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Silent Inception

Title: Silent Inception
Chapter 1: Silent Inception
Authors: Jessie, Bria, Crisi, Amalthia, Aroura19, Calie15, and Shayla
E-mail address:amalthia@slashcity.com I'll pass on feedback for this part.
Series: Young Jedi Knights
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: (Jaina/Zekk)
Date: 1998
Archive: Please ask first. So I know who to inform if I make any changes to the story.
Summary: Princess Leia disappears. Jaina chases after her, Zekk goes after Jaina. They end up on a planet. Jaina loses her memory, and Zekk becomes a sex slave.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Kevin Anderson and George Lucas. I'm not making any money off of this.
Author note: After parts 1-9 I continue the story on my own. Also I finally decided to add a title to this round robin, and label the story by chapters instead of parts. So parts 1-9 are now chapter one.


Silent Inception

Splash! Water went everywhere thoroughly drenching anyone who was close enough to the river edge. As the young Jedi students complained at their newfound wetness, the 16 year old Jacen Solo emerged from the river with a huge smile on his face.

"Ha, ha! I got you all!" he said looking as smug as ever. "Ahhh! Jacen you dork! You could wait until we at least got our clothes off to drench us?" Jacen's sister Jaina complained as she peeled off her wet clothes.

Their other friends, Zekk, Lusa, Raynar, and Lowie were also doing the same thing. However, Tenel Ka could not be found, and Jacen noticed. "Um...where's Tenel Ka? Was she with you?" Jacen said looking concerned. All he got was shoulder shrugs. Just then a large stream of mud poured down from the forest canopy directly on Jacen's head.

"What the--?" Jacen began shaking off the mud as Tenel Ka dropped down from the trees a large, dirty bucket in her hand. "Perhaps, friend Jacen, you should think about your actions before doing them?" she said. "I think your right," he said as washed the mud off at the river's edge. This was followed by a roar of laughter.

"I guess you know now huh Jacen?" Zekk commented in between laughs.

But at that moment, a large ship flew over head, very close overhead. It was headed toward the academy. "Whoa. Someone needs to watch what their doing." Jacen said.

Raynar replied, "I wonder who that was?"

Em-Tee Dee replied, "Master Lowbacca suggests we go find out."

"Well then, what are we waiting for?" Jaina answered with her usual reply.


The six other Jedi students nodded assent, and raced back towards the Academy. Once she got closer, Jaina recognized the make of the ship. "That ship belongs to one of mom's crews!" Jaina exclaimed.

"Something must've come up. Nobody was scheduled to stop by today," Jacen said, agreeing with his twins identification.

By the time the group arrived at the Jedi Academy, the pilot of the ship was landed and talking to Luke Skywalker. Seeing his niece and nephew and their friends, Luke turned toward the young Jedi Knights. "You're back, that's good. It seems we have some troubling news from Coruscant," the Jedi Master told his students.

Jaina looked at her uncle, and then at the guest. She didn't recognize him, but that really wasn't of any great surprise. Her mother often had interns that studied for a couple of months and then left. "What is it?" Jaina asked, apprehension in her voice. She was beginning to get a very uneasy feeling through the Force.

The aide turned to look Jaina and Jacen in the face. "My name is Kile. I am one of your mother's new aids. Recently your mother has been trying to re-establish diplomatic ties with the Deep Core World of Byss. Everything was going according to plan, with Byss's cooperation, and then all of a sudden, Byss withdrew. It seems there is a movement going on Byss that's goal is seeing Dark Side ruler once more. You mother tried to make contact with the main embassy on the planet, but got no replies. The rest of her staff and I figured that your mother would try to contact your uncle today, but when your father awoke, he found a note from your mom. In it she said she had had a Force dream that suggested that it critical that Byss become apart of the New Republic...and the way to do that was through the Dark Side."

"No," Jacen gasped, refusing to believe it.

Jaina also felt torn. "Why didn't somebody tell us this w/o sending someone here? Why didn't dad come?"

Kile looked at the twins with sympathy. Your father left to find your mother, and it was decided that it would be best if someone told your uncle Luke in person. If word of this got out, who knows what could happen. There'd probably be a great panic."


