighting the spell earlier.

Weasley seeing the problem said, "You can say whatever you want, Malfoy."

"You are a stupid fool, Weasley!" Draco snapped. "How they let an idiot like you in Hogwarts is beyond me. Do you even realize what you have done? Hagrid, I am assuming you know what is going on, and yes I am now Weasley’s obedient slave until he fucks me. Did you know that is the only way the spell is released? If so, you should get a lot of amusement out of this; it is your big chance to get back at me. Well trust me there is nothing you can do that would be worse than what I’ve already been through." Draco let all the anger and hatred that he had kept bottled up for so long out. Not hiding a single thing, enjoying Weasley’s horrified expression.

"I take it back! Don’t talk anymore!" It was too late, Draco had already said more than enough for Professor McGonagall, Granger, and Potter to hear.

"What is going on?" Professor McGonagall asked sternly.

"It seems like young Ron here, decided to test the rumors that are going around school about Mr. Malfoy, and found that they are true." Hagrid answered gruffly.

"Oh dear." She replied back looking down at him and Weasley. Draco avoided her eyes. "In time, I am positive the Headmaster will learn how reverse the spell on you, Mr. Malfoy. Please be patient, until then, Mr. Weasley you will not use this hold on Malfoy against him or you will be out of Hogwarts and will not be accepted to any Wizard school ever again. Potter, Granger, you will not speak of this to anyone either. I believe that as long as Weasley is in control of this spell, then no one else can take control of Malfoy. Therefore, Weasley, it is going to be your duty to make sure Malfoy is safe from the other students. I was going to announce this later, but the sorting hat has placed Malfoy into the Gryffindor House. This afternoon the Headmaster had a new bed placed in your rooms for Malfoy."

Potter, Granger, and Weasley remained silent, thankfully. The three of them looked stunned.

"Now come along you still need to get ready for dinner." She turned and started to lead everyone back inside, except for Draco who was still frozen in place.

"Um Ron, I believe you are forgetting someone." Hagrid announced loudly placing his large hand on Draco’s shoulder.

Weasley’s face turned red and he ran back to Hagrid and Draco. "Malfoy, you have my permission to move about freely, to talk to whoever you want, and do whatever it is you want." Weasley sounded breathless by the time he finished and Draco was stunned. He did not think Weasley would say as much as he did but it did cover all the aspects of the spell that controlled him.


Draco was not surprised by the complaints, when Professor McGonagall announced he was now in Gryffindor, what did surprise Draco was the hurt he felt, and Potter, Granger, and Weasley's silence. He thought those three would complain the most. Draco tuned out the complaints and lifted his head proudly; gazed at the students with contempt, as if trying to say, fine you don't need me; then I don't need you.

"Harry, Ron, I’m going to my room to get some reading done. You’ll wait for me before going to the dinning hall, won’t you?" Granger asked quietly.

"Of course." Weasley and Potter said and watched her leave.

"Come along Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Weasley, and you Mr. Potter." Professor McGonagall said leading the way to the fifth year student’s rooms. Draco had never seen the Gryffindor House dorm rooms but they looked much like Slytherins except for the different banners on the wall and the lively chatter in the common room.

They walked up the stairs, leaving the common room, and down a short hallway. A few doors away from the common bathroom, Professor McGonagall stopped and opened the wooden door. They entered behind her and Draco looked around with some interest at his new room, it was larger than the room he had shared with Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini, and Nott.. They must have used magic to make six beds fit, he thought staring around the snug room. Two owl cages sat by the large windowsill; Potter's white owl hooted and fluttered its wings, preening. His empty owl cage stood next to the Potter's.

The trunk he brought to school with him sat at the foot of a bed on the other side of the windowsill; his bed near an empty owl cage, sandwiched between the window and another bed. Draco would have liked his bed nearest the wall, but he kept this complaint to himself. When Starfire returned to him, she would like the window.

Professor McGonagall gave them a few seconds to see their room before she spoke to Draco, her eyes serious. "This will be your new home Draco, please treat it as such. The rules here are the same as in your former house. Do not worry the points taken from you yesterday they will remain with the Slytherin House."

McGonagall turned her attention to Weasley. "Ron, you will escort Draco to dinner and back to Gryffindor Tower. When he is not in your dormitory, Draco is to be escorted at all times, by either Sandra or you."

She paused before continuing. "Ron, you are now responsible for Draco's safety. You may have your friends help you throughout the rest of the year, but remember, if anything bad happens to him through any neglect on your part, you'll the one kicked out of school." She taped her wand against her palm; her stern eyes softened.

