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Sex, Lies, and Painful Games

Author: Amalthia
Title: Silent Inception
Chapter 2: Sex, Lies, and Painful Games
E-mail address: amalthia@slashcity.com
Series: Young Jedi Knights
Rating: NC-17 Rape Warning
Pairings: (Jaina/Zekk) (Zekk/other)
Date: December 17, 1999
Archive: Please ask first.
Summary: Life in the mansion.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Kevin Anderson and George Lucas. I'm not making any money off of this.
Author notes: This story started as a Young Jedi Knights round robin but due to lack of interest on the mailing list, I'm completing the story myself. I may or may not, go back and revise the first chapter. I also beta read this story myself, so any and all mistakes are my fault. If comma splices or overly verbose sentences annoy you, edit the story and mail it to me, or offer to beta read the next part.
Feedback: Yes please!
Warning: Male/male rape, physical abuse, mental abuse, and bad language.
Dedicated: to everyone who sent me feedback and convinced me the story was worth continuing.

Sex, Lies, and Painful Games

Yuri led Jaina down the hall to his room. He really didn't want to force his hand, but the girl had to be kept under control. He never should have let her take that nap after dinner or watch the news. He was going to have to tell Sela to censor what came to the house. Yuri couldn't let something on the HoloNet trigger Jaina's memories. An insistent voice brought him out of his revere. Jaina did not know how to keep quiet while he was thinking and possessed the curiosity of a cat. After the spectacular crash, he would also say she owned nine lives. He heard her repeat the question. "Where are we going?" The girl sounded annoyed.

"I have to show you something. I think you might find it educational." Yuri smiled already picturing her reaction.


Jaina frowned, annoyed and anxious, she knew that something bad was going to happen, but Yuri wouldn't tell her anything. Her teeth bit at her lower lip in worry. Finally, Yuri stopped in front of a door and lifted a golden necklace from around his neck with a silver key at the end. It was an old fashioned key but it worked when he put it in the doorknob and turned. The wooden door swung open quietly. Jaina couldn't stop the spark of fear from shooting to her heart. The room was dark and she could feel that bad things have happened in it. Yuri stepped through without hesitation and called "Lights" and clapped his hands twice. Four lamps in the room came on at the same time illuminating a big four poster bed completely made of wood and gaudy purple drapes pulled to the four corners of the bed. She could easily see a boy lying on the bed, with a gold collar around his neck and a short metal chain attached to the headboard. The boy was so beautiful it almost took her breath away, but something was wrong. Where were all of his clothes? A small cloth covered his private parts but he was naked everywhere else except for four golden bracelets attached to his wrists and ankles, one on each limb.

At the sight of her and Yuri, the boy tried to sit up too fast before he remembered the chain. He cried out in surprise as he was jerked him back onto the white fluffy pillows. His black shoulder length hair fanned around his head and was already tangled. His green eyes burned in anger and fear. He looked so familiar, but Jaina couldn't place a name with the boy. Jaina didn't notice Yuri leaving her side until she noticed him by the bed with gold metal contraption on his head. It looked like a headband; it had a small red jewel in the middle and an attachment that held a speaker near Yuri's mouth. She almost started laughing thinking that this was some kind of joke, but everything looked too real. She stepped closer to the bed and tried to sense Yuri's intentions, but she couldn't sense anything from Yuri or the green eye boy.


Zekk lay on the large bed, trying not to panic when the door to the room opened. He couldn't see anything except two shadowy figures. After Yuri had left him earlier that day, the woman doctor, cleaned him up stripped off all his clothes and had him escorted to this room and chained to the bed. He tried to plead and reason with the lady to let him go, but she wouldn't even look at him.

The lights turning on startled him out of his train of thought and blinded him for a moment. He tried sitting up when he noticed the taller shadow pulling away from its companion. He heard a small chuckle after his small cry of surprise. How could he have forgotten the chain around his neck? He looked toward the smaller figure trying to guess the person's identity. The force didn't work within four feet of the bed.

The tall shadow stepped within the light and he was glad he didn't say anything, he didn't want to be further abused by Yuri he needed to keep his strength so he could escape when the opportunity presented itself. Yuri sat on the bed and grabbed his wrist. Zekk automatically tried pulling away but Yuri's hand only tightened even more. Zekk hissed in pain afraid that his wrist was going to break under the pressure.

"Stay still this will only take a moment." Yuri commanded as he prepared to inject a needle filled with a greenish blood into the thick hollow bracelet around Zekk's wrist.

Zekk looked away and tried to stay still not wanting that stuff injected into him on accident.

"Okay the other wrist."

Zekk gave the man his other wrist without complaint. He avoided looking at the man. Instead, he looked at the other shadow person. Whoever it was coming inch by inch to his bedside. He felt the weight leave the bed and he looked back at Yuri to see what the man was up to. Zekk followed Yuri with his eyes around to the foot of the bed. Before Zekk, had time to react Yuri quickly grabbed one ankle and pulled Zekk to him so he could inject the stuff into the ankle bracelet.

Zekk started choking as the gold collar around his neck tightened. He instinctively started struggling to pull himself back up, but the strong arms wouldn't let him go. Yuri stared at his captive in anger. "Hold still and this will be finished quickly."

Finally, the hidden person jumped forward and yelled. "Stop it! You're hurting him! What are you doing?" She tried to push Yuri away from the boy on the bed.

Yuri's free hand flashed out and slapped Jaina across the face hard enough to make her fall. Yuri looked at the intrusion in anger. "Jaina you are trying my patience. Go hold that boy's hand if you want to help him. But don't you ever do that again. Now be quiet."

Jaina stood up slowly holding her right hand over her cheek. Her brown eye's full of tears and anger, finally she asked. "Yuri what is going on? You had no right to hit me."

Yuri ignored her and finished injecting the blood into his right ankle bracelet and quickly grabbed the next leg and finished injecting the rest of the blood into the fourth bracelet. As soon as he let go of his leg, Zekk pushed himself back up until the collar didn't choke him anymore. He sat up slowly making sure he didn't tangle the chain he didn't feel comfortable lying down while Yuri decided his fate. His eyes widened in surprise at the sight of Jaina. "Jaina what are you doing here?" His voice sounded rusty from thirst, but still understandable.

"What...How do you know me?" Jaina looked at the boy trying to figure out why he looked so familiar.

Yuri didn't waste time. He spoke into his speaker that hung down from his gold headband. "Activate stun, level 1." The red jewel glowed for a second and then the most excruciating pain Zekk had ever felt in his life tore through his body. He screamed in agony and fell on his side. Little blue sparks of energy jumped from his hands to his body. The stun only lasted one second but Zekk could still feel the pain of it minutes afterwards while he lay sobbing into a pillow.