The bad feeling Jania had earlier, was getting worse. She knew her mom was in trouble, and that she had to get there. But how she wondered. Jacen would tell her she was crazy to go there, whether or not he wanted to go also. Tenal Ka would agree with him. Maybe she could get Zekk to help, she finally decided. It was nearly an hour before she could get Zekk alone to talk. "Zekk, would you help me get to Byss?" She asked him.

"No." he replied quickly, he had already guessed Jania would try this. "That place is very dangerous."

"And how would you know?" Jania wondered why he seemed to know this planet.

"Because a friend told me."

He kept his answer short, obviously not wanting to have to answer. "And how does your friend know. Has he been there?"

"Yes" Zekk suddenly got a distant look on his face. "He went to search for his girlfriend and her sister, they disappeared while in that area. He barely got out alive."

His distant look was replaced with one of concern. "Jania, promise me you won't go there. Please?"

She could tell that he was holding some thing back, but she knew she'd better agree. "Fine, I promise." But this was one promise she knew she wouldn't keep. After every one had gone to bed, she snuck out of her room and down to the hanger. "Now which ship?" she muttered to herself as she looked between the Lightning Rod and the Rock Dragon. Finally she decided on the Lightning Rod, she was pretty sure she could handle that on her own. She easily got out the hanger bay, the security was getting lax. She would have to remember to tell uncle Luke that when she returned.


"MOM! DAD!" Zekk screamed as he raced through his empty home. Everything was gone, the furniture, the pictures on the wall, and any sense of security and love he might have felt from his parents. They can't be gone. They were just here a week ago he couldn't believe they died so quickly. Two weeks ago they ate dinner together and laughed watching media vids. He wiped the tears from his eye with the back of his dirt stained hands. Zekk sat down not knowing what to do when he ran away from his Uncle Ulin, he thought that if he somehow made it back home his parents would return and protect him from his new guardian. Strong hands grabbed his shoulders and Zekk woke up alone in his room with a scream strangled in his throat.

He shuddered and wiped one slender hand across his sweat and tear soaked face; he hadn't had that dream in years. He shivered at the memory of what happened after his uncle found him at his dead parents home. He didn't think he would ever forget the beating or the rape. His mind shied away from those awful memories and he sat up and walked to his bathroom to wash his face. Hopefully, walking around would ease the sick feeling he had in his stomach. After this dream he knew he couldn't go back to sleep again. It felt like something was wrong but he didn't know if it was the nightmare or someone was injured. Ever since he discovered his powers he had a hard time telling what himself and what was the Force. He stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror.

Bloodshot green eyes stared back at him and he couldn't help but wonder how he made it this far and against all odds. Three years ago, before he meet the twins he never would have imagined himself at the Jedi Academy. He smiled to himself My parents would be proud if they saw me now. So close to being a Jedi Knight

He closed his eyes and tried to sense his friends through the force to make sure they were all right; this ritual became a habit for him every time he woke up from bad dreams. Sometimes he had a hard time believing he was really here at the Jedi Academy. Suddenly he frowned he couldn't sense Jaina. Either she was blocking her mind or something had happened to her. Zekk didn't waste time getting dressed he ran out his room wearing only his shorts.


Zekk rushed past Jaina's room, the Force telling him she wasn't there. When he got to the hanger, he looked around. His eyes fell on the empty space where the Lightning Rod should have been. "Force, no..." he muttered. He glanced at the Rock Dragon.

Surely, Tenel Ka wouldn't mind if he borrowed it for this. There was nothing else he could do. He quietly leapt inside and started the take-off cycle. As he prepared to set course for Byss, he realized how easy getting away was. I am going to have to remind Master Luke about that...he thought, as the blurred stars of hyper space engulfed the Rock Dragon.


