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London May 5, 1745

"Leander! Come down here this instant!"

Leander winced at the tone of his mother's voice and quickly hid the book he was reading under the bed. Gathering his courage he yelled, "I'm coming. I'll be there in a minute!" He climbed off of his bed and checked his hair in the mirror before running downstairs to see what he did wrong this time. His mother hated messy hair and threatened to cut it all off the next time she saw it tangled.

"No running in the house!" Mrs. Kirby, the head of the maids, called after him as he ran past her, barely missing her stout form.

"Okay!" He slowed as he reached the stairs and sedately walked down them trying to pretend he didn't care what she'd say. His mother waiting at the bottom of the stairs looked impatiently beautiful with her black hair simply tied behind her head with a blue ribbon, which complemented her furious blue eyes.

People said he looked a lot like her. He didn't know if that was a good or bad thing though. His mother took him almost everywhere with her because she enjoyed watching people stare at their striking beauty as they walked down the street together. Mostly, he hated going with her, all she ever did was walk up and down the streets and sometimes they'd go into a dress store and he'd have to sit there a few hours while the ladies showed his mother pictures of dresses, while she commented on them. Saying this one was out or it's too green. So after a few hours of criticizing the dresses she'd finally pick one and then they'd spend a few more hours measuring her and fitting the clothes to his mother's slim frame, making sure everything fit. Finally, after five hours of sitting in the stifling dress shop his mother would decided she's ready to go, afterwards she'd buy him a pair of gloves or if she was really happy a new book.

Then over super, with just the two of them sitting across the table from each other, his twin brothers having already been put to bed a couple of hours ago. She would complain about how boring and tiring her day was, as if he wasn't there to share it with her! He never said anything though, it was easier to just tune her out and nod at the appropriate moments. After she finished complaining she'd change the subject and sometimes they'd just talk about anything until she had to leave to go to a party. Although he was only thirteen he felt grown up already and hated having to stay with his mother while the twins played outside in the garden. He didn't have any friends. The kids his own age and class were strongly discouraged from talking to him by their parents, even though he was a lord in his own right and the heir to a vast fortune. All of this raced through his mind in the short fifteen steps he had to take down the stairs.

"Hi, mom. Um, what's wrong?" He tried sounding innocent and stupid until he found out what she was going to accuse him off.

It didn't work her face started turning red and her eyes shot sparks. He stepped back a few steps. While she struggled to gain some control of her fury. Leander started becoming scared never having seen his mother this angry before.

"It's not you I'm angry at." She finally gritted out through her clenched teeth.

Leander sighed; glad he wasn't going to get into trouble. His mother never hit him before, but that didn't make him any less afraid of her. She was subtler in her punishments. Her verbal abuse probably hurt worse than the beatings his father used to give him. At least with her it was only when she thought he had done something wrong his father never needed an excuse to hurt him. At seven he was too young to remember most of what had happened. All he could really recall where the beatings, the fights, and the irrational fear of going to bed each night.

Even though she could be mean and hurtful Leander still loved her, and he knew she still loved him and his younger brothers because she'd come into the room the three boys shared, and she'd tuck the sheets around him and his younger brothers. Sometimes she'd sit on the edge of his bed and hold his hand although she thought he was asleep, and she'd just sit there for a few hours staring out the window with a worried expression on her face. This made things harder in the morning, because the caring mother from the night before would be gone and in her place a cold heartless women would stand.

He couldn't really blame his mother for being somewhat hard. Being a courtesan probably wasn't what she had planned for her life. But after she left Lord Stephen, her husband, and got a divorce, something that was not done in those days, nobody would marry her. So without family or money, and with three kids to support she used her past connections and became the most sought after courtesan in London. Men came to their house all the time, and she told him and his brothers, Peter and Patric, to stay in their room until they left.

Despite what she did for a living his mom still found time to take him and his brothers out to the park and they'll have a small picnic. They didn't go often anymore. After his mom became somewhat famous she became too busy entertaining guests to do much with her children. He didn't feel to bad about it though, because he still felt responsible for his mother having to leave his father. And despite the weekly shopping trips and the dinners his mother was a nice person, until she became upset that is.

After taking a deep breath he asked, "Why'd you call me downstairs then?"

Instead of answering him she grabbed his arm, dragged him into the empty parlor, and pushed him down on one of the chairs. Then she shut the door to the room. Leander could see the twins playing tag in the garden through the closed parlor window. They looked so innocent and happy running around and laughing. He was shaken out of his own memories of the past, when his mother dropped to her knees in front of him not caring about wrinkling her dress. His eyes widened in surprise.

"Leander I have something very important to tell you." His mother grabbed one of his hands while she was talking; holding it like she never wanted to let go. "It's not going to be easy but you have to believe I did everything I could to prevent it." Her eyes filled with tears as she apologized for not being able to help.

Leander listened in confusion not knowing what she was talking about. "Mom! Mom! I don't know what you're talking about. What's going on?" He tried sounding calm but her hysteria started to infect him too.

She started sobbing harder her hands clenching her silk dress. "Leander, " she stopped and tried to catch her breath so she could finish her sentence. "Leander, your father has a court order and he's going to take you and the twins away from me." She started sobbing and her hands clenched her dress in frustrated fury and hopelessness.

Leander sat there stunned for a few minutes trying not to remember the horror of what his father had done to him before his mother found out and took him and his infant brothers away from their father. "NO!" He yelled and jumped to his feet and ran out of the parlor. Blinded by tears he didn't see the two men standing in the entrance.

"Leander! Please Stop!" His mother ran after him her long flowing dress slowing her down. He ran into his room, flung himself across his bed, and started sobbing. His mother came into the room, climbed onto his bed, took him in her arms, and rocked him until he calmed down.

"Why?" He asked in a torn voice.

"You're the heir and according to the courts I'm not a fit mother and after today I'm not allowed to see you again until your eighteen." She sounded so heartbroken and lonely.

"But you are a good mother!" He loyally denied the charges.

She smiled through her tears at his loyalty. "I know."

"When do we have to leave?" he asked picturing the next five years of not seeing his mother.

"Today. Your father's lawyers came today to pick you and the twins up and take the three of you to the country estate so you won't be able to see me." She started crying again.

"I can't go back!" he cried out remembering the sound of his father's belt striking his back as he arched and struggled against the ropes holding him to the bed, while his mother slept down the hall unaware of the torment he was going through. "What about the twins?" He asked just realizing they were the same age he was when his father first started coming to his room.

"I can't do anything! If you three are not at your father's house in two days I'll be arrested and thrown in Newgate or sent to Australia!" She wept in fury and beat her fist against the bed.

Leander's eyes went round in shock his plan to run away thoroughly dashed. He couldn't t let her go to prison. People die in there. His mind raced around in circles trying to think of a way to escape.

"Come on we have to pack your clothes and the twins." She said warily as she slowly climbed off the bed and went to the other room and dragged a big black trunk back into his room.

Leander was just getting off his bed when he saw his mom come in through the door. "Mom! You don't have to do that you'll hurt your back!" he rushed over to her and took the big trunk from her hands and dragged it the rest of the way into the room. He quietly went to his dresser and started gathering his clothes to put into the trunk. His mother went to the twin's dresser and started picking out the cloths they were going to take. They silently packed the trunk in less than thirty minutes. During that time Mrs. Kirby was cleaning and dressing the twins in warm winter clothes for the two-day carriage ride. The twins asked a lot of questions on where they were going and Leander could see the hurt in his mother's eyes when she told them they were going to live with their father from now on.

"I can't believe he's doing this now, why after all these years?" His mother, Lady Ellen, asked herself not excepting a reply.

"Mom?" Leander repeated trying to get her attention.

"What is it dear?" She answered trying not to look into her son's bleak blue eyes so very much like her own.

Lowering his voice so the twins across the room couldn't here he asked. " Should I warn the twins?" His mother's eyes jerked up to his face startled at the unexpected question.

"I don't know. He might have changed and I don't want them scared."

"Don't worry I'll protect them." He swore to his mother and himself.

Peter and Patric overheard Leander's last remark and immediately asked, "Protect who?"

Leander trying to hide his fear from the twins hunched his back and did his best imitation of the witch in Hanzel and Gretal. "Why from the witches who prowl the highway searching for tasty little boys like you two!" Then he pounced on Peter and started tickling him. Both boys started screaming and laughing as Patric tried saving Peter from the make believe witch, who was tickling Peter to death.

"Okay you boys stop rough housing or the head witch is going to have to eat you all!" Lady Ellen started laughing, when; instead of stopping they attacked her and tried tickling their mom through her many layers of clothes. "Okay! Okay! I give up!" She shrieked as they started tickling her feet.