Yuri walked around the bed surveying Zekk's reaction. "Nataku didn't I tell you to never speak my permission? Next time it's going to be level 2. As long as you wear that collar I have complete control of how much pain you feel and don't feel." Yuri smiled in satisfaction. It was so much fun torturing and breaking the new captives.

"Jaina come here." Yuri commanded, ignoring the look of horror and disgust on her pretty face.

"What do you want?" She asked.

Yuri smiled again, "Come here sit on the bed. I need to explain a few new rules to you."

Jaina shook her head in denial; "No I want to go back to my room. I'm not interested in your sick perverted games."

"Well I'm sure Nataku is interested because if you don't sit down right now I'm going to stun him again, this time I'll use level 3. I hear some people die from the pain if they aren't prepared or used to it."


She looked at the boy still curled up in a fetal position on the bed and back at Yuri. She couldn't let Yuri hurt Nataku, if there was anything she could do about it. She may not remember her past life, but she knew that if she didn't do everything in her power to help this boy she wouldn't be able to live with herself. Jaina sat down as far away from Yuri as she could get, without appearing obvious. "Okay now what?"

Yuri sat down close to Nataku before he started speaking. "Earlier this evening you said that you didn't want to practice using the force anymore, or take any training from me. Well I simply can not in good conscious let your talent go to waste. For now on, every night, just after sunset, I want to see you in the courtyard ready to train. Otherwise, poor Nataku is going to suffer and suffer until you appear. I hear that this device has nine levels. I haven't seen anyone reach level 9 yet. I've only been able to keep my pets alive up till level 7 and I hear that I'm one of the best. Now since you are my daughter, you will have free run of the mansion and if you want to go into town you may, but just remember if you aren't here in time...well I've already told you what will happen. Now it has been a long night why don't you go to bed and we can start training tomorrow. I just acquired this new toy, and I want to spend the evening training him to please me. Do you understand the rules?" With the last few sentences, Yuri had started stroking Zekk's bare leg up and down enjoying the smoothness and youthful skin.

Jaina stood up and tried not to show how scared she really was or how dirty Yuri had made her feel. She couldn't sense the Force while she was on the bed so she couldn't tell if the man spoke the truth, but she wasn't going to take the chance. She tried not to look at Nataku's tortured eyes and pleading expression. There was nothing she could do to help the boy. As long as Yuri had on the headband, he could kill Nataku. "I understand." She made herself turn around and walk out to the door, before she lost her nerve.

Just as she touched the door handle, Yuri called out to her. "And Jaina if this headband comes off my head or if my heart stops beating without my authorization code, it's automatic response is to kill Nataku. So, don't use that pretty little head of yours for anything other than training. Now goodnight and pleasant dreams." She opened the door and got out of the room as quickly as possible trying to ignore Yuri's laughter and the knowledge of what was going to happen to Nataku.


Zekk closed his eyes in despair once Jaina had left the room. He knew what was going to happen to him tonight and as long as she was here Yuri wouldn't expect anything of him.

Yuri turned around and looked at him with a faint smile. "Aren't you curious as to what I injected into your bracelets?"

Zekk nodded his head too afraid to make a sound with the memory of his recent torture fresh on his mind. He hoped Yuri would give some longwinded explanation he was not looking forward to the rest of the evenings entertainment.

"Good I see that you have learned your lesson. You are never to speak without my permission. Especially when Jaina is here. I know that you two were friends, lovers, whatever, but she lost her memory while helping the Princess bitch escape. So don't expect Jaina to come to your rescue, did you see how much she pitied you? My you must make her sick when she think of what a whore you are. In fact, I think I'm going to record this first session with you and give it to her as a present. Then if for a brief microsecond she thought of actually helping you escape she would reconsider because no one wants to help stupid sluts who let themselves be captured. Those bracelets are to make sure you can't use the Force. You know those slugs or whatever they are called it is their blood that counteracts the Force, so as long as you are wearing the bracelets you won't be able to use the Force."

Zekk watched and listened to Yuri as the tall muscular man walked around the room discarding clothes in his tirade. Just as Yuri was down to his last item of clothing covering his penis. He walked over to Zekk and unlocked the chain connected to his collar. "I want you to be able to move around easily, but don't worry when I'm finished I'll chain you up again." Yuri took off the headband and the rest of his clothes just as he finished his speech. He wanted to dominate his new slave physically before he decided to break the boy using the headband.

Then before Zekk could protest Yuri ripped off the cloth covering his ass and penis. Yuri climbed onto the bed and grabbed Zekk's wrists holding them firmly against the mattress while he plundered Zekk's mouth savagely. Zekk tried twisting his head away and bucking the heavier man off of him, but Yuri weighed twice as much and he only dug in harder. Yuri started rubbing his cock against Zekk's stomach and moved his hard kisses down to Zekk's neck and shoulders. Zekk screamed in pain when Yuri started biting and sucking his neck. Yuri lifted his head and looked at Zekk with blood fresh on his lips. The older man grinned and sat up still holding Zekk immobile beneath him. He pulled Zekk's body down toward the middle of the bed and pinned the boy's hands to the bed with his knees, as he positioned his cock over Zekk's mouth. After his weight settled on Zekk's upper body, he grabbed the boy's wrists, and held them over Zekk's head. Again, he held his dangling penis over Zekk's face. "Open your mouth, Nataku, I plan on fucking you tonight and I don't have any lubrication so you better hope that you wet me enough."

Zekk really did try to open his mouth but his muscles wouldn't cooperate.

Yuri finally had to hold both wrist in one hand and use his other hand to force Zekk's jaw open long enough to slide his cock inside. At first, Yuri really did intend to be nice for the boy's first time, but after that display of rebellion, he decided to pound his cock inside that warm mouth despite Zekk's obvious distress and the small choking sounds. Yuri couldn't remember the last time he had such a beautiful toy to play with. He sped up and with a shout, he shoved his cock as far down the boy's throat as it would go and start shooting his sperm. It felt like forever he hadn't felt that good in a long time. Yuri slowly pulled out of the shocked boy and lay down on top of the small frame. White strands of cum escaped Nataku's mouth and Yuri slowly licked them off of Zekk's face. Yuri smiled as he felt himself starting to get hard again. "Turn over." This time Zekk obeyed instantly.


Zekk wanted to die. He couldn't stop the tears from sliding off his face and onto his tightly clenched hands. Yuri's hands held onto his hips tightly forcing his body to rock back and forth with each thrust. At first the pain was excruciating but his body quickly adjusted. Now ever time Yuri pushed into him his penis hit some spot inside of him that sent waves of pleasure through his blood. He tried to move away but the hands only held on tighter probably leaving bruises. All he could do was lie there and endure, and hope the sweating mad man grunting above him would hurry up and finish.