Princess Leia Organa was beginning to feel that this was not such a good idea. Byss was a dark, uninviting planet, and she had already been here two days. There had been no messages or anything from the Byss leaders. May be the Dark Side is the way to go...it certainly would be a lot quicker...*Once you start down the Dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will! Like it did Obi-Won's apprentice. Like Vader.* Leia quickly pushed the thought from her mind. How many times had Luke told her that? She rubbed her aching head, and she heard her comlink go off. Finally! She thought.

Quicker...easier.... The Lightning Rod came out of hyper space right on schedule. Jaina looked down at the dreary planet of Byss. A wave of uneasiness went through her, but she pushed it away. She had to save Mom. If her mother fell to the Dark Side, what would happen to them? The New Republic? She had to succeed. She wondered wear Dad was. It would certainly help if he were here. As she looked once more down at the planet, she thought, I have a bad feeling about this. That phrase was used a little too often in her family.


Jacen woke up early that morning. Usually he slept as late as he could but something had waken him up. And right away he sensed something was wrong. But, he just couldn't place it. He got dressed right away and went looking for his friends. He knew Tenel Ka would be up and Lowie probably would be to. Zekk maybe would be up at this early hour. But Jaina wouldn't, that's for sure. Unless she got the same feeling he did. They where so close that she probably did. So he headed to her room. The first thing he noticed was that her door was ajar. He put his hand on his lightsaber and slowly opened the door. Her bed was unmade and her pajamas where thrown on her bed. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. So he went in search of his other friends. When he found them they where having a discussion with Master Skywalker.

Jacen: Hey guys what's going on?

Luke looked at him and for once was a little unsure of how to go about telling him. He finally decided the best way was to just come right out and say it.

Luke: Last night your sister took the Lightning Rod and we don't know where she went. She didn't even tell us she went. He saw Jacen's face fall. He still hadn't told him the whole story. It was going to be the hardest for him to deal with out of all of them. Luke: That isn't all. Zekk is gone to. He took the Rock Dragon. We are guessing he went after her. And we think she went to Byss after your mother.

Jacen didn't know what to say. So many things where running through his mind at once. But there was one thought that stuck with him. He had to find her. Jacen: We have to find her then. There is no other way of going about it.

Luke: I think maybe it would be better if you stayed here and we alerted the New Republic.

Jacen: Uncle Luke I can't just stay here and wait for my sister and mother together hurt or possibly killed. I'm leaving I don't care if I have to steal a ship. His words had come out sounding spiteful and he knew he should have control led his anger but he couldn't to much had happened.

Luke understood how he felt and knew that the boy was true to his words and he couldn't hold him back. Luke: Very well then. As long as you bring someone with you. Jacen was surprised he didn't expect Uncle Luke to let him gop he did know what to say.

Jacen: Thank you.

Luke: And who will you be taking with you?

Before Jacen could even ask his friends for help Tenel Ka spoke up. Tenel Ka: We will go with him. Jaina is our friend too. Lowie growled in agreement. Jacen smiled.

Jacen: Thanks guys. I don't think I could do this without you. So what first?

Luke: Well I think we should contact your father and tell him what is going on. He led the way back to the Jedi Academy and his students followed.


Jaina did know what was going wrong. She was a great flyer but for some reason anything and everything was going wrong. Warning lights where going off and she even had a little fire. The Lightning Rod may be old but one old enough to do this. She knew there was nothing to do the only thing she could hope for is that when she did crash she would live through it. She held on tight and stared ahead as the planet of Byss rushed towards her.


Leia quietly walked down the halls. It was night time on this side of Byss and most people where in there quarters sleeping. She couldn't sleep. She had been asleep for a little while but she had a nightmare. She had had nightmares before and it wasn't uncommon considering the things she had been through. But this one was different. She could actually feel things in the nightmare. But that all it was, was feeling. Like she lost something. But it wasn't gone. It was just somewhere where it wasn't supposed to be. And it scared her. She knew Jedi could see into the future and she had never really been that strong because she never practiced. but she had the potential. But she was scared. Scared of what might happen and scared of going back to sleep. Then she felt something. A presence. And it was getting closer. She picked up her pace and so did her follower. She reached out in the force but it was almost as if she was blocked. And then everything went black.