They didn't stop until they were all worn out from playing and then their mother became serious again. "Come on. The lawyers are still waiting for us to finish."

Leander quickly grabbed his book from under the bed and placed it in the trunk with the clothes while his mother busily checked the twins and fussed over them.

The footmen helped them carry the heavy trunk, with all their belongings inside, down the stairs and onto the carriage. They all stood inside the house by the door while their mother introduced the two young lawyers, who looked to be around twenty-four years old.

"This is Mr. Henry Low." She said introducing us to the short fat man first and the tall skinny one next, "And this is Mr. Larry Harding."

Leander shook their hands with a grimace, not wanting to touch the men who made it possible for their father to gain custody of them from their mother.

"Lady Ellen, can you please sign these papers saying releasing the children into our custody until they are with their father. Remember if you don't sign them I have a arrest order." Mr. Henry Low spoke in a cold flat voice obviously disapproving of their mother and her occupation.

"Mom! You're not coming with us?" Peter and Patric cried out at the same time only just realizing she wouldn't be coming with them.

"I can't the courts said I can't take care of you so they are taking you to live with your father until your eighteen." Lady Ellen told the now crying seven-year-old boys. If one started crying the other one soon followed suit. She sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

"We can't see you until we're eighteen!" They cried out incredulously not really believing her. Their black hair blended as she hugged them tightly one last time before they left.

"I'll miss you and I'll write to you every week." She promised them as the lawyer's non-to gently extracted the boys from their mother and led them out the door to the carriage waiting on the curb.

"Mom, don't worry I'll take care of them no matter what." He said fiercely as he too was led out of the house.

"I love you!" Lady Ellen called from the doorway.

"Mommy! Don't let them take us?" Peter and Patric cried out from the carriage.

Lady Ellen came to the carriage, took both the boys' hands into her own, and quietly told them Leander will be there for them and that she loved them. After quickly kissing each of the boys on their checks she quickly went back inside the house so the lawyers wouldn't see her crying.

"Stop your whining." Mr. Harding commanded the twins after listening to their continuous crying for over two hours. The twins continued crying and saying they wanted their mom.

Leander started to worry when Mr. Harding's face became even more flushed in annoyance and anger. "Come on you two. Everything is going to be fine." He tried to sound convincing but the twins have some sixth sense, and they knew he was lying through his teeth. Much to Leander and Mr. Harding's annoyance they started crying even harder than before.

Mr. Harding having lost all patience reached over and grabbed Peter's arm, and pulled the young boy across his knees so fast Leander just stared in shock as Mr. Harding started spanking the young boy across his bottom. Peter started screaming and wiggling around trying to escape Mr. Harding's heavy hand and Patric immediately tried rescuing his brother only to be punched in the stomach. Patric started gasping for air as he curled up in the corner of the coach away from Mr. Harding.

"Bastard! You had no right to hit them!" Leander yelled into Mr. Harding's face as he quickly grabbed Peter's arm and pulled him out of Mr. Harding's hands and into his own arms holding the sobbing boy away from Mr. Harding. Leander gently shoved Peter over to Patric at the other end of the coach when Mr. Harding's eyebrows narrowed in anger.

"You are going to regret doing that Leander." Mr. Harding said quietly, which was somehow worse than if he just shouted. Leander looked over to Mr. Low to see if he was going to do anything.

"Don't look at me kid." Mr. Low said before looking back out the window.

Not knowing what else to do Leander looked back at Mr. Harding trying not to look afraid "Look lets just forget about the incident, hey I won't even tell my dad about it okay."

"Your right your not going tell about it." and with that statement Harding reached over with his hand so fast Leander barely saw it before it gripped a handful of his long black hair and pulled him forward onto his fist. Leander bent over holding his stomach gasping and retching with the pain of not being able to breathe. Before he could recover from the first blow the second one caught him on the check and knocked him over sideways on the cushioned seat causing his head to hit the wooden frame of the carriage. Leander stared blindly out of his eyes in shock. The twins stared in amazement at their older brother being beaten, unable to help.

While Leander lay moaning on the seat, Harding took off his gloves and gave them to Mr. Low before he moved across and sat down on the seat next to the moaning and gasping Leander. Peter and Patric quickly moved to the other side staying out of Mr. Harding's way so that Leander and Mr. Harding had the seat all to themselves in the spacious coach. "Henry hold the twins." Mr. Harding commanded silently as he started running his hands up and down Leander's long slender legs.

"Sure no problem." Mr. Low answered. He pulled a long piece of rope from his bag to tie the twins hands together. The twins resisted at first but after Mr. Low hit Peter and threatened to beat him some more if Patric didn't give him his hands to be tied. Patric refused at first, frightened of the sweating middle aged fat man. It wasn't until Mr. Low twisted Peter's arm behind his back and threatened to break it did Patric relent and move closer to Mr. Low. The young lawyer still angry at the boy for giving him a hard time, started hitting Patric once he had him tied up to his twin. He stopped only after the boys looked sufficiently cowed.

Leander yelled at Mr. Low to stop once he got his breath back. Not only didn't it work it seemed to make the two men even angrier that some kid was telling them what to do. Leander hadn't yet realized how close Mr. Harding was to him until he was flipped over on his stomach and he felt his pants being pulled down. He started screaming for Mr. Harding to stop; he tried pushing himself off the seat. A blow to the back of his head almost made him black out. Mr. Harding quickly tied a gag around his mouth so the almost deaf coachman wouldn't hear.

The twins not knowing what to do tried not to look at their brother being hurt. Silent hopeless tears rolled down their faces.

"Henry help me pull off the boy's shoes." Mr. Harding said as he worked the tight pants down Leander's legs only to be stopped by the boy's hard shoes. Leander's struggling made it harder for the two men to undress him. He kept trying to get up so he could at least fight back. Nothing worked though, every time Leander came close to escaping, Mr. Harding would grab his hair and force his head down to the black seat cushions with enough force that his head would bounce. He could hear Peter and Patric sobbing in the background. He clenched his fists in frustration knowing he couldn't do anything.

His mind still reeled in shock, this couldn't be happening repeated itself over and over in his mind as his shoes and pants finally came off leaving him with only his shirt for protection from the young lawyer's eyes.

Leander tried twisting around to see what was happening behind him he only saw a glimpse out of the corner of his eyes of Mr. Low jerking off with his short stubby cock. He choked behind the gag and then he felt a rough hand sliding up his legs. Leander stiffened in shock and terror knowing what they planned to do; he hadn't quit forgotten what his father did to him. The hands gripped his thighs and pulled him up on all fours his smooth white backside facing Mr. Harding. His arms started trembling and he could feel sweat and tears running down his face.

He tried thinking of any other ways he could escape but his mind couldn't focus the terror and humiliation making it hard to concentrate on anything. Leander tried to stay calm and it started working until he felt hands spreading his backside open and a finger slowly entering his ass; he flinched and tried straining away from the arm holding him tightly around his waist. He felt the finger going in deeper and he whimpered in pain and tried to pull away.

Finally, Mr. Harding becoming frustrated over his inability to do anything while the boy under him kept fighting him, said in a cold voice loud enough for everyone to hear, "If you don't stop fighting I'll use your brothers instead of you. And don't think I won't because you know I will. Do you understand what I'm saying?" Leander became as still as a deer first hearing the hunter's horn. "Nod your head once if you understand." Mr. Harding said slapping Leander's ass.

Leander looked over at the twins curled on the floor as far away as possible from everyone else in the carriage. They looked so innocent and scared tied together with tears flowing down their faces hugging each other never wanting to let go. Leander closed his eyes and the tears kept pouring; he couldn't let them be raped, they're too fragile and small, it would tear them apart. Their mother might have been a whore, but she still

kept them sheltered from the ugly outside world. Coming to his decision Leander nodded his head and sort of relaxed his body so they knew he would stop fighting.

Mr. Harding laughed. "I knew you would see it my way!" He started rubbing his hands all over Leander's soft flawless skin. He slowly started working his cock making it hard enough to penetrate Leander's body. "Hum, I'm a bit dry maybe your mouth can make me slicker." Mr. Harding said as he moved to the front of Leander. "Henry hold him in case he decides to change his mind." Leander gasped in shock and arched his back when Henry grabbed both of his wrists and twisted them behind his back. Leander started struggling trying to slip his wrists free from Henry's ham sized hands. He quickly became exhausted and eventually accepted the fact that he couldn't free his arms.

"Here let me take that gag off of you. Besides we're miles away from any towns or villages. Nobody is going to help you." Mr. Harding said after Leander stopped fighting.