"I will send Sandra over to help you organize your schedules. Draco is not safe outside Gryffindor Tower, and we, the Staff, are not taking any chances with his health." When Professor McGonagall finished speaking, her sharp gaze searched the room before she turned and left, closing the door behind the three boys.

"This is unbelievable!" Weasley exclaimed sitting down on his bed, nearest to the wall, Draco's bed split the distance between Harry and Weasley 's beds. The other three beds must belong to Longbottom, Thomas, and Finnigan.

"This is a disaster. Why did you have to go test out that stupid rumor anyway? Look where it landed you. Babysitting duty." Potter walked over the window and fed his owl treats.

Draco ignored the two of them, though he also wanted to rail against the unfairness of it all. Why Ron Weasley of all people? Surely, Professor McGonagall could find a more competent bodyguard?

He walked over to his new bed and unpacked his trunk. He stood his broom next to his headboard, out of the way much like Potter's broom. Another desk was somehow squeezed in; Draco's name engraved in the wood. Draco placed his new books on the desk along with a new tarot card deck. Pinned to the desk was a sheet of paper with all his old homework assignments that were supposed to be done during the summer and due dates for them. On the back of the sheet, all his assignments were written so he would not lose track of his work.

"Malfoy, would you like to explain what is going on? How much trouble can we expect outside our house dormitory?" Harry asked.

Draco smiled grimly. "Yesterday I lost sixty points for the Slytherin House, no one likes me, and what’s even better is Vincent and Gregory have no doubt told everyone about the mark on my arm. So you can expect a lot of trouble every time I leave this room."

"This doesn’t look good." Weasley said sounding sorry for himself.

"Well don’t worry I don’t plan on leaving this room if I can help it." Draco announced confidently. Until, Dumbledore found a counterspell Draco planned on avoiding as many people as possible.

"That what we are afraid of." Potter said surprising Draco. He expected that response from Weasley.

Draco tried hard to ignore the curious stares of his two enemies and went to his desk to work the backlog of homework assignments he did not complete this summer. Strangely, Draco knew he could trust Weasley and Potter not to play games with him. Draco opened his first book and tried to read but he still could not concentrate with Potter and Weasley whispering to each other behind his back.

"Come on Harry let’s go downstairs." Weasley said and Draco turned around just in time to see Weasley dragging Potter out of the room.

Draco leaned back in his chair sighed and closed his eyes. The turmoil in his thoughts made it harder to concentrate. Too much happened too quickly for him and he doubted he would ever feel safe again.


The rest of the evening passed with little excitement. Except for the stares and loud complaints, nothing exciting happened at dinner. Draco tried not to take it personal; he did a damn fine job of making other people miserable over the last four years. Once dinner the food arrived, the Gryffindors ignored Draco.

Weasley, Potter, and Granger pretended he was not there as they talked about 'oh so interesting summer vacations.' Draco got to hear about the Dursley family and Weasley’s brother in Romania. Draco tried hard to ignore everyone around him as well. Sadly, no matter how hard he tried; Draco could not completely tune out Weasley’s voice. His body anticipated new orders Weasley might give him, but to Weasley’s credit, the boy never glanced his way. Probably to avoid accidentally telling him to do anything, like jumping off the highest tower at Hogwarts. Although on reflection maybe dying would be better than any of the other humiliating things Weasley could make him do.

After dinner, Potter, Granger, Weasley, and Sandra escorted him back to the dorm, no one gave them any trouble on the way, for which Draco was grateful. The common room was empty save for a few students who returned earlier than them.

Potter and Weasley escorted him up to their room, "Do we really have to take Malfoy everywhere with us?" Weasley asked for the fifth time that evening.

Draco smiled at the sigh Potter let out, "Yes we do. I don’t know if you noticed but the Slytherin were staring daggers into Malfoy all evening."

"I tried not to notice them," Weasley said pitifully and sat at his own desk and to look through his books.

"Do you want to do our homework at the library?" Potter asked gathering his books as well. "I’m sure it’ll be okay. McGonagall only said we had to escort Malfoy when he left the room."

"I’ll be fine. Now leave, so I can work on my own homework." Draco said and picked up his potion book and flipped through the pages until he found the right chapter.

"Are you sure you’ll be all right?" Weasley asked suspiciously.