Jaina woke up. But the first the she realized was that it wasn't in the ship. She sat up quickly but automatically fell back down. She had a terrible pain in her head which she was sure would be there for days. She couldn't tell where she was. Everything was dark. But she saw someone laying next to her. She turned the person over and gasped.

Jaina: MOM! But she didn't budge. She tried reaching out to her with the force but she couldn't feel her. It scared her.

Jaina: Mom wake up. Wake up! She shook her with all her might but her mom didn't even blink. Jaina started looking around for a way out. She saw a door and ran towards it hoping it would open. Which she doubted. She turned the knob and to her surprise it did open. She took a quick peak around and so no one. she ran back to her mom and picked her up.

Jaina: We have to get out of here. Oh god I wish everyone else was here. What was I thinking running off by myself. She was able to find a hangar with some small ships she had never seen before. She wished she could find the Lightning Rod. Those ships would be hard to make room in. She opened one and noticed there was a problem. There was only room for one person. She couldn't fit in there. And all of the ships where like that.

Jaina: Oh mom. I'm so sorry I hope when you wake up you will understand. I love you. Her mother's face was so peaceful and even though she couldn't feel her in the force which she finally realized was strange she knew her mother was still alive. She picked her up and lifted her into the ship with and stepped up and started putting in coordinates in the ship. For Yavin 4. She closed locked the ship up and stepped back and watched it take off. She just stood there for a little while. She had never felt so alone in her life. So very alone. And then she heard yelling and shouting. She turned her head and saw five men dressed in uniforms run in with guns. She went for her lightsaber but it was to late. They stunned her. She fell back and the last thing she remembered was hitting her head on the side of a ship. Hard.


A young man watched as his men lifted the girl up. Man: Good show little one. As I thought you would put someone else's need in front of your own but we will soon change that. He wasn't talking to anyone in particular. Just thinking out loud. He waited for those weak minded fools to bring her up. He would start right away. He was not going to baby her as she had been. The door opened and the men laid her on the table and walked back out. He had wanted her and her brother. Together they could rule the galaxy. But if he had to pick one it would be her. She would be harder to break but once she was broken and taught the dark side there would be no stopping her. He saw her budge and then open her eyes. Man: Hello little one. My name is Yuri and I will be your new Master.

She looked at him with a confused look on her face that he didn't quite understand. Jaina: Master? What are you talking about. I never had an old one? Now he was confused.

Yuri: What do you mean?

Jaina: I-I d-don't know. A look of confusion crossed over her face.

Yuri: Child speak up what is wrong with you?!?!?!

Jaina: I don't know. I can't remember. Anything.

Yuri: What do you mean?

Jaina: I don't know who I am. I can remember having parents or friends. I can't even remember how old I am. Who am I? Yuri just smiled. This was going to be easier then he thought.


The Rock Dragon came out of Hyper-drive right on schedule, Zekk checked the nav-computer to make sure all the instruments were okay. He knew he shouldn't worry, because he was in a top of the line ship, but habit made him check anyway, and that was the only thing that saved his life twenty-four hours after he left Yavin 4. The scanners immediately saw an energy field heading for the ship, but when Zekk looked outside the view windows he only saw the reddish green planet, Byss. He looked at his scanners again. Shit! The field was closing in! Zekk raced his hands across the controls trying to maneuver the Rock Dragon away from the field but the strange force continued to pursue his ship. He knew the force was going to hit just before the all the ships systems went haywire and alarms started screeching.

It took all of Zekk's experience as a pilot and the use of the Force to keep the ship from nose-diving into Byss's atmosphere, he had get the Rock Dragon on a forty-five degree angle, otherwise the ship would explode due to the atmosphere.

As it was, he barely made it and the ship spun out of control through the lower atmosphere, finally crashing into the upper continent's golden plains. His safety restraint kept him from flying all over the place, but it didn't prevent his head from hitting the control panels hard enough to knock him out...


"You're my daughter, Jaina! I can't believe you don't remember anything. My name is Yuri." Those words echoed in her mind as Jaina surveyed her home of the last three years and felt nothing.