Leander's eyes widened in surprise at the size of Mr. Harding's cock, it was at least seven inches long. "No! I can't! Your too big!" He started shaking his head in denial at what was happening.

"Fine maybe your brothers would like it better than you?"

Leander started sobbing harder knowing there was nothing he could do to prevent what was happening to him. They had him. Mr. Harding slapped Leander hard across the face. "Stop crying! I haven't even done anything to you yet!" Mr. Harding harsh voice cracked like a whip in the otherwise silent carriage. Leander tried to stop crying but all he could manage was to cry silently, as Mr. Harding guided his head down to his engorged cock. He opened his mouth to receive it and gagged when it went in too fast. He couldn't take all of it in his mouth but Mr. Harding still held the back of his head and showed him how he liked his blowjobs.

Leander burned with shame as he closed his eyes and tried to pretend he wasn't there, or that he was doing something else instead. It didn't work; he could still hear the lawyer's moans of pleasure at his expense. Finally, when Mr. Harding decided he had enough he pulled out and moved around to Leander's back. Henry let go of his wrists, moved out of the way, and started to take Mr. Harding's place in front of Leander.

"Wait Henry we wouldn't want him to accidentally bite down in pain." Mr. Harding pointed out wisely seeing Leander's small frame shake and tremble in terror.

"Fine, hurry up will you though I don't think I'll be able to wait much longer." Henry sounded impatient and out of breath as his hand jerking his cock speeded up.

Leander felt a Mr. Harding insert one of his fingers into his ass and instinctively his ass muscles tightened up. "Fine you'll take this the hard way then." Mr. Harding said as he opened Leander's ass checks wider and slowly started pushing his cock into Leander's ass.

Leander gasped in pain and instinctively tightened his muscles trying to keep the cock from entering him. "If you don' t relax I'm sure your brother's might be able to." Mr. Harding gritted out through his teeth as he shoved the first inch up Leander's ass.

Leander started sobbing in pain as his ass slowly tore itself in the wake of Mr. Harding's lust. Hearing the warning didn't help much but he did try to relax, and Mr. Harding sensing the small opening the boy gave him quickly thrust inside as far as possible which was about three inches with four more left to go. Leander screamed in pain as his body tore open, and the twins cried together in their tiny corner not wanting to look up and see what the terrible men were doing to their brother.

"Get off of me!" Leander cried out hysterically as the tears streamed down his face. Mr. Harding ignored him and started thrusting into the boy with even more force. Leander almost passed out from the intense pain as his body rocked back and forth under Mr. Harding's weight.

Suddenly a shot rang out, and the carriage stopped with enough force to throw Mr. Harding off Leander and onto the floor of the carriage. All Leander could hear were the twin's screams and Mr. Harding curses as he tried to get some of his clothes on before the carriage door could be opened. Leander didn't even know where to start looking for his clothes. Mr. Low with a muttered curse stuffed his now wilting hard on back into his pants. Leander heard the coachman scream in pain as he was shot.

Allan Roe boldly walked up to the carriage door yanked it open and pulled the first thing he could lay his hands out of the door, which happened to be the crying twins. He started in surprise at first before he shoved the twins to the ground, and pointed his gun at the occupants in the dark carriage. It took his eyes a few minutes to adjust. And in his two years of coach robbing he'd never been so surprised or shocked. A beautiful young boy sat curled on the seat crying and naked except for a torn shirt and across from him sat two men one had all his clothes on and the other one was still trying to pull up his pants.

"What the hell is going on!" Allan cried out in outrage forgetting for moments that he was suppose to be the bad guy.

"What's happening, Al!" Sandy, Allan's younger brother, asked as he untied the bruised and battered twins. Allan's best friend Randle looked up and down the road making sure no one was coming. Allan ignored the question too intent on the scene before him.

Not knowing how to handle the situation Allan reverted to the original plan. "Get out of the carriage! Now! All of you! Hands up!" He yelled pointing his gun at the older men.

Mr. Harding stepped out first holding his hands over his head and then Mr. Low got out doing the same thing. Leander took longer his legs felt too weak to hold him up and he still couldn't find his pants in the dark carriage and through his tears. Sandy told the twins to stay where they were as he also pointed his gun at the two older men. His eyes widened in shock when Allan gently pulled the half-naked boy out of the carriage. The boy's eyes where puffy from crying and the bruises on his high cheek bones looked fresh, his long black hair was tangled, and his legs and hips had hand sized bruises forming on them already. Randle just coming back from his survey didn't seem all that surprised at the sight of the boy, then again Randle grew up in the streets of London, so he'd probably already seen situations like this.

As soon as Leander stepped down out of the carriage and took one or two steps his legs gave out and he fainted. The twins cried out together seeing their brother fall and they ran to his side.

"Leander! Leander wake up! What's wrong?" Peter and Patric both took turns shaking their brother trying to wake him up.

Allan knelt down next to the boy, Leander, and gently pushed the sobbing twins out of the way. "What did they do to your brother?" Allan asked wanting the twins to confirm what he already suspected.

Peter taking charge blurted out, "It's my fault! If he didn't try keeping them two," Peter said pointing at the two lawyers, "From beating me and Patric, they never would have hurt him."

Trying to keep his patience, Allan asked once more. "What did they do to him?"

This time Patric answered. "They bent him over on the seat and said if he didn't relax they were going to use us instead. That's all I saw I didn't want to see." Patric started crying again.

"Bastards how could you do this to a kid?" Allan coldly asked the two men. To him anyone who would rape a child didn't deserve to live.

"He's not that young." Mr. Harding said defiantly not caring how much the kid hurt.

Those were the last words Mr. Harding ever spoke. Before anyone could react Allan brought his gun up and shot the man through his forehead. And then he threw his knife into Mr. Low's heart.

"Shit, Allan! You just killed two men. Now the authorities are never going to stop looking for us!" Randle yelled his face turning red in anger.

Sandy knowing why Allan did what he did kept silent.

Allan went over to the dead men not really noticing the twins or the boy lying on the cold ground. "Come on we'll hide the bodies and the coach in the forest."

"What's to keep them silent?" Randle asked pointing towards the three children.

"Simple we're taking them with us."

"What!" Randle and Sandy both shouted at the same time.

The noise must have woken Leander because the next thing the older men knew the twins started babbling to their confused older brother how the bandits had killed the lawyers.

Randle got off his horse and started walking in circles saying, "I can't believe this! I can't believe this! Christ! They were lawyers!"

Losing his patience, Allan yelled, "Shut the hell up! I'm trying to think!"

Everyone flinched in surprise at the outburst.

"Now I want to know what the hell is going on." Allan said as he walked towards the older boy. "Well? What exactly happened in that carriage, and did you know those men?"

Leander's eyes welled with tears and his voice choked before he could tell the story. "My father sent these lawyer's to pick us up at our mother's house and take us to his estate until we reach the age of eighteen. On the way there they became annoyed with the twins whining and started to beat Peter, and Patric tried stopping them, but they punched him in the stomach so he couldn't breathe and while they were distracted I pulled Peter away from them. They didn't like my interfering so they started hitting me instead and then once I was down on the seat too weak to get up Mr. Harding, the skinny one, sat next to me and started touching me."

Leander totally broke down then unable to go on until he was calm again. "Then Mr. Harding pulled off my pants and every time I tried flipping over or getting up he'd grab my hair and force my head down to the seat. I couldn't get away and Mr. Low had tied Peter and Patric together so they couldn't help me and the more I struggled the angrier he became. I would have continued fighting but he said if I didn't do what he told me to do, he'd use my brothers." Leander started sobbing hard. " I couldn't let them be hurt. I swore to my mother to take care of them."

Allan looked at the sobbing boy and felt some admiration. Not too many people would sacrifice themselves for like that for someone else. "Would you like to come with us. We'll take you to a safe place. I have some friends who help kids like yourselves."

Leander looked up and stared intensely at the highwayman as if judging him, then he glanced at his brother's. "I can't go with you because if one of us doesn't show up at my father's estate in 2 days, my mother will be arrested and thrown in Newgate or sent to Australia. But if you can take the twins back to our house and tell my mother to go to America or another safe place with them. I can tell the authorities that they highwaymen kidnapped my brothers and mentioned something about a slave trade somewhere west of here. While they are going west you'll be going to London. The twins know the address. I think that's the only way you can help us." Leander looked at Allan helplessly only daring to hope that the highwayman would help him.

Allan stared at the boy in amazement at the elaborate scheme he came up with in such a short time. Since they were heading for London the day after tomorrow it shouldn't be too much of a burden getting rid of the twins at their mother's house. "Wait a minute what about you?"