He thought he wanted to die when he was forced to give the blowjob but this was so much worse. He couldn't believe his body was betraying him like this. Zekk's own breathing picked up in cadence with Yuri's and he buried his face in the white fluffy pillow and tried to think of old people, moldy food, and giving Yuri a blowjob. He thought he was going to die. Yuri had his penis shoved so far down his throat that he couldn't breath and when Yuri started to cum it was all he could do to swallow every drop of the salty substance.

Yuri started thrusting into him faster and harder, each time hitting that damned spot again. His body soon felt flushed and his breathing picked up in time with Yuri's. Please let him finish soon. Please let him finish soon. Zekk prayed even as his body stuttered and his hands clenched even more tightly into the pillow. The coil of pleasure trapped in his body was going to burst. He'd never felt such pleasure before and he hated it. He moaned and raised his hips to meet Yuri's downward thrust. Almost not caring anymore how his body reacted. He had to stop the burning. Yuri's hands started moving all over his body as he approached his own climax. Zekk barely noticed nails scratching his back or Yuri biting his shoulder in an attempt to get even closer to his body. Heat covered him in the form of Yuri's smooth hairless chest. By now Yuri was moving so fast he didn't have time to breathe. He started struggling to get away from Yuri. He screamed and cried out. Not sure if it was the pleasure or the pain. His skin felt so hot he could barely feel the slow flow of blood trailing over his collarbone.

Abruptly Yuri stopped thrusting reached around his body and grabbed his wrists and twisted them behind his back. The strain on his arms forced him to change position, shifting the angle of entry. Yuri slammed back in him and he screamed into the pillow. It felt ten times better than before. Tears ran into the white pillow. He had no control over his body anymore. It was one mass of nerve endings, and Yuri controlled all of them. Finally, Yuri gave one loud cry and Yuri's one arm clenched around his waist, while the other hand squeezed his wrists until he was sure they were going to break.

Zekk tried to control his breathing, and thanked all the gods he didn't come. He'd never experienced anything so intense and it scared him. Yuri's arms slowly relaxed and eventually let go of him. Zekk weakly tried moving out from under Yuri's body, but Yuri quickly grabbed a handful of his hair and forced him to stay still. After an eternity Yuri climbed off him and rolled over next to him, not at all worried that Zekk would try anything. Zekk never knew anyone so magnetic and commanding before. Master Skywalker didn't posses the air of power until you challenged him. Yuri's breathing slowly returned to normal and he sat up and flipped him over onto his back. "I think I'm going to enjoy you, Nataku. That was the best fuck I had in a long time." Yuri's deep husky voice and black eyes hypnotized Zekk.

He couldn't move when Yuri ran his hands down his chest and started kissing and licking the bite marks on his neck. "I'll make you come at least once tonight. You belong to me." Zekk barely understood what Yuri murmured against his neck, but the possessiveness in the tone was clear. He stared up at the black canopy above his head and wished he could become something else just to escape Yuri.

He cringed back when Yuri's hand started massaging his balls until he became hard again. He tried to fight against it, but Yuri kept brushing his hands away. Zekk fought against feeling awkward and embarrassed. No one had ever touched him so intimately. Not even his uncle. "Open your legs."

Zekk started at the order but opened his legs automatically at the commanding tone. "I knew you were a natural whore, Nataku." Zekk's face flushed in shame. Why did he do that, obey the madman's order? He turned his head to the side not wanting to see Yuri tower over his body, overpowering him again. Strong hands gripped his thighs and forced them apart and up. Zekk fluttered his hands near his chest and moved them to his sides. He didn't know what to do with his hands. Yuri's chest was too far away to shove Yuri away from him. Yuri sat back on his heels and positioned his body so that his back was arched. He tried to use his elbows to elevate his upper body, but Yuri looked so furious with him that he immediately laid back down.

Butterflies started tingling in his stomach once he saw how large Yuri was endowed. "Wait! Stop please." Zekk couldn't help himself. Before he was in shock and now he just wanted everything to stop. Too late. Yuri's expression hardened and he quickly thrust inside and moved to lay on top of Zekk holding his legs up with his arms. Zekk bit his lips to prevent the scream from breaking out of his mouth. He used his arms and tried pushing Yuri off of him. God it hurt.

The mountain on top of him didn't move for the longest time except to shift around. It took a few moments for Zekk to notice that Yuri applied oil to his penis this time. That's why he was able to ram into him so easily. Zekk could feel his heart beating loudly against his chest. Yuri used one hand to force him to look up at him. The cold black eyes and the smiling face scared him. "Nataku. I know you're enjoying this. Why do you look so frightened? No don't answer. I know you almost came last time. You'll have fun again. Then training will start."

He closed his eyes and tried to ignore the ominous presence of Yuri lodged inside of him. Lighting exploded in his head. "Who told you to close your eyes? I was going to be nice for your second time, but I think I changed my mind." And with that, Yuri started thrusting more forcibly. Again, he moved Zekk into a position where it felt so good every time Yuri entered him. Soon Zekk had his legs wrapped around Yuri's waist, and one of his hands was drifting down to his own need. A hand of steel stopped him and forced his hand over his head and then he grabbed Zekk's other hand and forced it over his head as well. Zekk sobbed in frustration. Yuri bent down and kissed him on the lips. He tried to move his head to the side, but he couldn't escape the man. His mouth was forced open and soon he had another man's tongue inside his mouth. If his skin wasn't so hot and the blood wasn't throbbing through his whole body. He would have gagged in disgust. As it was the extra stimulation brought him to a higher level of pleasure.

His breath hitched in his chest and he moaned against Yuri's peppermint tasting mouth. Yuri lifted his head and started licking and kissing Zekk's cheeks, nose, and ears before moving on to his neck. Zekk lifted his head back and to the side to give Yuri more room. It felt so good. He arched his back to rub himself against Yuri. "Stop it Nataku. I know what you're trying. If you can't come like a woman then you can't come at all. You were so close the first time." Yuri's husky soft whisper almost undid him. Tears leaked out the corners of his eyes.

What was he doing! He was a Jedi in training. Control and concentration. Those were the first lessons. Why couldn't he control himself now? His blood and muscles felt like they were winding tighter down at his abdomen. He couldn't think or breathe. Why did it feel so good?

He let out a gasp and started thrusting back against Yuri. He had to come, and soon. Everything felt tighter and tighter until his body clenched uncontrollably and sperm started shooting onto his chest and Yuri's. Once his throat muscles unclenched, he let out a cry of pleasure that echoed in the spacious room. He heard Yuri laughing above him in triumph. He felt like dying in shame. Damn.