Yuri said she really enjoyed spending time in her room reading and practicing the force. The room reflected her obvious disinterest in other activities. The small room had three white walls, and glass wall leading outside to the courtyard. The bed in the corner, a walk-in closet, and a white dresser with a large mirror hooked onto the back made the room seem smaller. Still, overall the mansion was very impressive and she felt, as though she should be grateful her adoptive father, Yuri, was a successful diplomat and Jedi Knight. According to Yuri, he had taken over her training until she was old enough to go to the Jedi Academy.

She looked at the mirror trying to figure out who she was before the accident. She had shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and white smooth skin, these features should be familiar to her, but it felt like she was looking at a stranger. Jaina looked at the room again and again the feeling of surrealism swept through her. She couldn't believe this room belonged to her. Nothing felt quite right. For some odd reason she wanted to picture mechanical equipment stashed in a corner somewhere...she shook her head to clear those silly thoughts, why would anyone have equipment stored in their rooms with hanger bays all over the place?

She walked over to her bed and sat down and looked outside the patio doors. The sun sparkled off water fountains and the white sidewalks. She tried to quiet the feeling that something wasn't right, because so far Yuri had treated her like she really was his daughter. He hadn't given her a reason to mistrust him, but she decided to be on her guard until her memories returned. And they will return! Jaina couldn't let herself think otherwise.


Yuri paced his office in nervous excitement. He couldn't believe his good luck first Jaina loses her memory, and then another Jedi trainee literally falls out of the sky not ten hours later. His medical team had to do some work to fix the boy's broken bones and concussion, but nothing so serious a Bacta tank couldn't cure. He was glad the boy wasn't killed, he was as strong as Jaina in the force. He sensed the boy while the boy struggled to keep his ship in one piece, using the Force and natural dexterity.

Yuri smiled again he couldn't remember being this happy in forever. His thoughts skipped to Princess Leia and his thoughts darkened, at first he wanted to punish Jaina for helping her mother escape, but at this critical moment he couldn't afford to break the young girl's trust in him, after all he was her adoptive father. Yuri decided to go visit the boy his crew had picked up. Dinner was in two hours and he didn't want to waste time changing into his usual sinister black robes to intimidate the boy.


Throbbing pain lanced through Zekk's skull as he slowly came awake from the healing sleep the bacta tank put him in. He gradually started to notice his surroundings as he woke up more. His skin felt numb and tingly and he could feel a light sheet covering his lower body. A cold breeze from the cold air control raised goosebumps along his thin pale upper body. He shivered and pulled the sheet over him to get warm. He tried to turn over on his side and pull his feet up but he couldn't move them. Panic set in as he finally realized he was on an enemy planet. He sat up and pulled the sheet away from his feet to see what kind of restraints where holding him. Then he realized all of his clothes were gone!

His vision swam for a second and after his eyes focused he groaned in dismay. No wonder his feet were so cold, iron cuffs chained his feet to the end of the bed. He heard voices coming his way and once again tried to jerk his feet free of the restraints. Zekk reached out to the Force, but nothing was there. "The boy should be awake by now Master Yuri and in perfect health." A soft feminine voice said.

"Is the boy being watched?" A sinister voice answered.

Zekk felt a cold sliver of fear race to his heart. He tried to calm himself. A Jedi doesn't feel fear. Except, right now he was terrified, he couldn't touch the Force; he was restrained to a bed completely naked, and on a planet with hostile forces. He pulled the sheet over himself and pulled his body to his feet so he could hold his knees to his chest.

"No Master, but we do have him restrained."

"Very good. Now lets see my new toy."

Zekk looked up at the entrance of the two strangers, one of which he could tell was a medic by the green outfit, and she obviously wasn't the guy with the deep voice. The man next to her was far more intimidating; he towered over the average size woman by more than a foot. Broad shoulders and big arms layered with well toned muscle, flexed subtly within the man's long sleeved silk shirt. Zekk didn't think he could defeat this guy in hand to hand combat.

The man stopped halfway into the room and cocked his head to the side as if listening for something to faint for anyone else to hear. "Auhh...so the shipment finally came in?"