"I already look beaten up, and I can tell the authorities that I was too old for you to take. So you beat me up instead." Leander's voice steadied as his mind came up with possibilities.

Randle annoyed at the thought of taking the two crying brats all the way to London asked. "Why don't you just take them to their father's home? Every kid deserves to know his father."

Leander bowed his head and his cheeks flushed in shame as he answered in a voice almost too quiet to hear. "My mother left the bastard because she found out he was touching me. I don't want them to go through what I did."

Nobody knew what to say after Leander's confession.

Allan realizing the sacrifice the boy would be making by going back to his father swore he'd protect the twins and get them back to their mother and make sure they were out of the country before coming back

"I'll help you out. After your family is safely out of the country I'll come back for you. If I'm still alive." Allan said as he grabbed either Peter or Patric by the arm and pulled the young boy up with him on the horse in front of him. Allan would have asked Randle to hold the other boy, but he could tell the man did not like kids. "Sandy can you carry the other kid up front with you?"

"Sure, London isn't too far away I think my horse can handle the extra load." Sandy picked up the other cute kid and placed him on the front of his horse.

Allan turned around to say goodbye to the boy and lost his train of thought as he watched the boy going through the dead men's pockets finding coins and a few pieces of jewelry. "Here they don't need it anymore." Leander said as he handed the money to Alan.

"Um, Thanks kid. This might just come in handy." Allan pocketed the coins and turned his horse around headed in the general direction of London.

"Patric. Peter. You both had better behave and listen to these men. Tell our mother not to worry about me, and I'll try to get away as soon as possible." Leander looked worriedly up and down the road. "You better get going before someone shows up. Thanks." Allan and the other two men spurned their horses and raced down the road towards London.

Leander went back to the coach and started looking for his pants among the disarray of the coach. He finally found them stuck underneath the seat wedged in a corner. He put them back on and winced in pain as his ass stretched while pulling on his pants.

Just as he finished dressing and erasing all the signs of what had been done to him he heard another carriage coming along. He quickly climbed out of the carriage, ran out to the middle of the road, and started waving his arms in the air. The expensive looking coach slowed and stopped mostly due to the other carriage still in the road.

The coach driver looked down at Leander in annoyance not knowing by the way Leander was dressed that he was a lord. "What do you want?"

"I need help my coach has been robbed. Two people were shot, one was stabbed, and my two younger brothers were kidnapped!"

May 7, 1745

The authorities never found the highwaymen, and the coachman who did survive getting shot couldn't remember anything so Leander and the highwaymen got away with taking his brothers to safety. At least Leander hoped they were safe.

Leander stared out the window of his carriage in shock at the beautiful mansion his father lived in. The house was ten times bigger than his mother's house. The coach stopped in front of the house and Leander quickly got out. He didn't notice the tall muscular man until after he stepped into the shade and a man grabbed his shoulders.

"Where are your other two brothers!" His father started shaking him.

"I don't know! The highwaymen kidnapped them!" Leander started trembling afraid that his father would see through his lie.

"Shit, didn't the authorities try finding them?"

"They tried finding them but the highwaymen just disappeared." Leander started crying.

His father, Lord Stephen, looked at his thirteen-year-old son in disgust. "Get to your room. I can't believe this happened." He punctuated his last statement by hitting Leander over the head and pushing the boy into the house. "Gary! Get over here!"

Leander looked up as a tall thin man ran into the room. "Gary come show my son to his room. I have other things to do tonight. And Gary he is not to leave his room for any reason."

"Yes sir!" Gary said as he grabbed Leander's hand and started dragging him up the stairs to Leander's new room.

"Slow down! Please!" Leander pleaded as he fell down a second time, and all his bruises started throbbing again.

The man Gary obviously didn't hear because he started walking faster. He stopped in front of a door, pulled a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. Before Leander could ask anything Gary opened the door and threw Leander inside. Leander heard the lock turn in the door before he could get up. "What the hell." He said to himself as he picked himself off the floor.

His room was dark and somewhat dreary. Leander went to one of the windows and opened the drapes. Sunlight flooded the room and it showed him the bars on the windows. "Oh. Shit." Leander started crying after realizing how trapped he was, and wished he went with his brothers instead.

Leander spent the rest of the day in his room pacing back and forth not knowing what his father had planned for him. It was dark and almost fifteen hours since he'd last eaten before he heard the key turn in the lock. He spun around and saw his father slip inside and lock the door behind him.


His father stared at him for about a minute before he said anything. "Take off your clothes."

Leander's eyes widened in shock. "What!"

"You heard me. I said take off your clothes and for that you are going to get an extra spanking."

"But...." Leander's eyes started filling with tears.

"Shut the hell up! I gave you an order and I expect you to follow it! Don't make me have to tell you again!" Lord Stephen's face flushed in anger at his son for talking back.

Leander not knowing what else to do turned around and started unbuttoning his shirt.

"Turn around so I can see you!" Lord Stephen commanded.

Leander choked back his tears and turned around with his head bowed and finished taking off his shirt.

"Your pants too! Your mother isn't here this time and the servants belong to me so no one is going to help you. So you might as well get used to it."

"Dad...." Leander started crying louder as he took off his pants and stood naked before his dad.

"Go to the bed and lean over it."

Leander slowly walked over to the end of the tall king size bed, which reached his hips. "Put your hands on the edge." He heard his father command him.

Leander started trembling as he placed his hands on the edge of the bed. He could hear his father moving behind him. "Please dad just leave me alone." Leander begged his father softly his voice also trembling in fear.

"How old are you again Leander?" His father asked him as his hands started caressing Leander's smooth back and ass.

"I'm thirteen." Leander blinked trying to keep sweat from falling into his eyes.

"Then you should be old enough to know not to beg." And with that statement Lord Stephen swung his belt and smacked Leander on the ass with it, a long red mark instantly appeared on Leander's ass.

Leander cried out in pain and surprise. His father swung again and this time the belt hit Leander's back hard enough to cause Leander to cry out and arch his back. "Ouch! Please stop! Dad!" Only his father didn't stop; he continued hitting Leander. After the first two strikes Leander tried running away, but his father had some ropes with him and he quickly tied Leander's wrists to the wooden post holding the canopy above the bed.

After Lord Stephen finished tying his son to the bed he started hitting him with the belt as hard as possible. Leander tried to breathe through the haze of pain and just when he thought he'd black out his father stopped and untied him, keeping his wrists tied together. At first Leander thought his father was done, when he was untied him from the bed posts and pushed onto the bed. Leander lay sprawled on his stomach. It wasn't until he felt his father climb onto the bed did he realize something didn't feel right and he tried to escape. His father quickly captured his bound wrists and tied them to the wooden headboard, with a long piece of rope. His father grabbed Leander by the hips and raised his ass to meet his throbbing cock. Leander couldn't fight against his father's hands. Leander started whimpering as he felt his father's cock touching his ass hole. He jerked away when he felt a thick finger enter him spreading cold lubricant over and in his asshole.

"Please dad don't! Dad stop! Please!" Leander started begging and pleading with his father. He started crying harder when the finger left him, and he felt the pressure of something too big for his body start to enter him. Leander tried moving away but his father had a good grip on his hips. Lord Stephen finally lost his patience and quickly thrust into the body under him until all nine inches where buried in his son's body.

Leander threw back his head and screamed. The pain was much worse than when Mr. Harding raped him, but not enough to make him pass out. His father quickly placed his hand over Leander's mouth, stifling his cries of pain. Leander started whimpering, as his father slammed into him, headless of Leander's pain. It seemed like forever before his father finished and withdrew from his semiconscious son. Leander lay where his father left him, sobbing and wishing he would die.

"Leander, the day after tomorrow I'm having guests over and you'll service them the same way you just did me. After they leave and they are satisfied I'll let you eat." With that statement Lord Stephen left the room.

Every part of him hurt and he could feel the blood falling on his thighs. Blood leaked down his arms from being bound too tightly. Not being able to move anywhere else he stayed on his bed and cried until morning, when someone finally came and untied him.


May 5, 1745

Day of robbery

"Are you sure this is the house?" Allan asked Peter and Patric for the tenth time, as he stared at the two-story mansion.

"Yes!" Both twins yelled not at all afraid of the men who not five hours ago killed two men in cold blood.

"Okay! Okay! I'll go knock on the door." Allan said as he dismounted. He helped Peter down and Sandy helped Patric dismount. Both seven-year-olds ran to the front door and started ringing the bell.

"Maybe your mother is at a party? It is late after all." Allan suggested when nobody answered the door.

Just then a beautiful young woman with black hair and tearstained blue eyes answered the door. "I'm sorry. I'm not receiving anyone tonight..." her sentence trailed off when she saw the twins hiding behind Alan's legs. "Peter? Patric?" She looked up into Allan's kind blue eyes too afraid to hope that she wasn't imagining things.