"How many times do I have to say I’ll be fine?" Draco snapped angrily closing his Potions book and turning to face the two boys he had hated since he came to Hogwarts. Harry for rejecting him and Weasley for being the person Harry rejected him for, rejected for a Weasley of all people.

"I’ll be fine. I don’t need your help." Draco hoped his voice sounded convincing. "Besides, I'm sure Longbottom, Finnigan, or Thomas will come soon, this is their room too."

Potter and Weasley looked at each other silently before Weasley shrugged and said, "Let’s go to the library."

It did not take long for Weasley and Potter to grab their books and leave the room. Draco walked to the high window in the room next to his bed and stared outside into the darkness. Draco tried not to think back to his previous life, it only reminded him of all he had lost over the summer. If someone told him last year that he would be sharing a room with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Neville Longbottom he would have laughed in their face and then hexed the bastard for the bad joke. Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan were not too bad. Longbottom was a complete embarrassment to pureblood wizards.

Draco did not know how long he stood there in solitude but the rattling of the owl’s cages reminded him of all the homework he still had to do. Draco dimmed the lights in the room except for the one over his desk, and sat down and started to work, determined to do his best.

Draco did not stop working until his fingers cramped and he could barely keep his eyes open. Sighing heavily, Draco closed his book and leaned back in his chair. He looked at the small stack of homework that he finished, at this rate he would be finished with his summer assignments in five or six days. Organizing his books for the next day, Draco mentally rehearsed the new spells and potions he learned that evening.

Draco left the room to take a shower; he met a few Gryffindor's on the way, but they ignored him. It shocked Draco, however after the fifth person passed by without incident; he accepted his new housemates wanted nothing to do with him.

Relaxing, Draco stayed in the shower until his fingers and toes wrinkled before he forced himself to leave the never-ending supply of hot water. He dressed in a clean pair of shorts before heading back to his room. He did not see anyone in the hallway and he made it back to his room without incident.

Relieved he would not have to fight anyone tonight, he opened the door. A cold chill crept into his bones at the darkness, which greeted him. He realized with a sense of freezing panic, there was something terribly wrong and he could not move his feet. Shrill chirping from the Hedwig's cage the only sound in the darkness. Quick as lighting, a tendril of shadow wrapped around his wrist and yanked him into the bedroom. His arm went numb. The clothes he held fell to the floor and scattered. His ears rang from the slamming of the door. Draco tried to fight as the shadow dragged across the carpeted floor.

The shadows picked him up and deposited him on a bed, the covers were soft against his back, which saved his skin from damage, when abruptly the shadow pulled him further onto the bed; until his feet no longer dangled off the edge. Panting, Draco frantically searched the pure blackness for the source of this attack.

Claws grabbed his shorts and yanked down leaving streaks of pain along his legs. Draco screamed and punched wildly into the air; he tried to sit up, roll over, anything to get away, but the shadows had many hands that held him down.

"Foolish boy, did you think I would let my favorite toy leave that easily." Voldemort laughed before he covered Draco's mouth with his own.

Almost immediately, Draco's lips numbed. He groaned with pain when his thighs wrenched apart to allow Voldemort's shade to settle between them. Sickened and growing weaker, Draco tried not to notice the revolting taste of Voldemort's tongue in his mouth, or the sharp teeth that cut his tongue.

On the verge of puking, Draco twisted his head back, evading the kiss of his attacker. "Fuck." He gasped and gulped fresh air. Draco swallowed the blood that welled in his mouth. He coughed and pushed against the weight on his chest, his hands slid right through the object holding him down. He despaired. How could he possibly fight something with no substance?

In response to this rejection, Voldemort pierced Draco's neck with sharp fangs, feeding off his blood while raping his body. The numbness spread through Draco so quickly when his head hit the headboard from the force of his attack, he barely noticed the pain. His neck unbearably cold as his life drained from him.

"Oh God, Harry." Weasley whimpered as Draco struggled to remain conscious.

Potter yelled some spell, Draco could not hear, his head pounded too fiercely. Abruptly the weight lifted off him, freeing his arms and legs, if only he had the energy to move he would run.

He heard footsteps before a new weight on his bed made his body shift. "Malfoy! Malfoy! Are you all right?" Potter anxiously grabbed his hand. "Ron went to get help please don’t die." Potter’s frantic worry encouraged Draco to open his eyes. Draco blinked and winced at the brightness of the room. Potter tugged the sheets in an attempt to cover Draco's. Wished he could help but his body refused to move.