"Ah Nataku. Don't be so harsh. You're a natural whore. Of course, your body is going to respond to me. You'll respond with everyone you have sex with. You're so wonderful. I don't think I'm going to share you with anyone just yet..." Yuri had stopped thrusting until all of his muscle contractions stopped, but now he started again. Zekk felt too exhausted and worn out to fight back. He felt like curling up into a ball and sleeping. Thank the Force Yuri quickly finished. He must have been holding back for him.

Zekk didn't know what to do. He'd never felt more confused. Why did his body react so positively to being fucked? Why didn't he fight back more? The pain of the collar briefly entered Zekk's thoughts, but he still should have resisted. His mind kept replaying similar scenes and abuses he suffered at his uncle's home. A familiar mantra rang through his mind. If I don't fight it won't hurt as much. Every time he fought his uncle he ended up almost beaten to death, if his family would do such a thing to him, what would this stranger do? So far, Yuri only used the collar a few times.

Yuri pulled out of him and climbed off the bed and walked to the bathroom. He couldn't decide if he wanted to throw up or take a shower first. He felt so used and dirty. The back of his thighs felt sticky and he wondered if this is how girls feel when they have sex with men. Yuri returned with a washrag and the headband on his head and nothing else. Proud of his strong and muscled body no doubt. The man climbed back into the bed. "Nataku turn around. I need to clean you before your blood stains the sheets." He winced at the thought and was glad Jaina wasn't here to witness his degradation...


Bright sunlight filtered through the light blue curtains hanging over the patio doors, waking Jaina from her troubled sleep. She sat up and ran her hand through her tangled brown hair; she could feel a headache forming just behind her eyes already. A small bell chimed outside Jaina's door and she looked up startled, just before a droid walked in carrying a tray with food and what looked like water, except it fizzled...?

The golden droid reminded her of someone she was suppose to know, but the memory slipped further and further away the more she tried to remember. The droid set the tray on the nightstand next the bed before she spoke. For some reason, this droid seemed distinctly female. "Mistress Jaina, I am you new protocol droid, CC-MS, model 1067. I know over five million languages and I'm programmed with all the knowledge a well brought up lady is suppose to know. Your father has instructed me to feed you and then take you into town. Your father says that you need new clothes, to practice in. After you are done eating, we shall go."

Jaina watched the golden droid buzz about the room picking up discarded clothes that Jaina had thrown on the floor. She shrugged her shoulders, if someone wanted to pick up after her, who was she to say no? Hmmm.... That piece of bread looked good. Jaina picked up the light metal tray and set it on the bed so she didn't have to make a bigger mess eating the toast, or the blue eggs, and bubbly liquid stuff, she presumed was Jell-O. She decided to try the drink first, her throat felt hot and scratchy and she didn't want to imagine trying the bread without the "water" first. She raised the glass to her lip and took a small sip and almost choked too many bubbles or fizz or whatever was in it! "CC? Do you have anything else I can drink? Like water or apple juice?"

Just then, the droid maid/nanny pulled open the blue curtains letting in the bright morning light. Jaina squeezed her eyes shut and ducked her head; it was way too bright and sunny this morning. She almost missed what the droid was saying, "I thought all children your age like Fizzle Water? All the holovids say so?"

"Not everyone likes it." Jaina said not looking up from the food on her tray. She didn't see CC leave, but she heard the door open and close. She picked up a silver spoon and started poking at the cubed Jell-O. The spoon tore off a section and Jaina ate the small piece. She brought the spoon down tore off another section. She stared at the red Jell-O on her spoon and watched as it jiggled, as her hand shook involuntary. Jaina had never felt so ashamed and the shame felt like it was spreading throughout her body starting with her stomach. Tears ran down her face unnoticed. How could she have abandoned that boy to her father? Why was her father so sick and perverted?

She faintly heard the door open and close. "Mistress Jaina, I have water and apple juice."

The voice sounded way too cheerful, just like someone else's that she couldn't remember. She kept her head bowed so CC wouldn't see her tear streaked face, or puffy red eyes. CC set the two glasses on her tray and stood waiting for Jaina's next command. "Thank you, CC Can you please leave me alone for awhile?"

"Yes mistress, I'll be out in the hall."

Jaina ate slowly, trying to force the pictures of Nataku out of her head.

Two Hours Later

Byss spaceport was quiet and almost empty, garbage pilled up at some of the street corners, and the town smelled so bad that Jaina couldn't wait to get back to the mansion. Jaina followed CC as they walked down the deserted street. The tall building blocked out some of the afternoon sun. She might not have her memory, but she knew that spaceports where suppose to be the center of commerce and busy? Although they had reached the city thirty minutes ago, it felt like they had been there hours.

"CC? What happened to the spaceport? It's too quiet."

"Oh don't worry about it young mistress. I overheard some of the servants and they said that at night the spaceport comes alive. I think everyone sleeps during the day? That is why we are going uptown a bit. I think those shops are open."

Jaina followed the babbling droid with a grin, CC still reminded her of someone, but she couldn't place the memory. Two hours and sixteen closed shops later, they finally found a store that was open at four in the afternoon. Desperate for any clothes they bought as much as possible.

They returned to the mansion just as the sun was setting, and Jaina rushed to her room and changed into an old outfit that could be ripped up and torn. She tied her hair back and opened her patio door. She arrived at the inner courtyard just as Yuri and Nataku entered. Again, Yuri was wearing the bulky headpiece.

Yuri nodded his head in approval. "I'm glad you made it here on time. I would hate to hurt Nataku more than necessary." He reached a hand up and ran it through Nataku's black hair. Nataku stood silently and still, starring at the paved path under his bare feet. Bruises on his shoulders and neck stood out in sharp contrast against his white skin and the golden collar on his neck. Yuri held the end of a slim silver chain attached to Nataku's collar.

Jaina looked away instantly feeling sick. "Yeah well it would be a waste of my "potential" if I didn't practice." She tried to keep the sarcasm out of her voice, but she couldn't help it. She hated her father, if that is who he really was.

Yuri clucked his tongue, "Careful Jaina, you wouldn't want to get me angry. I wouldn't dream of hurting my one and only daughter. However, Nataku is a good substitute. Okay, enough threats come along. I had the servants arrange a small practice area for us. So how was your shopping?" Yuri led her and Nataku out of the inner courtyard and into a larger courtyard, with everything cleared out of the middle.

"All the stores where closed." Jaina answered Yuri's last question.

"Really, where you able to buy anything?"