"Mom! Mom!" Peter and Patric ran to her and hugged her around her hips.

"Oh my god! I thought I'd lost you two!" She started crying again as she hugged the twins to her body.

"Peter! Your brother? Where's your brother?" Allan could hear the panic in her voice as she looked around the dark yard. She spotted the other two men standing in the shadows and her eyes widened in surprise.

Allan stared in surprise at the beautiful woman. She looked exactly like the older brother except her hair was longer and she wore a dress. He stepped forward and introduced himself. "Hello, my name is Allan, and I'm the one who brought your two sons here."

"Oh! I'm sorry, I'm Lady Ellen, but what happened to Leander? They were supposed to be going to Lord Stephen, their father?"

She started checking the boys and Allan could see her face flushing in anger when she found the bruises. "What have you done to them?" Her furious blue eyes flashed into Allan's.

"Hey, Lady it wasn't us. Those pansy lawyers did this to your boys." Randle said.

"What about Leander? Is he hurt?" Both boys started sobbing again. "What happened? Please! I need to know!" By now her voice was sharp and had risen an octave.

Allan looked down at his feet not knowing how to tell the beautiful lady what had happened to her son. Sandy was the first to speak up, "Why don't we go inside where we won't be interrupted." Allan could have kissed Sandy he was so relieved.

"Sure come on in." She led the men into the parlor and told them to sit down and have a drink while she put the boys to bed. Ten minutes later she was back and even more upset than before.

"Okay! I want to know what happened!" She sat down and waited for one of them to begin.

Allan looked at the other two men helplessly. Sandy and Randle shrugged indicating it was his call. "Um, I.... We." Allan didn't know how to start.

Randle looked at Alan in disgust, "Lady we are highway robbers and when we stopped the coach we found your oldest son being rapped by both of the lawyers. I don't think they touched the twins."

Allan looked down at his hands trying not to look into Lady Ellen shocked and startled eyes. "Leander, where is he!" Ellen cried out frustrated and scared over the safety of her oldest son.

Allan answered this time. "Lady, he said he was going on to his father's home so you wouldn't be arrested, and he asked me to bring the twins back to you. He told me to tell you to move to France or America with the twins as soon as possible."

Lady Ellen didn't say anything for a few moments while she tried to think herself out the situation. Allan kept remembering the boy Leander, especially when he looked at the boy's mother, the resemblance remarkable. Suddenly Lady Ellen sat up straighter in her chair, "Okay I'll move and when we are safe I'll come back for Leander." She looked at the three men before asking, "Do you want to come with me I'll hire you for bodyguards until I'm in America and then I'll give you enough money to come back to England with some left over." She looked hopefully at the three men she just met.

Randle and Sandy eager for any opportunity to leave England jumped to their feet and agreed to Lady Ellen's deal. Allan couldn't move though he couldn't erase the picture of Leander beautiful dark blue eyes looking up at him in trust knowing Alan would help him and his brothers. In all his twenty-four years as second son to Lord Garland, Earl of Lancaster no one had ever trusted him. And here this thirteen year old boy trusted him enough to give him his brothers and hope he would take them back to their mother's house.

Allan stood up and everyone looked up at him ready for him to speak. "You guys go to America with Lady Ellen and I'll try to get the boy away from his father." He sat back down and waited for their reactions.

"What! We can't leave you behind! Are You Crazy!" Sandy yelled leaping to his feet towering over Alan. "Why!" Sandy asked as he leaned over Alan.

"I have to help him." Alan told Sandy, remembering what had happened to him as a kid staying at his uncle's house. The pain and terror would always haunt his dreams, and the kid trusted him to help him escape.

"Why can't you just let the kid stay with his father?" Randle finally asked the question no one really wanted asked.

Lady Ellen looked like she was about to faint. "Um, I...He...Um his father..." She couldn't talk right she didn't want anyone to know about her sons father, and yet she didn't want Leander to stay with him.

"Listen Lady you better have a good reason for Alan not to come with us to America." Randle didn't like faint-hearted women, and that is how he saw her.

"Leander's father, Lord Stephen, likes young boys, and when Leander was seven I caught him raping Leander; it wasn't until I escaped with Leander and the twins and divorced my husband, did I find other signs of abuse, like belt marks across his back, and some cigar burns on his arms. I was shocked because this had been going on for months and I didn't even guess. I knew that he'd beat the kid, but I had no idea of the extent of Leander's suffering." Lady Ellen kept her eyes down the whole time she told the story ashamed that she didn't do anything sooner.

"Then how come you sent your sons to live with him again?" Randle asked harshly.

Lady Ellen glared at Randle; "My husband bribed the courts into giving him custody of the children. Also he charged me with not being a good guardian for a peer of the realm. So the courts said if they weren't at their esteemed father's house within four days I'd be arrested." Lady Ellen finished with a bitter expression on her face.

"Why wouldn't you be a fit parent?" They all asked at the same time.

Lady Ellen started laughing; "You haven't been in London long enough have you? I'm a courtesan and that's why my ex-husband was able to take my children away."

"Oh!" Alan stared at the beautiful lady in surprise. She didn't look like a whore or act like one.

Everyone was silent for a few moments until they heard the twins start screaming. "What in the world!" Lady Ellen exclaimed as she lifted her dress and started running towards the stairs and climbed them two at a time. Alan took a few moments to appreciate the view before following after her.

Lady Ellen and Alan ran into the twin's room expecting to find someone else their trying to hurt the twins. Instead they found the twins together on the bed hugging each other crying their hearts out. Lady Ellen ran to their bed, climbed onto it, hugged the twins, and started making soothing sounds.

"What's wrong?"

"Leander.... Leander's in trouble!" Both of the twins cried out together still sobbing.

"What do you mean?" Ellen started shaking them trying to get them to answer. "Please stop crying and answer me!" She gave up eventually and they started crying again. Lady Ellen looked at Allan helplessly.

"I'll help Leander. Once I get him away from his father I'll take him someplace safe until I'm able to contact you in America." Alan looked at the woman holding the twins with mixed feelings. She reminded him of his own mother before she died. He turned around and started out the door brushing past Randle and Sandy on his way out the door.

"Wait you don't even know where to go!" Lady Ellen called from her position on the bed. Allan turned around quickly and looked at Lady Ellen waiting for her to continue. "Lord Stephen lives on Clearing Cross it's his country estate about...." Alan turned and started going again his voice floating back. "I know where it is!" Sandy and Randle looked at the Lady and shuffled their feet on the thick carpet.


May 9, 1745

"Lord Allan! What an unexpected surprise I had no idea you were interested in gambling with me and my friends tonight!" Lord Stephen looked at Lord Allan with apparent interest.

"Yeah, well my parents didn't really give me a big allowance so I decided to try my hand at poker. I heard about you in London so I came out here to check things out." Allan said as he looked around the stately country estate.

"Well I'm sure you'll have fun. I have something special planned for later tonight. Come on I'll take you to the card room."

"I heard you were selling something valuable tonight?" Lord Allan asked as the two men walked through the dining room.

"You'll see it later tonight with the rest of the men later tonight. I'm going to sell it to the highest bidder. Of course not until we all get to enjoy it first." Lord Stephen smiled.

May 9, 1745

Leander looked up startled as the door to his room opened. Lord Stephen stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. Leander tensed up not really knowing what to expect. Leander sat up in his bed and pulled the covers up to his chin. "What do you want?" Leander asked in a weak and shaky voice from not having anything to eat for two days in a row.

Lord Stephen walked to Leander's bed and pulled the covers off of his son. "I want you downstairs to entertain my guests. Hurry and get dressed."

Leander slowly climbed off the bed away from his father and he slowly walked over to the dressing stand to pick out a pair of clothes. His back still felt raw and the bruises on his face had already faded away leaving his face silky and smooth. It took him five minutes to get dressed with his father watching him Leander's fingers kept fumbling with the buttons on his shirt and pants. Just as he finished buttoning the last button in place and tying his shoes his father grabbed him by the arm and started dragging him out the door and down the stairs to the entertainment room. He cried out when his back bumped into the stairway. Leander's father let go of Leander's arm and grabbed the boy by his hair.

Allan's eyes widened in shock as he watched Lord Stephen forcing Leander down the stairs by the young boy's thick hair. Allan could see the tears of pain and humiliation forming in the boy's beautiful blue eyes. Lord Stephen and Leander hadn't seen Allan standing in the open doorway to the gaming parlor right next to the stairs. Allan didn't like what he was seeing.