"Potter, stand away from Draco. The Shade is still here." Professor Snape commanded entering the room.

A low snarling from the corner followed Snape's order. The Shade moved from shadow to shadow, to escape the room. Draco did not mind when Potter climbed off the bed and backed away towards the doorway, where Weasley stood his face whiter than normal.

Snape said another spell and the room blazed with light. They all winced at the shade’s scream of agony and Draco watched it as it fled out the window into the moonlit night. The spell did not last long, which was good because they might have been blinded otherwise.

When the room returned to normal, Draco was weak and shaky but not as drained as before.

"What was that thing!" Weasley asked loudly, clutching Potter’s arm.

"A shade, Mr. Weasley. A shade of You-Know-Who if I am judging correctly. It was fortunate I was near Gryffindor Tower when Mr. Weasley ran into me." Snape answered and continued searching for traces of the Shade.

Draco sat up slowly; his stomach trembled in a delayed reaction to Voldemort’s attack on him. His neck tingled where the shade had bitten him and Draco rubbed at the spot wiping away the blood still flowing from the wound.

"Mr. Malfoy are you all right?" Professor Snape asked gently, coming to rest at the foot of the bed, his stern expression softened with sympathy or pity. Weasley and Potter stood behind him near the door they both looked afraid to enter the room.

Holding his hand out staring at the blood on his fingertips, Draco wanted to ask the older man how he could ever be okay again. His eyes burned with tears that he refused to give in to, except he could feel one warm tear slide down his cheek. "I’m fine." Draco wanted to say, but the words stuck in his throat. How could this happen to me here? Draco wanted to ask but knew the answer did not matter. Nowhere he went would be safe until Voldemort was dead and buried, or burned, his ashes scattered to the four winds.

"What’s going on here?" Professor McGonagall’s called from outside the room.

Face flaming, and knowing he would die of mortification if she saw him naked Draco reached behind and grabbed a pillow to cover himself, Potter's lame attempt to cover him had ended when Snape arrived. The large pillow covered him just in time. Professor McGonagall entered the room, her blue house robe loose over her white nightgown, the belt already unraveling. She stood in the doorway, and looked back and forth between the boys and Snape. Her glasses perched on her nose, hair pulled back in a bun, and her wand clutched tightly in her hand, she almost looked ready to start the day.

"I heard the alarm go off in my bedroom, I came as quick as I could. Is Draco all right?" She asked, her eyes widened when she spotted Draco sitting on the bed, a large pillow all that hid his nakedness.

Snape quickly stepped in front of Draco, to block the older woman’s view of him. With a shaky hand Draco grabbed his torn shorts and held them up to see if they where still useable, they were not. Draco pulled his knees up to hide himself, not sure where to find something to wear besides a pillow.

"Draco was attacked by Voldemort." Potter answered. He sounded surprised that for once, someone else was on Voldemort's shit list.

"Here, put this on." Weasley said nervously, throwing a black robe on the bed.

Feeling the tug of the spell, but knowing Weasley did not mean any harm, Draco quickly slipped the black robe over his head and swung his legs over edge of the bed. Draco abruptly realized he was on Harry Potter's bed and not his own. His heart raced from the effort; it took to move those few inches. He felt so weak and dizzy.

"Draco, do not move." Professor Snape ordered, and moved around to the side of the bed. Snape pushed him back down into a prone position. Draco did not have the strength to resist.

"Minerva, you are better at healing magic, I believe Mr. Malfoy lost a lot of blood." Draco closed his eyes; too exhausted to care how Potter and Weasley saw him. His pride took a real beating this summer and he had suffered more humiliation than mere rape. His tongue ached fiercely and he swallowed more of his own blood, not sure where to spit it out. The scratches on his legs stung so Draco kept the robe Weasley gave him hiked up high on his thighs away from the wounds on his legs.

A shadow blocked the light in the room. Draco forced his eyes open, he blearily focused on Professor McGonagall’s blue robe and beyond her to Potter’s and Weasley’s shocked faces.

"Draco, look at me." A kind hearted voice said softly; Draco looked at McGonagall's tired well-worn face, a woman whose heart, he just now realized, cared for her students, including him somehow.

Draco did not quite understand the words spoken but his body infused with energy healed his wounded neck. The process itched, but he restrained the urge to scratch. The throbbing ache between his thighs healed along with the scratches on his legs. In less time than it took Weasley to turn away Longbottom and Dean at the door, his body returned to normal.