"Yeah CC and I finally found a small shop that had just opened."

Yuri nodded his head, "Good, that's good. Jaina I don't want you going into town at night. If you disobey...Just remember you aren't going to be punished, just Nataku. Okay now let's start practicing." Yuri grabbed Nataku's arm and moved him off to the side of the courtyard and attached the end of the collar to a hook protruding from the high stone wall surrounding the courtyard. He walked back to Jaina. She stepped back a pace when he reached into his robes and pulled out a metallic sphere. He ignored her and pushed a button on it and held it until some lights started flashing. He threw it into the air and Jaina automatically reached out to grab it before it hit the ground, but before she reached it some invisible force caught it and held it floating about three meters off the ground. She stared in awe, until a blue light flashed out of the ball and hit her leg. She cried out in pain and clutched her injured thigh. "Dad!"

Yuri smiled innocently, "Oh I'm sorry Jaina, I was just testing to make sure it still worked."

"What is it?"

"It's a Jedi Knight training tool. I'm going to blindfold you and you are suppose to avoid the stunners."

Jaina shook her head in confusion. How was she suppose to avoid getting hit if she couldn't see? "Wait a minute. How am I suppose to avoid those stunners if I can't see?"

"Why by using the Force. How else?"

Jaina glared at Yuri trying to hold her temper. "Now how am I suppose to use the "Force" you haven't taught me anything, yet."

"Don't worry, after you've been stunned a few times, you learn to sense the Force. Anger helps too."

"Oh I'm angry all right! I'm sick of your stupid games!"

Yuri scowled at Jaina in annoyance. "Okay enough talk, we better get started. Don't worry Jaina before you lost your memory you were quite skilled in the Force. I'm sure it will come back to you, and tomorrow night we can move on to lightsabers."

"Lightsabers! I can't even sense this Force that you are talking about! You are insane!" Jaina couldn't stop herself from yelling at the grinning idiot in front of her. She couldn't believe this guy was her father.

" Activate stun, level 1."

Jaina stared at Yuri in shock just as Nataku cried out in pain and fell down. "What did you do that for!"

"Jaina when will you learn not to talk back to me. I'm sick of hearing your sniveling objections. You will learn to use the Force. I find it helpful to focus my anger at my enemies. Next time I hear a complaint I'll raise the stun to level two. I don't think Nataku would like that." Yuri reached into his pocket and pulled out a black cloth. "Come here so I can tie this around your eyes.

Jaina stared at the ground trying to control her fury; she could feel her face flushing and her hands trembled. She didn't know if she had a temper before she lost her memory, but if she did it was probably because her father was so aggravating. She walked over to him without saying another word. She didn't like being blinded, but her dad didn't tie the blindfold too tight. It was snug enough so that it wouldn't fall off if she moved around a lot. Her breathing sped up as she felt him step away from her. She was not looking forward to the pain; those blue lasers hurt like hell when they hit.

"Okay Jaina I'm going to start firing. We are not leaving the courtyard, until you learn this lesson, even if it takes all night."

Jaina nodded her head and started listening for the sound of the laser being fired. She could hear a humming noise, but it seemed to be everywhere at once. She tried to sense the Force by relaxing her mind and calming herself down, but then a sharp pain stabbed into her back. "Ouch! Yuri! Wait a minute I wasn't ready!"

"Jaina in battle the enemy never asks if you are ready, you must always be prepared to defend yourself." With that last remark, another laser hit her this time in her right thigh.

Jaina tried not to panic, but each time the laser hit her, it hurt even more and she couldn't escape. Within minutes she was about to scream in frustration, "STOP IT!" She yelled in anger as another blast hit her knee.

She couldn't see Yuri's smile, but she could hear it in his voice, "That's it Jaina, the angrier you are the easier the Force will come to you."

"Easier! I'm furious and I can't feel anything! You are making all of this up just to torture me!"

Yuri started laughing, "Jaina I don't need to torture you, after all I have Nataku for that. Okay, I'll give you some advice. I was hoping that you would remember how to use the Force on your own... I'll make a deal with you, if I give you any advice I'll stun Nataku again, and for every hour it takes you to learn this lesson I'll raise the levels, but if you choose to learn this on your own, I won't hurt him. So Jaina which do you choose?"

Jaina knew what her answer was going to be even before he finished speaking. "I'll learn this myself."

"I was hoping you would say that."


Two hours later, Jaina knelt on the ground too exhausted to move anymore, drained beyond her endurance. She stared at the ground and tried to catch her breath. She flinched when the laser hit her again, too shocked to move any more. Jaina started crying, "Please I can't take any more." She reached up and took off the blindfold. Strands of brown hair had fallen out of her ponytail and without the blindfold her hair hung limply in her face. She weakly lifted her hand and pushed some of the hair back behind her ears.

"I can't believe you are giving up so soon. I thought my daughter would be stronger than this." His voice was filled with contempt and anger. "You are such a weak girl, I should have given you away after you were born, but your mother said you had potential."

Jaina looked up and tried not to let those words hurt her. She couldn't trust Yuri to tell her the truth, especially knowing what he did to Nataku. "I don't remember my mother, so please don't try that argument with me. You don't know how to teach and now you are taking it out on me. Isn't there a school I can go to learn how to use my abilities?"

Yuri reached over and slapped Jaina so hard she fell down, hitting the ground hard enough to leave a bruise on her posterior for a week. Her eyes filled with tears and she looked up at Yuri in confusion, too tired to figure out what she did wrong. She stood up slowly hoping Yuri wouldn't notice how much he had hurt her. "Never ever mention leaving here to go to school. I'm your father and I'm going to teach you. It's not my fault that you're too stupid to learn this on your own. Activate stun, level 2."

Jaina whirled around just in time to see Nataku fall to the ground, in too much pain to scream. His legs and arms twitched uncontrollably, and his face whitened. "Why did you do that." Jaina demanded.

"Activate stun, level 2." Yuri said smiling at his charge. This time Nataku screamed and fainted. Jaina didn't want to think of how much pain it would take before she would faint. This time Jaina decided not to say anything. Yuri smiled in approval. "Yes you are learning. Don't ever talk back to me or question my orders. I'll stun him again once he regains consciousness, and then I'll give teach you how to sense the force."

"I don't want to learn at that price." Jaina said quietly, trying to sound subservient.

Yuri brought his hand to her face, making Jaina flinch, but instead of hitting her he tilted her face up with one hand and looked her into her eyes; he stepped closer to the shorter girl and whispered softly, "Everything you learn comes with a price. You just have to decide what is more important. Right now, it's you or Nataku. Are you always going to put someone else above you? Why do you care so much about what happens to that boy? He is nothing. With the Force you can accomplish so much, someday we can rule this world and everyone will obey us."