Just before Lord Stephen finished navigating the boy down the stairs he stopped and slammed Leander into the rail. Leander opened his mouth to cry out, but nothing came out. It was all he could do to continue breathing. Lord Stephen smiled as he grabbed another handful of Leander's silky hair and forced his head back. A sob escaped Leander's mouth just before Lord Stephen slapped him. "Now you listen here you little shit, I have some important friends here tonight, and if you want to eat tomorrow you'll be real nice to them. Do you understand?" Lord Stephen punctuated his last question by punching Leander in the gut. Leander fell down on the stairs as soon as Lord Stephen let go of his hair. Lord Stephen started kicking Leander; "Do you understand? If you don't answer me I won't stop kicking you!"

Leander tried answering through his sobs as he tried escaping his father's anger. "Yes! Yes! I understand!"

"Yes what!" Lord Stephen yelled kicking Leander again.

"Yes, my lord! Please stop!" Leander cried out cowering away from his father and covering his face with his hands protecting his face from random blows.

Lord Stephen stopped kicking Leander; "Get up and stop crying. You are acting like a baby." Lord Stephen sneered at Leander as the boy slowly climbed to his feet, while holding on the railing for support. Lord Stephen gave some sort of cloth to Leander. "Go to the washroom and wash your eyes and put this on. I want you in that room," Lord Stephen said as he pointed at the parlor door, "In fifteen minutes."

"Well just don't just stand there! Move!" Lord Stephen barked, starting to get angry again when Leander didn't immediately obey.

Leander let go of the rail and ran down the stairs almost tripping over his feet in haste. He didn't see Allan standing in the doorway.

Allan closed his eyes and clinched his fists in anger he couldn't erase the memory of what he had just witnessed. He remembered the first time his uncle raped him and all the beatings he received during the six months he remained a captive at his uncle's home.

June 1735

Allan had just turned fourteen when his mother died and his father sent him to live with his mother's mysterious older brother. At first everything seemed normal until the second night of his stay. Earlier during the day one of the horses on the estate broke its leg and had to be put down. Afterwards Allan's uncle, Edward, went to the study and drank for the rest of the day. Allan later went to the study to see if his Uncle Edward felt any better.

Allan would always remember the quietness of the house all the servants already having gone home for the night. Uncle Edward's family having died in a carriage accident years ago left the house feeling empty. Allan didn't really know his uncle and with childlike innocence thought his uncle a good man.

When he opened the door the smell of alcohol almost overwhelmed him. The room's fireplace gave the room a gloomy cast. "Uncle Edward are you all right? The servants left, but I could get you something to eat if you're hungry. I noticed you didn't eat anything for dinner." Allan couldn't see his uncle in the dim room.

A drunken reply came from one of the darker corners of the spacious room. "Allan come on in you're letting out the heat."

Allan stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. Later in the future Allan would try to imagine how things would have turned out if he never entered the room. If only he minded his own business and ignored his enigmatic uncle. As it happened he walked into the room and closed the door behind him. He didn't know his innocence would be shattered in less than an hour.

Allan brushed his red gold hair out of his eyes again and walked over to his uncle lying on the couch. "Uncle Edward. Come on. You have to go to bed its late." He reached over and grabbed his uncle's arm intending to help the man up; instead, Edward pulled Allan down on top of him.

Allan gasped in shock at the sudden change of his position. He tried pulling himself off his uncle but the muscular arms holding him wouldn't let go. "Uncle Edward! Come on let go of me. I have to go to bed."

"Bed?" Uncle Edward looked confused for a moment, until he started to feel Allan's soft warm body on top of his. "Yes we do need to go to bed. Don't we?"

Edward reached up and caressed Allan's cheek enjoying the silky feel of it.

"How old are you again?"

Allan starting to feel a little uncomfortable replied. "I just turned fourteen last month Uncle Edward."

"Your skin is so soft and silky, just like your mother's. Did you know that? In fact you look just like her. Your hair, your face, and your eyes. God damm why did she have to die! Anne don't ever leave me!" Edward stopped caressing Allan's face and grabbed a handful of the boy's hair and forced Allan's head down to kiss him.

Allan pushed against his uncle trying to break the embrace. "Stop! Stop Uncle Edward! I'm not my mother! Please!"

"Why are you always denying me Anna? I love you! I won't let you leave me ever again! I'll make you mine tonight!" Edward quickly sat up on the couch and still holding Allan flipped over so Allan lay underneath him unable to escape.

Allan lay on his stomach stunned at the sudden turn of events. He couldn't move. Edward outweighed Allan by at least one hundred pounds all muscle. Allan gasped unable to breathe under his uncle's weight. Allen's body started sinking into the couch before Edward lifted himself slightly to take off Allan's clothes.

Allan heard a loud renting sound. He felt the heat of Edward's body covering his back and before he knew it his uncle lifted him up with one arm and started unbuckling Allan's belt. At first everything happened so fast Allan couldn't think of what to do, but when he felt his belt give way he started struggling. "Uncle Edward! Stop! Get off of me!" Allan started driving his elbows up into his uncle's midsection. He heard his uncle grunt in pain when he landed a solid blow. This only made his uncle angrier.

Allan felt Edward's big hands thread through his hair just before his head jerked back. He cried out in pain his scalp burning. Edward leaned over and angrily yelled into Allan's ears "Why you little shit! How dare you hit me! I took care of you all your life and this is how you repay me! I tried to be gentle with you and you still defy me!" Then the beating started.

Edward flipped Allan over onto his back and started slapping Allan across both cheeks too fast for Allan to counter. Allan couldn't move his arms. The torn shirt tangled up in Allan's arms when Edward flipped Allan over. Allan's shirt continued to hold his arms behind his back leaving him defenseless against Edward's angry blows. "Stop! Please! I'm sorry! Please! Stop hitting me!" Allan could barely see. His whole head rang and a loud roar filled his ears.

Suddenly the room grew silent except for Allan's whimpers of pain. He felt weak and disorientated. He didn't even struggle when Edward pulled off the rest of his pants. A flush of shame swept over Allan as he tried rolling off the couch only to be captured so easily by his overpowering uncle. This time Edward punched Allan in the stomach, and while Allan retched in pain Edward removed Allan of his shirt.

Allan didn't know exactly when his uncle picked him up and deposited him on the floor of the study. He mostly remembered the feel of the rough carpet on his back, while Edward spread his legs wide open using his own legs. Then he knelt in between them while using one of his muscular hands to hold both of Allan's hands above his head. His uncle undid his own pants with his free hand.

Allan stared up into his uncle's clear blue eyes so like his own and saw insanity. He whimpered and tried backing away from his uncle when he felt a hand touching his ass.

"Please don't! Stop! I'm begging you! Uncle Edward please! Don't do this too me!" Allan started crying and struggling in desperation.

He cried out when one of Edward's fingers slowly started to penetrate his ass. He squeezed his muscles together trying to keep out the foreign intruder. It caused him more pain, when his uncle finally lost his patience he used his considerable arm muscles and thrust his middle finger the rest of the way into Allan.

"Oh God! Stop! It hurts!" Allan started crying out in pain as he lifted his hips trying to escape his uncle's finger. Edward continued to follow his nephews' movements with his hand. Once Allan stopped moving, Edward quickly started pushing a second finger into Allan.

Allan's blue eyes opened even wider not believing such pain could exist, before he could try screaming Edward bent down and started kissing Allan using his tongue. Allan tried concentrating on the kiss so he wouldn't have to think about the painful burning in his ass.

Allan almost sighed in relief when he felt the fingers leaving his body and his uncle let go of his wrists. He immediately used his feet and arms to scramble away, but Edward quickly grabbed Allan's thighs and pulled him back. Before Allan could fight back, Edward lifted Allan's legs and pushed them toward Allan's chest so that he couldn't sit up or punch Edward. He felt his uncle spread his ass cheeks, and then Edward's eight inch cock started pushing into Allan. At first his cock wouldn't go in, but after Edward spit in his hand and rubbed his slick hand all over his cock; Edward's cock slid into Allan easily for about an inch. Edward quickly used his hand and covered Allan's mouth as he forced the rest of his cock into Allan's virgin ass.

Allan screamed behind his uncle's hand and his arms started beating against the floor. He tried squeezing his ass muscles together trying to force Edward out of him, but the beating and shock left his muscles weak and watery. Tears of agony, humiliation, and shame flowed down Allan's cheeks as he felt his uncle's cock ram into him over and over again. He felt a sharp pain in his stomach every time Edward's cock entered him all the way, and he could feel blood leaking out of him.

Allan couldn't stop whimpering even as his uncle lay on top of him while thrusting. He heard a small voice next to his ears saying. "I love you Anna. I'll always love you Anna. Don't ever leave me."