Draco sat up again with the help of Professor McGonagall; she looked on the verge of tears, he noticed uneasily. "Are you okay?" she asked holding his cold clammy hand when he stood up. Potter's blankets slipped onto the floor behind him, rumpled and bloody. The robe Weasley gave him fell to his ankles and he smoothed it out, grateful to have clothes on again.

The old witch's face crinkled with worry for him, unsettled, he lied to avoid her fussing. "I'm fine, just tired." Draco pulled his hand free from her grasp and brushed his fingers through his hair to get it out of eyes. Professor Snape stood by the door with Potter and Weasley hiding behind him. The awkwardness of the situation beyond awful. Draco did not know what to say to Weasley and Potter's wide eye stares, or to the concern in Professor Snape's deep black eyes.

"Do I have to get ready to go talk to the Headmaster?" Draco broke the silence.

Professor Snape stood straighter and lowered his wand to his side. "There is no need to talk to the Headmaster tonight unless you wish to. Professor McGonagall and I can both speak to him for you. Now as for what happened tonight, no one is to speak of it to anyone outside this room or with the Headmaster. What has happened here, I have only read about in books. Draco, keep in the light at all times. Nothing else is effective against this type of Dark Magic. A child's night light should be enough to keep you safe. Firelight is too easily dowsed, do not trust it." Professor Snape spoke evenly in that warm and comforting tone that made Draco want to trust him completely.

"I think Dean may have some sort of light, he uses it to read late at night." Potter offered, trying to be helpful.

Draco glared at Potter and asked the question burning in his gut. "But how was he able to attack me here?"

"Voldemort knows your blood, he can find you anywhere in the world, Draco. There are no magical wards to protect you, just light. I do not know where he learned to do this. I've only heard references in other books."

"So we'll be okay right?" Weasley asked nervously.

Professor Snape completely ignored his question. "Will you be all right, Draco? Did you wish to speak to the headmaster?"

Draco shook his head. "No I don't want to talk to anyone. I'm tired, can you and Professor McGonagall please go talk to the headmaster for me?"

Professor Snape nodded, respecting his wishes and ushered Professor McGonagall out of the room. Snape silenced her protests, with a look Draco hoped to master someday. Before the door closed behind him, Snape turned around and said, "Potter, Weasley if one words gets out about this there will be no end to your detention until you quit or graduate Hogwarts."

Then the two adults left the three alone in the silent room.

If Potter and Weasley were not there, Draco knew he would have broken down and started crying, Voldemort, and his father were right, he was weak. Why else would he want someone to comfort him?

Some of his loneliness or despair must have shown on his face because Weasley’s expression softened somewhat and made a tentative step forward, but then stopped confused as to what to do. "Malfoy, are you okay?" Weasley voice freed from hatred and disgust was pleasant.

"I’m fine, this is just another normal day in what I call my life," Draco said dryly. He bent down and gathered the filthy blanket in his arms. His dirty clothes strewn across the floor made a trail to the bed. Taking his time, he picked them up as well and dumped his load into the laundry shoot.

He felt no rawness and his legs held steady, except for the awful memories, it was as if nothing had happened. Draco concentrated on ignoring Potter, who fished in the cabinet for an extra blanket. Draco did not want to ask Potter how he felt about sleeping on a bed where Voldemort raped him.

Exhaustion tugged at his eyes, but he could not sleep in a robe Weasley probably dragged off the floor before giving it to him. He threw his ruined shorts in the wastebasket near the door. In his wardrobe, he grabbed another pair of shorts to wear. Draco pushed the rape to the back of his mind and concentrated on one thing at a time.

Weasley reshuffled books and the scrolls on his personal desk, overtly peeking at him every few seconds. "What is with you? Never seen someone raped before?" Draco asked bitterly. The anger in him needed a target, and Weasley was there. He did not regret his words until Weasley collapsed to the floor, crying.

"Ron!" Potter rushed to Weasley 's side, knelt by his friend, patted him on the shoulder, and uselessly tried to give comfort.

Furious, Draco stomped over to where Weasley sat on the floor crying and trembling, "Why the hell are you crying, Weasley? No one touched you? If you thought that was bad then you have not seen anything; you think that is the worst that Voldemort did to me this summer? You can see the scars on me can’t you?" Draco did not realize he had yelled until he heard himself.

He stood panting, staring down at his archenemies, and realized what a fool he had been all these years, childishly seeking ways to hurt Potter for rejecting his offer of friendship. What did it get him but headaches and late nights following Potter around?