"You're insane." Jaina whispered vehemently and jerked her face out of his hold. She turned around and tried to control her anger.

"Activate stun, level 2. Jaina I don't want to hear another word out of you mouth tonight."


" Activate stun, level 2, You must not care for this boy's well fare after all. Didn't I say no talking?"

"Dad..." Jaina's voice trembled with guilt as Nataku continued to whimper.

"Activate stun, level 1, He's not going to be able to take much more Jaina. Now what's it going to be? Are you going to keep you mouth shut or do I have to hurt Nataku again? Nod your head if you understand."

Jaina didn't know what to do to stop Yuri from hurting Nataku so she nodded her head, and waited to see what he would tell her next. She couldn't believe her father could be so cruel maybe this was why she couldn't remember her past. Already she wanted to forget yesterday and today.

"Okay now that we have that straightened out I can now teach you..."


Four hours later, Jaina was proficient enough to avoid the lasers with a blindfold on, and Yuri called it a night. Jaina left the courtyard after Yuri carried Nataku out. By the time she had sensed the Force Yuri had stunned the Nataku four times, each time raising the level. She tried not to think about the torture Nataku suffered for her mistakes. She was exhausted and sweaty and too tired to feel anything. She wasn't even excited about feeling the Force, watching Nataku suffer for every hour it took her, took away any pleasure. She slowly walked to her room barely moving her feet. She entered her room and turned on the light. It was late, so CC had already set out her nightclothes. Jaina wanted to crawl into bed, but her she was soaked with sweat and felt too dirty.

She picked up her clothes from off the end of the bed and walked to the bathroom and started the shower, hoping the water would heat up while she undressed. She left her exercise clothes on the floor, and placed her shoes by the door so she wouldn't forget them. The tile floor felt cold beneath her hot feet. She took down her hair last and stepped into the shower. She liked the luxury of the water running over her body. CC told her that most people could only afford a sonic shower, because the water supply on this planet was limited. She stayed in the shower long after she finished washing her hair. The hot water helped to relax her muscles. She was also took the time to plan her escape. Jaina knew that if she stayed here much longer she was going to go insane, and that she couldn't stand to see her father torture Nataku anymore. She wanted to trust CC, but her father's technicians programmed the droid and she could not be trusted.

Jaina climbed out of the shower after the water started to turn cold. She dried herself off and put on the light cotton shorts and a sleeveless cotton shirt. Her father must have a thing for white, because all of her daytime and nighttime clothes where in that color. She remembered to pick up her shoes as she left the bathroom and within ten minutes, she was in her bed sound asleep.


The next day was much like the one before except Jaina stayed home and read a book she found in Yuri's library. It was a book about the Jedi Knights and what they accomplished thousands of years ago. Training this time wasn't as difficult and Yuri only stunned Nataku a few times, when Jaina forgot herself and spoke. The next three weeks went by quickly as Jaina's training increased to other tasks, like levitating furniture and silverware. Her physical well being was taken care of as well. Every day she ran on the indoor track. Yuri wanted her body to be as strong as her mental abilities. On her free time, Jaina looked up as much as she could about the planet she lived on and on Byss Spaceport. She needed the information if she was going to run away.

Life wasn't so bad for her, but she couldn't get rid of the guilty feeling every time she saw Nataku with new bruises covering his body. There was no way she could ignore how much weight he had lost or the shadows under his eyes. His eyes when she first saw him shined brightly and now he always looked at the ground too ashamed or scared to look at her. Every time Jaina saw Nataku, she knew she had to get him out of there, but the mansion had too many defenses and alarms.

She had almost given up hope of escape when Yuri said he was going out of town for a few days on a business trip. This was the best chance she would have. In the three weeks, after she woke up with all her memories gone Yuri had yet to leave the mansion.


"Jaina I'm leaving! Come say bye." Yuri yelled loudly not wanting to leave without saying bye. He was growing accustomed to pretending he was Jaina's father.

He looked up as she walked in to the living room. She looked like she had just finished exercising. "Yes dad?"

"I'm leaving I wanted to say bye and to tell you that I decided to leave Nataku here, my business partners would not approve of having him around. I gave him permission to talk so you two can get to know each other. I know you've been feeling lonely lately. You can talk to him, but I gave express orders to the guards not to let him off the property. I don't think I need to tell you what will happen to him if he tries to escape. Okay remember to practice using the Force, and when I get back we will start using lightsabers. I think that's it, now give me a hug so I can go."

Yuri could tell that Jaina didn't really like him or want to give him a hug, but she was so use to following his orders that she walked over and put her hands around his waist and said, "I'll see you when you return. Have a nice trip."

He smiled and patted her head; "Okay I have to go now, behave while I'm gone." She let him go easily and he walked out the door, to a waiting transport vehicle, not at all concerned that his now obedient slave would talk.


Jaina stood at the window and watched the car take Yuri further and further away making sure he really left. She felt a small smile of relief cross her lips finally he was gone. She went to the bathroom and took a shower. She didn't know when she would have the opportunity to take another one.

After she dressed in a dark pair of exercise clothes she went to her father's room, and walked in not bothering to knock, knowing Nataku probably wouldn't be able to answer the door. She was right, the lamp by the bed illuminated him and the chains holding him to the bed. She turned on more of the lights, and walked over to him, nervously, this was the first time she was alone with him. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw thin whip marks on his chest.

He looked up at her his green eye's questioning what she was doing there. She never entered her father's room after that first night. She decided to answer his silent question. "My dad left for a business trip, and he said I could talk to you." Her voice felt loud in the quiet room. She licked her lips nervously. Nataku was so beautiful she felt shy around him. Someone had applied make-up to his eyes and lips. The black kohl made his green eyes look bigger and shine brighter, while the lip-gloss made his lips even redder.

She waited for a minute expecting him to talk back, when she remembered that she was suppose to give him permission to talk. "Oh...My dad said you can talk too."

She winced when his eyes hardened in anger and his voice sounded rusty when he finally answered sarcastically. "So I'm allowed to talk now?"

Jaina ignored his tone of voice and walked around the bed trying to find the release for the chain, she didn't want to discuss her plans in this room. Her father probably had devices scattered throughout the room, ready to catch every word she said. "Nataku, how do I unchain you from the bed?"

He sat up and showed her the lock at the corner of the bed that connected to all the other chains. Once she had that unlocked everything else came undone too. "Do you know where the key is?"

"Yeah it's over in the desk on the right top draw. It should be the gold one. Why are you doing this?"