The woman walked over to some instruments and cleared away the instrument carts to show a glass cylinder in the middle of the room. Showing some kind of slug like creature stuck to a tree. "Yes Master, we had just finished installing its cage in the room when the boy was brought in. Does it work master?"

"Oh yes, as long as we keep the cylinder near the boy he won't be able to use his powers." The man's white teeth gleamed in the brightly-lit room and his long black hair shinned with blue highlights.

Zekk decided he was tired of being talked about. "Who are you?" He demanded with a scratchy but forceful voice. He needed water. He glared at the strangers who were holding him captive.

He wasn't prepared for the speed in which the tall man moved and he flinched back, not in time to avoid Yuri's slap. Zekk fell back, hitting the wall behind him. Zekk immediately brought a hand to his throbbing face and tried to keep his eyes from tearing, as he watched the man warily.


Yuri smiled down at the cowering boy and quickly reached out and grabbed the Zekk's chin and forced the boy's head up so he could look at the boy more clearly. "My name is Yuri and I'm your new Master. Never saying anything other than 'Yes Master' or 'No Master' if I ever hear anything else coming out of that mouth you'll be getting something much worse than a slap. I'm not averse to drawing blood, and I don't care if you are in so much pain you want to die, and trust me you'll find out soon what I mean. You will be taught to serve me in all ways and forms. If you can't learn I'll have no choice but to kill you. As of today your new name is going to be Nataku. Do you understand me?"


Zekk looked up at the man alarmed and confused, but with a bruise already forming on one cheek, and his feet chained to a bed; he decided to go along with this man's game until he could find a way to escape. He nodded his head and lowered his eyes; he was familiar with this game. "Yes Master."

"Good you're already learning. Now how old are you?"

He didn't want to answer the question for some reason. His age. Everyone judged him by it. "I'm eighteen." He grated out, clenching his hands into fists.

"That's good. You'll do fine for the next two or three years."

Glaring at Yuri did not help. The man simply did not pay any attention to him. He was nothing but a slave in this man's eyes.


Yuri wanted to shout and dance in excitement, but he kept his expression neutral. He didn't want his slaves to know how much this boy turned him on. He had never seen that particular shade of eyes and the boy's black hair complemented his beautiful pale skin and fine boned features. He could tell the boy was in good shape, but he was still very slender. A small beeping noise distracted him from his newest acquisition and he looked down at his watch, it was time to go eat. He stood up and walked away from the boy.


"Aria, I want Nataku readied and brought to my rooms by the time I return from dinner. Oh and make sure one of those cylinders is installed too." He smiled in anticipation of the rest of the evening and left even before Aria could say "Yes Master." Zekk could only stare at the retreating figure and wonder what was going to happen to him. He never should have left Yavin-4 without his friends.


The Shadow Chaser was jerk out of hyper-space by a Cruiser. The Jedi Knights aboard the ship got ready for the boarding party. The larger ship pulled the Shadow Chaser into it's hanger bay.

Twelve came aboard, all armed and prepared for the Jedi Knights. Another taller humanoid came behind the armed guards. "I suggest you come with us. No harm shall be fall you, Jedi." He said in a deep accented voice. He carried no visible weapon and held his hands open towards them.

The three Jedi shut their lightsabers down and the other two lowered their blasters. "Who are you?" Jacen called to the alien.

"I am Vilan." He bowed. "You would be the son of Han Solo?"

"Yes." Jacen said as the guards parted to amid them to join Vilan.

The Jedi formed up behind Jacen and Tenel Ka.

"Please follow me. We can speak of your reason for being here at another place."

Vilan led them down the ramp and into the ship.

Vilan led them to a meeting room. "Please sit where you like. My Mistress shall come soon." He stood by the door way.

Jacen assumed as guard but was not sure. "Thank you." Jacen said as he seat down. Tenel Ka seat on his right, followed by Lowie, Lusa and than finally Raynar. "May I ask why you have bought us here?"