Silence fell for a moment before Weasley spoke, his voice choked with tears. "I'm afraid you big idiot! A part of Voldemort was in this room and what I saw and felt tonight was beyond evil. The pure darkness..." Weasley's eyes faded in memory, but he shook his head and glared up at him again, "I thought he had killed you when I saw those teeth grinning at me. They were shinny with your blood, and I admit I was terrified." Weasley yelled, his voice clogged with tears.

"I thought you would be happy if I had died," Draco said, too weary to inject any nasty undertones.

Weasley stood and faced him. He shrugged aside Harry's hand on his shoulder. His expression no longer that of a frightened boy but that of a determined young man. Draco took a step back.

"I would never wish death on anyone. Least of all a death like the one you would have faced if Harry hadn’t convinced me we should come back when we did." Weasley paused and wiped the tears off his cheeks with the back of his hands.

"I don’t know why you aren’t more afraid than you are? I always thought you were too dumb to know real danger if it bit you on the ass, but Harry tells me there are some neurons firing in your brain, as hard as it is to believe. If you weren’t such a cold hearted asshole, I might actually feel bad for you." Weasley's intense red-rimmed eyes searched his face for an answer to a question only Weasley knew. Draco could not stand the scrutiny and looked away first.

Draco opened and closed his mouth; he did not know what to say. He touched the now faded wound on his neck. He shivered from the memory of Voldemort's cold teeth sinking into him. His stomach tight from fear, nerves, or too much tension could not handle it anymore. Draco stumbled away from Weasley and Potter, barely landed on his knees in front of the wastebasket in time for him to lose control.

When he finished dry heaving, Draco had tearing eyes, a runny nose, and an awful taste in his mouth. His stomach settled slowly and he sat back on his heels, lightheaded and emotionally numb.

"Here," a gentle voice said handing him a handkerchief. Draco took cloth and wiped his nose and mouth.

"Come on. You need wash again," Weasley said and held out his hand, to help Draco stand, while Potter stood by the door, confused.

Weasley hauled him to his feet before turning to Potter, "Harry, can you go and please make sure everyone is out of the bathroom?"

Potter left the room with no protest and came back a few minutes later; "It’s empty right now." They both walked with him to the bathroom.

"I'll guard the door." Weasley planted himself to the right of the oak door. "Harry, you'll stay and keep my company, won't you?"

Potter, who had already turned to leave, did an about face. His green eyes flashed angrily at Draco before he turned his attention to Weasley, he grimaced, "Um...sure."

"If you don't want to stay...just go." Weasley folded his arms across his chest and leaned against the gray-stone wall.

"No, of course I'll stay. Tired, you know. Honest. It's okay." Potter took up a place on the opposite side of the door, and impatiently gestured with his hands for Draco to hurry the hell up.

Exhausted, Draco entered the bathroom again; he let the door slam behind him. He re-brushed his teeth, washed his face, and took another shower, however no matter how much soap he used; Draco could not wash away the feel of the Shade’s touch.

No one said anything on the way back to the room. At the door, Draco paused, fear stuck in the pit of his stomach. He remembered the last time he opened this door, too clearly, however living with fear the entire summer gave him a certain amount of reckless courage. Draco reached out, twisted the doorknob, and opened the door. The room was as they left it, minus the dirty wastebasket. Potter must have removed it while he was in the shower.

A silent room greeted them; Weasley laughed nervously and entered. Draco followed and Potter closed the door behind them. All the lights in the room hummed with power, Draco sat on the edge of his bed, and tried not to dwell on the recent attack or the deep blackness beyond the windows.

He shook his head, to banish the memory however briefly. Rubbed his eyes, "I’m going to try and sleep now." Draco stood to pull back the covers off his new bed.

Draco climbed onto the crisp sheets, which smelled a bit like flowers. They were soft against his legs and the mattress cushioned him. Muscles sore in spite of Professor McGonagall’s healing spell, Draco took his time lying down.

After pulling the patchwork comforter over his head, light seeped through the blanket. He closed his eyes and attempted to clear his mind to sleep. Weasley and Potter thwarted his efforts.

They continued to whisper to each other as they turned off the lights and readied themselves for bed. Weasley had to remind Potter to leave a light on. Potter told Weasley to stay and guard the room, while he found Dean, Seamus, and Neville. He needed to tell them to leave a light on at night. Draco wondered what excuse Potter would use, but realized as he drifted towards sleep, he did not care anymore.