She walked over to the desk and opened the draw; the key was easy to find. So she walked back over and tried to unlock the stubborn lock. "I don't want to stay here in this room. Don't you want to go outside?" She couldn't stop the impatience from creeping up when she talked. The stupid lock was not cooperating.

"Do you want me to do that?" Nataku's voice came from above her. He had enough slack in the chains to move to the head of the bed where Jaina was kneeling on the floor trying to open the lock.

She looked up at him in surprise, "It won't open for me maybe you'll have better luck." She handed him the key and he started to reach down but the chain brought him up short.

"Why don't you try laying down and use your arms to reach for the lock?" Jaina suggested quietly.

Nataku did as she suggested and within moments, the lock was open. Her mouth gaped open in surprise, "How?"

"I use to be a able to pick locks and I knew how many times to turn the key. Yuri had a special way of opening the lock. I paid attention. Come on finish unchaining me." Nataku sat up on the bed with a frown.

Jaina quickly walked around the four corner of the bed and undid the straps holding the chain the bed. She took the end of the chain and sorted it out from the rest of the chains on the bed. Her dad must have some fetish with chains. It only took a few minutes and they were walking out the door headed for the courtyard. She handed him the other end of the chain before they left the room, because she felt too weird holding the other end of the leash. She was puzzled by the absence of the Force when she touched Nataku's hand, but decided to ask him about it when they were outside, away from the prying eyes of the servants. Something didn't feel right. Why would her father let her near his prize possession? Yuri had to know that she would ask Nataku about her past. It probably never crossed her father's mind that she would want to run away from home, that was why security was lax and he didn't mind her talking to Nataku.

They reached the courtyard in silence. Jaina kept couldn't stop looking at Nataku; she hadn't seen him up this close in a long time. She had forgotten how beautiful he looked. His face haunted her dreams for the past week, but in her dreams, he always looked angry and he had a lightsaber. She didn't tell her father about the dreams, because he would dismiss them as flights of fancy and not her memories coming back. Jaina led Nataku to the outer courtyard. There was a small stone fountain, in the center and she walked over to it. Although leaves littered the bottom of the fountain, she liked sitting on the stone surrounding the statue of a mermaid. She scanned the courtyard making sure CC hadn't followed her before she spoke. "I plan on running away tonight. Do you want to come with me?"

Nataku sat down heavily on the ground next to her with a stunned expression on his thin face. His green eye's narrowed in anger and he scanned the dark corners of the courtyard then he demanded in a low whisper to prevent his voice from carrying, "How long have you had your memories back?"

Jaina sat down next to him before answering; it was obvious Nataku was terrified of being overheard. She leaned in close to him and muttered under her breath, "I don't have my memories. I'm running away from home; I'm sick of being a part of my father's sick games. Now do you want to come with me or not?"

She touched his arm trying to show him that she cared. She was not prepared for him to jerk his arm back and snarl, "Don't touch me!" Jaina flinched back in shock and a bit of fear.

"I'm trying to help." Jaina winced when she heard how plaintive her voice sounded. She meant to yell at him, but the pain in Nataku's green eye's stopped her.

Nataku stared at the ground under his knees, gazing at what appeared to be a caterpillar. The dark hid Nataku's expression so she assumed he felt bad about scaring her. "Yes I want to escape this hellhole but how?"

"I was going to knock out a few guards and steal their clothes and make a run for it?"


Zekk shook his head in despair. The old Jaina would never of thought of such an obvious plan. "Jaina, I don't think that is going to work. Yuri has hundreds of guards. We would never make it to safety before they captured us, what do you think Yuri is going to do to me if we are caught? Are you sure there isn't another way? Can't you smuggle me out of here when you go to town tomorrow? We have to have a transport into town or we are going to have the shortest escape attempt in history.

He had to strain to hear the faint; "It sounded like a good plan at the time. He's coming back tomorrow afternoon. This is the only chance we have. I know where the transport vehicles are kept. We could steal one. Does that sound any better?"

"Yeah, that might work, but first we have to go back to the room and you need to get the head band Yuri wears to control me, I can't leave the mansion grounds without it." He stood up quickly so they could head back to the house, when a small hand reached out and grabbed his wrist.

"Wait a minute! I have a few questions in case something goes wrong. You are the only one who knows who I am? Please Nataku I need to know." Jaina pleaded with the only one who could answer her questions.

"My name is Zekk." He sat down again next to his best friend, well when she remembered him again anyway. He smiled; it felt good to finally speak.

She smiled and tested his name a few times, "Zekk...it fits you somehow."

"Well I lived with the name for eighteen years."

"What else can you tell me about myself?"

"Well you have a twin brother named Jacen who is a strong in the Force as you. You also have a younger brother Anakin; he's also talented in Force. Your mother is Princess Leia, Chief of State of the New Republic. Your uncle is Luke Skywalker. He's in charge of training the new Jedi Knights. I think that's enough for now. If our escape attempt fails, remember what I told you and keep this knowledge to yourself, or Yuri will stop treating you like a daughter and more like a prisoner."

Jaina nodded her head taking in all the information and trying to picture the people Nat..Zekk mentioned. "I have one more question? Why can't I feel the Force when I touch you?"

Zekk held up his arm angrily and pointed at the thick gold bracelet surrounding his wrist. "I'm also a Jedi trainee, so to prevent me from using the Force to escape, Yuri,' Zekk spat the name out like a curse,' injected the blood of some animal that causes a emptiness in the Force. He gloated about how difficult it is to acquire the animal from whatever planet he got it. I don't care how much he spent on the stupid thing. I can't use the Force as long as these are on me." He stared down at the hated bracelets.

"I can use the Force to help us escape, and once we are free, I'm sure we can find someone who knows how to take those off." She grabbed his hand and started feeling around the bracelet trying to find a catch or a seam.

He jerked his hand out of hers. "It's no use I've already tried. Let's get out of here." He stood up and waited for her to get to her feet.

She stopped him before he walked past her, "Stop. Shouldn't we make a plan?"

He turned around and placed both of his hands on her shoulders and bent down so he could see her eyes and so that his voice wouldn't carry far. "Our first priority is to get the head-ban, then we go to the transports. That was the plan right?"

Her heart fluttered and her face flushed. Her mouth felt dry suddenly, as his face neared hers. It took her a moment to realize he finished speaking, "Oh yeah that was the plan. Just follow me."

She tried to sound confident, so he wouldn't know how much his presence confused her. She stepped back and tried not to look at his naked chest. He was still boyishly slender, but she could see muscles starting to define themselves in his arms and chest. His black hair touched his shoulders, but he didn't look like a girl... What was wrong with her, she never felt like this with him before. Of course usually, she was too busy trying to learn everything Yuri wanted her to know, before he grew impatient and stunned Nataku...Zekk. She had to remember to call Nataku by his real name, but not in the house. She started walking back towards the mansion and Zekk walked next to her, not saying anything. She wondered what he was to her before she lost her memory. He had to be someone important or why else would he be here with her instead of her brother?