Finally Edward finished with a satisfied groan and lay resting on top of his small nephew. Allan lay under his uncle sobbing not knowing what to do. He couldn't believe his uncle raped him. "I'm not Anna!" Allan screamed once Edward removed his hand from Allan's mouth and he'd caught his breath.

He started struggling to get out from under his uncle's heavy weight. His uncle seemed to come out of his drunken state and stared down in shock at his sobbing naked nephew not quit remembering what he had done. "Oh my God! What have I done? What have I done?"

"You fucking raped me!" Allan screamed at his uncle unable to stop sobbing.

Edward quickly jumped back away from Allan in shock at what he had done to his nephew. He thought it was a dream.

"I'm n.n...not A.Anna!" Allan cried out his heart and pride ripped in shreds.

Edward's eyes hardened and he slapped Allan across the face and told him to go to his room before he did something that he really regretted. Before Allan left the room he saw his uncle open another bottle and start drinking.

This first incident started the worst six months of Allan's life. The continued rapes and beating whenever his uncle drank too much. The random strikes of viciousness whenever Allan came too close to his uncle during the day left him on edge most of the time. None of the servants knew what his uncle did to him. They saw the bruises but thought nothing of it.

During the night after the servants left his uncle would come up to his room and rape him. At first he fought back all the time, but after a few weeks his uncle hired someone to help him subdue his nephew. The man his uncle hired would tie him to the bedposts so his uncle didn't have to do much to fuck Allan. Or the man would hold Allan down while his uncle raped him. After his uncle finished with Allan and left, the man would rape Allan.

Allan tried running away but his bodyguard always found him. The punishments he received still give him nightmares. He lived at his uncle's for about five months before his older and younger brother came to visit. The minute he contrived a way to speak to his brothers alone he told them everything. Naively, he believed his brothers would help him, but in the end Adam just laughed at the accusations and told Edward what Allan had said. His younger brother, Sandy, didn't say anything. After his brothers left his uncle spent the night torturing and raping him in retaliation.

One month later a messenger arrived requesting Allan's presence at his family estate. His uncle didn't like it so the night before Allan left Edward invited over some of his good friends and they all took turns raping and beating Allan.

A few months later he found out his younger brother helped him out of hell and since then they became the greatest of friends. It helped that Sandy never asked what had happened on their uncle's estate. His parents didn't know what to do with him, he wouldn't talk or let anyone touch him, and at night he'd have horrible nightmares and accidentally wake up the entire household screaming himself awake. Eventually, the nightmares lessened in intensity and life went on.

May 9, 1745

Allan opened his blue eyes and tried to hide the hatred he felt towards Leander's father as he walked over to greet him again.

Allan called out. "Lord Stephen! When's the entertainment going to arrive everyone is tired of playing poker."

"Lord Allan! What a surprise I didn't expect anyone to be wondering around?" Lord Stephen walked down the rest of the stairs while he talked to Allan.

"Yeah well everyone nominated me to go and find you after you disappeared." Lord Allan replied quickly.

"Come on let's go and join the rest of the guests."

Fifteen minutes later Allan dealt out another hand of black jack to the six men sitting at the table. Just as he finished the door to the parlor opened and a dark angel glided into the room, wearing a white silk dressing robe, which contrasted splendidly with the boy's dark hair and smooth white skin.

Leander's blue eyes remained clear of tears as he surveyed the group of men sitting at the table. Leander almost grasped in shock when he recognized the man with reddish gold hair sitting in the chair next to his father. Everyone took his wide-eyed expression of disbelief as surprise to the brightly-lighted room.

Allan could tell Leander didn't have anything on underneath the robe when the boy swayed over to his father and the lights in the room passed through the thin silk reveling the boy's fragile build. Allan could still see some signs of Leander crying in the boy's bloodshot eyes and slightly puffy eyes. Even so, if Allan hadn't seen the young boy sobbing not fifteen minutes ago, he wouldn't have known the boy to have a slightest care in the world.

Lord Stephen looked up at Leander smiling. "I'm glad you could finally join us Leander. I told you to be here in five minutes not fifteen."

Leander stared at his father in shock at the lie. "But you said fifteen minutes."

"Come over here boy." Lord Stephen ordered Leander.

Leander quickly glanced uneasily at everyone else in the room before he took a tentative step towards his father. Before Allan could say anything lord Stephen reached over and grabbed Leander by the wrist and jerked the boy to him. Leander cried out in surprise and started struggling against his father, trying to escape the iron gripe on his wrist.

Lord Stephen started laughing as he pulled his son over his knees and lifted the boy's silk robe up so Leander's white cheeks showed. Allan could see Leander's face from his seat. The boy's face flushed to a deep crimson color and the boy's blue eyes stared intensely at Allan wondering. Allan didn't like the helpless feeling he felt looking at Leander.

One of the men at the table stood up and walked around to Lord Stephen and Leander. "Lord Stephen. Can I touch the boy?"

"That's what he's here for, Felix." Lord Stephen said not looking up, too intent on stroking his son's ass.

Felix knelt down and placed his pudgy hand on Leander's back and rubbed

the silk back and forth. "Lord Stephen lift the boy some while I take the robe off the boy." Lord Stephen stood Leander back up on his feet; his right hand dug into Leander's shoulder, while his left grabbed Leander's black hair and forced his head back, keeping Leander off balance.

Felix reached over and ripped Leander's silk robe off the trembling boy. It took forever for the silk robe to float to the floor. Heedless of Leander's mortified flush of shame; Lord Stephen slammed the slender boy down on the poker table on top of the red, white, blue chips. Everyone stood up and backed away from the table. "Felix get the sash from the robe!" Lord Stephen rasped his voice harsh in excitement.

Felix picked the blue silk sash off the floor where it fell off Leander and handed it over to Lord Stephen. Quickly before Leander could try anything else Lord Stephen tied Leander's hands together and gave one of the men at the table the other end of the sash like a leash. "Father! Please! Don't do this!" Leander strained against the silk sash, but the man at the other end wouldn't bulge.

"Felix come on here's your chance to touch the boy." Lord Stephen said ignoring his son.

Some of the men not interested in boy slave trade got up and left, which left only four men in the room, Felix, Lord Stephen, Allan, and a man named Shawn, who held Leander captive with the sash. Allan didn't know what the men did for a living but judging their appearances, the pockmarked skin, and blood vessels running through their noses; he could tell they drank too much and probably lived in the gutter half their lives.

Felix took another puff on his cigar and blew the smoke onto the back of Leander's neck, and then placed his lit cigar on the back of Leander's neck. Leander not knowing what to expect screamed in agony; Allan could see the muscles in Shawn's arms flex as he tightened his grip on the sash just before Leander passed out. Then with a casualness, which belied the cruelty of the act, Felix just committed; he kissed the spot he'd just burnt onto the boy.

"Lord Stephen are we allowed to fuck the boy?" Felix asked as his hand reached the boy's smooth backside.

"Yeah go ahead. That's what he's here for after all."

Allan casting aside his own fears stepped in to stop the rape. "Stop! I plan on buying that boy and I don't want damaged goods!" Allan towered over Lord Stephen by a good half foot.

Lord Stephen looked apologetic at the other two men, "Well men he does have a point. How much are you willing to pay to buy the boy?"

Felix and Shawn both answered, "We're content to watch. And Allan here can buy the boy."

"The boy isn't going to be cheap Lord Allan." Lord Stephen warned.

Allan barely looking at the boy said. "I'm willing to pay the price."

Lord Stephen smiled. "Okay let the bargaining begin."

One hour later and Allan short a thousand pounds Lord Stephen and Allan finally came to an agreement. "Let me get this straight. I pay you one thousand pounds for the boy and have to fuck him in front of you, before I can take him to my place?"

"Well Felix and Shawn came here to see some action. And since they can't fuck the boy they might as well be able to watch. Do you two mind?" Lord Stephen asked Felix and Shawn.

Both men looked at each other and smiled. "Not at all Stephen. Looking can be just as fun as doing." Felix answered.

The sound of a door in the house being slammed shut jarred Leander back to consciousness. His eyes widened in surprise at the sight of Allan taking off his cloths. Despite not being able to feel his arms or touch the floor with his feet Leander jerked and withered against the bonds holding him to the table. Sometime while Leander slept Shawn tied the sash to something under the table. "Father! Please!" Leander cried desperately to his father to let him lose.

Lord Stephen seized a handful of Leander's black hair intending to slap the boy for fighting against them.


"What is it Allan?" Lord Stephen snarled at Allan not liking to be interrupted when he meted out punishment.