"Vilan can't not answer that, my young friend." A tall woman said as she came up behind Jacen. She moved down to sit at the head of the table, next to Jacen. "I'm called Lita, at least by Vilan and his people." She waved her hand in his diction. "They have no name, at least none that I know of. But you are probably not wondering 'bout them, are you?"

Jedi nodded, not knowing what else to do. "Alright. I don't know if you're aware of the fact who's on Byss. A man named Yuri."

"Never heard of him..." Jacen said quietly.

"I wouldn't think of you would have. He keeps to himself for the most part. But now he has this crazy idea to train Jedi and make them worship the Dark Side. He does not understand it is not a good idea to train members of the Skywalker-Solo family. A mistake many Dark Siders used, I notice." She grinned at the young adults. "Anyway, he's not the real treat at the moment. Well not in my opinion."

"And the real treat would be...?" Jacen left it hanging.

"Mallista." Lita stood up and walked around to the other side of the long table.

"Mallista is a powerful Dark Jedi. She doesn't want to train Jedi to the Dark Side. Too much time for her to do that. She first wants to harm the Skywalker-Solo family. Than cause problems with the Republic." She placed her long hands behind her back as she paced back and forth.

Jacen watched Lita. Her long silver hair was it's color not by age but by how her planet's hair color was. He could tell by how it looked. She was as tall has Lowie but her tall stance did not give her the power she commanded. Yet, already Jacen could tell she was a good and just leader to this alien crew. From what Jacen and the others had seen, Lita was the only human besides them on board. Her tight plants reviled her strong muscular legs. Stronger than Tenel Ka's by the movement they made when Lita walked, yet did not harm her beauty any. Her shirt left little for Jacen to image on his own.

"What can we do?" Jacen asked as he continued to watch Lita. He had a goofy grin on his face.

Lita turned to Jacen. Her long silver hair flowing behind her. "Help me and my crew defeat Mallista. She looking for your family, which are easily found expect she wants to start with Solo's heir, that's you. So by keeping you here, if you do stay. Will bring her here and we possibly could stop her before she even attacks the Republic once."

Jacen looked at his friends and knew the answer. "Where do we start?" Lita grinned at them.


Jaina woke up, and looked around. Where was she? Then it came back to her. She was in the house of someone who claimed to be her adopted parent. Looking around *her* room. It didn't look familier at all. Once more the picture of machinery in the corners came into her mind. She shook her head, feeling her long brown hair graze her shoulders. Brown hair. Had it always been this long? She felt like it used to be shorter... maybe someone had told her to grow it?

She stood up, and walked to the window. It was a cold, rainy day. She saw in the corner of her room a computer. Maybe there was something on the HoloNet that could help her figure out what was going on here. She had a feeling that something was wrong. A really big feeling. What had that guy said? The Force?

Maybe that's what it was.

She logged on, and looked up the current news.


Jaina stared at the headline. Something had triggered her memory in that statement. Solo.... She looked at the pictures of the Chief of State and her husband. They looked so familiar. Solo, Solo, Solo. Why was that name triggering something in her mind?

Suddenly, the door burst open. She quickly shut down the computer, and stood up. Yuri came in.

"Ah, Jaina! You're awake, good. It's time to do a little training."

Jaina...right. That's my name, she thought. Right. Solo, Solo, Solo... why did that name keep coming up in her mind?

"I thought that you said I had already had training?" She said, slowly.

"Not like I am going to give you."

"Really." That Force sense, or whatever seemed to be coming into play again. "I must confess, um, Yuri. That I don't completely trust you."

"Jaina! I am hurt!"

Somehow, she didn't particularly care. "Look. I don't know who I am, or where I came from. But there is no way I am going to take any *training* from you! You can forget it. Let me out of here."

Yuri didn't seem phased. "Jaina, Jaina. Calm down. You've had a shock...."

"A Shock?! Some shock! I don't know anything about anything. I don't even know who I am!" She was losing her temper, and unconsciously, she used the Force to calm herself down.

"Come with me." Yuri ordered.

Jaina stood, might as well see what he wants, she thought.


As she walked out of her room, she thought, I have a bad feeling about this. Now where have I heard that before...?


to be continued....