Jaina tried picturing the people Zekk mentioned while he was talking about her past. She couldn't remember how any of her friends looked, Tenal Ka was the hardest, because Zekk didn't tell her if the girl from the Haps Cluster had brown hair, or black, or blonde, or red hair, or any other facial features. Lowbacca was easier, because don't all Wookies look the same? Her brother was the easiest to picture because they were twins so they should look the same...all she had to do was cut her hair really short and she could almost see her brother, she started giggling hysterically when she pictured her brother in a dress.

Zekk looked startled by the sound of Jaina giggling, "What's so funny?"

Jaina tried catching her breath and stop laughing, but it took her a few moments, "Oh I just tried picturing my brother and all of a sudden he had a dress on; he looked so horrible, especially with short hair."

"Yeah that was pretty funny." Zekk said with a small smile gracing his face.

"You mean something like that really happened!" Jaina wanted to say more, but didn't want Zekk to know how excited she was about this news.

"Yeah, it happened a few years ago. I wasn't there but I heard about it on the holovid. The newscasters couldn't get enough of the incident. Apparently, a new planet was being added to the New Republic and women who really hated men ruled the planet. Your brother wasn't supposed to be there, but I think you either got sick or broke your leg or something. Well the point is you couldn't be there and your mother needed to have her daughter there at the diplomatic meeting and ball being held afterwards. So you two came up with this idea that since both of you were still around twelve, no one would be able to tell the difference if Jacen were to wear a wig and one of your dresses." Zekk paused to take a breath and continued. "It actually worked until the ball being held in the Alithar's honor. No one except you and Jacen knew that it was Jacen under that dress and not you. But once Jacen had to dance...it was a nightmare, that boy can't dance to save his life. Somehow during the dancing, something snagged the wig and it came off. Jacen ran out of the ballroom in embarrassment, and your mother had to try explaining what had just happened to the Alithar. Luckily the Alithar thought it was hilarious and they explained that they loved children, even the boys, they just didn't approve of men in office. In their society men stay at home and take care of the family. Apparently, the New Republic intelligence got the facts twisted around. I don't know what happened to your brother after he left the ballroom, but I remembered thinking, that I would love to have a friend like Jacen. He risked a lot to help his sister. He's a very loyal guy. You would have done the same for him too."

Jaina felt tears forming in her eyes as the memories of that night flooded her mind. She had broken her arm while she and Jacen where playing around and it was going to take a few hours until the Bacta Tank could fix it. She begged Jacen to help her so they wouldn't get in trouble for her broken arm. They had already convinced the doctors not to tell their parents. So Jacen reluctantly went in her place and was thoroughly humiliated in front of half the galaxy. She remembered him running into her room with the ugly violet dress hiked up to his knees, tears running down his face, and the wig missing. He must have cried in her arms for an hour while she whispered that everything was going to be okay, over and over again. Luckily, their little stunt didn't ruin the negotiations, but her mom and dad were upset, and they found out about the broken arm anyway. Jaina remembered being grounded for a short time. Her parent's probably decided Jacen would have enough punishment when all the holovids started showing what had happened during the ball. It took a few weeks before Jacen felt like leaving their rooms to go anywhere, and Jaina stayed with him the whole time.

She knew her father was more upset than their mother was because that first night he came in their room and told Jaina to go outside. She remembered standing outside their room feeling guilty as her father yelled at Jacen for pulling such a stupid stunt. She knew that her father must have been very angry, because he rarely yelled at them. She couldn't hear what her father was saying and Jacen never told her, but when she went back in Jacen looked shaken and there was an imprint of a hand on his face. Jaina tried to remember if her father hit them regularly or if that was an exception. Even without all her memory she had a feeling that her real father loved his children and didn't hit them.

Jaina looked over at Zekk and smiled sadly, "I remember the incident you just mentioned, but every time I try to remember what happens afterwards or before my memory becomes fuzzy?"

Zekk grinned, obviously not worried about Jaina's inability to remember more. "Hey don't worry about it. Now tell me, has Jacen ever turned that shade of red, ever again?"

"No! I tried lots of times to embarrass him, but I guess I couldn't top that incident with the cross dressing." Jaina exclaimed before she thought about what she was saying.

Zekk smirked, "See I knew it would work. Jaina the more I talk about the past the more you'll remember, but every time you think to hard, the memory just slips away. After we escape, we can spend a few hours every day, to rebuild your memory." Zekk's expression became more animated as he realized his Jaina wasn't lost forever after all.

Jaina couldn't stop smiling at the Zekk's excitement. She could almost forget that they were prisoners of a sadistic madman. Seeing the lights from the two story mansion took away some of her happiness as she realized they might not make it out of the fortress. She had just started learning how to force the weak-minded to do her bidding, and last night she had started lifting heavy objects with the Force, not too successfully she remembered with a slight frown.

Zekk must have sensed that she needed silence for a few minutes to make plans. They were so wrapped up in their own thoughts they didn't notice the extra transports in front of the mansion until it was too late. Jaina was watching the ground in front of her and didn't know anything was wrong until she saw black tipped boots right in front of her. She looked up in dismay at Yuri's angry face. He had on the headband and an earphone. He must have been spying on them somehow! Jaina tried thinking quickly of some excuse to get out of trouble or deflect Yuri's suspicions.

Yuri grabbed Jaina's arm, and pulled her up to him so he was yelling in her face. "Where have you been! I've had the servants searching for you and Nataku."

Jaina starred at the angry man trying not to show her relief. Something else had him angry. "Father? We were in the garden. What's wrong?"

Yuri stood up straight and released his grip on Jaina's arm. "Nothing, I'm sorry dear. I was just worried that someone might have kidnapped you and Nataku. Now there has been a change of plans, I have important dinner guests visiting. I want you to go to your room and change into something befitting your station. I instructed CC to pick out your new clothes, you'll wear them or Nataku will be punished. I'll take Nataku with me; I can't have my personal body slave looking anything less than perfect. Oh dinner is in fifteen minutes so hurry." He walked around Jaina and grabbed Zekk's arm and dragged the startled teenager after him.

Jaina stared after the retreating figures and tried not to let the crushing disappointment defeat her. There will be another chance to escape. Hopefully sooner rather than later, she didn't want to think about what her friend Zekk going through any more torture. She shook her head and decided to go along and try to keep her fake father happy for now.

Continued in Chapter 3
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