"That's my property you are about to damage. I discipline my slaves!" Allan barked at Lord Stephen trying to hide his concern for the boy.

"Fine get started then!"

"I will!"

Lord Stephen, Felix, and Shawn settled themselves into some comfortable chairs and waited for Allan to do something.

Shit! Allan didn't know if he could rape the kid. He didn't like men and while Leander was a beautiful boy he didn't feel anything but pity for him. After his experience with his uncle he never allowed anyone to touch him. Occasionally, he'd pay a whore to satisfy his needs. He needed to stall for more time.

"Felix can you get me some whiskey?"

Felix looked at Allan strangely before he went off to get Allan his drink. Mostly, Allan continued to caress Leander's smooth pale skin. It seemed like an eternity before Felix arrived with a glass of whiskey. Allan grabbed it out of his hands and gulped most of it down. He gasped in shock as the smooth liquid burned his throat; warmth started spreading through him. He hoped the whiskey would help fortify him and help him lose some of his inhibitions.

To show the other men in the room he could be just as violent, he threaded his hands through Leander's beautiful black hair and yanked the boy's head back making Leander cry out in pain. Allan leaned over and licked the boy's smooth upturned throat, before he let the boy's head fall to the table with

a thud. Without wasting any time Allan kicked Leander's legs apart and stood between them starring fascinated at the beautiful skin on Leander's upturned ass. Allan could feel himself harden in desire. He closed his eyes in confusion. What was wrong with him! He never felt this way before about another male?

Knowing how much it hurt to be raped Allan quickly sucked on two of his fingers, wetting them, and gently thrust them into Leander's body. Allan could feel the slender boy straining away from the fingers invading his body and a small whimper escaped Leander's throat.

A rush of blood pounded into Allan's cock at the sound of Leander's whimper, and he became even more confused as he became excited at the prospect of having Leander. He didn't think he'd ever been so turned at any other point in his life. Allan's cheeks flushed in shame at his thoughts, as his breath quickened in excitement. Allan stepped closer to Leander and gently thrust his fingers into the boy and wiggled them around trying to find the boy's prostate.

He remembered his uncle sometimes like to make Allan loose control and beg to be fucked as a punishment for disobeying him because his uncle knew the pleasure shamed him more than being raped. So Allan learned a few things to make sure he didn't hurt Leander too badly.

Allan knew he hit the right spot when Leander gasped in surprise and arched his ass up to meet Allan's fingers. Allan used his other hand and felt around the front of Leander and found his hard cock hidden under the table by the white tablecloth reaching the floor. He stroked Leander's cock for a few minutes and continued to push his fingers into Leander. He did this for one more minute before he brought the hand he used to stroke Leander's cock to his mouth and spit into it for lubrication for his cock. After he wet his nine-inch cock, he took his other hand out of the panting Leander, and used it to rearrange Leander's hips for least amount of resistance.

By now Leander started to like the feel of Allan's fingers in him and the feel of them leaving his body brought him out of his euphoria of pleasure pain. When he felt Allan's hands start to rearrange his hips Leander almost started panicking at the thought of Allan using him. His ass still felt sore from the night before when his father raped him. He didn't think he could go through it again, but he was too tired to fight back when he felt gentle hands spreading his cheeks apart.

Allan stared down at the trussed boy and started hating himself for what he was about to do, but he hated himself more for actually liking it. Then knowing the other men in the room where waiting to see him fuck the boy, and knowing that if he didn't the contract would be broken and they would take the boy.

Allan held his cock and guided it to the boy's bruised hole, and gently started pushing himself in. He felt Leander's body clench as he continued to drive his pulsing cock into Leander, ignoring the pain filled cries of the hurt boy. He almost came when Leander clenched his ass muscles again as a last minute resort to protect himself from the invasion. Leander didn't have a chance; the continued rapes weakened his sphincter to a point where it couldn't even hold out a weak thrust.

Leander gritted his jaws together and his hands gripped the tablecloth under him in an attempt to hold back the cry of pain rising in the back of his throat. His eyes started watering and the tears overflowed and fell to the tablecloth, staining the pristine white with sorrow.

Allan saw how his taking it slowly strained the boy, and he decided the quicker he finished the faster they could leave. So with five inches left Allan closed his eyes prayed for forgiveness and plunged into the boy, driving his cock the rest of the way in the tight hole.

Leander's body tensed in pain and an involuntary cry escaped his lips as his body started rocking under Allan's weight. Allan's thigh slapped into the back of Leander's as he became even more excited and started thrusting even harder into the boy. Leander continued to cry out in a combination of pleasure and pain as the head of Allan's cock rubbed against something inside of him sending waves of excitement and ecstasy through his body. Little whimpers of confusion and pleasure left his throat the longer Allan continued to use him against his will.

Finally, an eternity later Allan let out a groan of satisfaction and pulled out of Leander, more confused and lightheaded than when he first started. Something was wrong. He never got this hard just after having sex; usually it took at least five minutes.

Allan heard a giggle come from somewhere in the room and he looked up at Lord

Stephen, a horrifying thought had just occurred to him. "Did you put something in the drink?"

Lord Stephen smiled innocently and brought up a bottle of some liquid. "You mean this?"

"I don't know what is it?"

"Just something I picked up in the Middle East. The sultans use it for their harem girls to make them more ready. It's one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs I've had the pleasure of using, and I've found many amusing uses for it." Lord Stephen smirked at Allan, pleased with himself.

"Don't worry it'll wear out in a couple of hours, after you've been fucked very thoroughly by everyone in this room."

Allan stepped away from Leander his body trembling in rage and need. "I think not Lord Stephen, I'm leaving right now with Leander. I have a ship to catch tomorrow and I have no intention of missing it."

Lord Stephen laughed. "Fine you go ahead and do that, but you'll go out of you mind in a few hours."

Allan could barely put on his clothes his body burned at the sensation of silk rubbing against him, but he forced himself to act normal. He couldn't afford to let these men take control of him. Instead, he touched Leander again and whispered. "No, I don't think I'll go out of my mind."

"Untie the boy. Now!" Allan yelled at the men. He had to get out of there fast.

Leander started sliding to the floor once the ropes supporting his weight left. Allan grabbed the still conscious and naked boy and threw him over his shoulder. Allan knew this had to be embarrassing for Leander, with his ass sticking up in the air. But if he didn't make the other men in the room believe he had every intention of taking Leander to his ship and fucking

the boy for hours they would never have let him go. Allan bit his lips and rushed to his carriage before he started dancing around in pain at the feel the clothes touching his skin.

His coachman already had the door open waiting for him. He climbed in and threw Leander onto the seat. He leaned his head out the window and yelled at his coachman who was just coming out of the woods. "Miles take me to Mrs. Ridley's inn. You know the place and don't stop for anything."

"But sir! That's a four-hour drive. I have to stop and rest the horses."

Allan could barely think straight by now and seeing the naked boy lying down on the leather cushioned seats didn't help either. "Okay, after were about five miles away from this place, slow the horses down, but we need to be at the inn by noon today, that should give you eight hours to make it."

Miles seeing this was a good idea said yes sir and closed the door of the coach. He was on the road for about an hour when he started wandering what the rush was about to get away from the mansion. Although, he left the carriage door open for his master, he left to take a piss at about the time Allan came out of the house with the naked boy over his shoulders. As far as Miles knew, Allan was in the carriage by himself.

The minute the door to the carriage closed Allan started tearing off his clothes not caring about the ripped buttons or satin sleeves that cost a fortune for most people. He just had to get out of his clothes before his skin burst. Allan wadded his clothes into a pile and stuffed them under the carriage seat. He sat on the seat in relief for a few moments before his skin started tingling again. He almost cried out in frustration at how sensitive his skin had become. He didn't even notice Leander as he writhed about trying not to scream in agony at feel of the air on his skin. He couldn't even touch his penis, to try and relieve himself of some of his suffering. When he finally opened his eyes the first thing he saw was a very desirable Leander staring wide eyed at him either in terror or shock he couldn't tell.

"So they drugged you?" Leander's said in a soft husky voice loud in the otherwise quiet carriage.

Allan stared in surprise at Leander he didn't except the boy would ever want to speak to him again.

"Yes." He gritted out between his clenched teeth.

Allan tried not to notice Leander sitting across from him, knowing he couldn't resist the temptation, of having Leander again in his arms and under him for much longer.

"Does it hurt?"


"The drugs. You can barely stay still?"

Allan twisted about trying to find a comfortable position. A small moan escaped his throat.

"Do you know what a aphrodisiac is?" He finally asked after a short period of time had passed and he caught his breath again.


"It's a drug that makes it impossible for someone to say no. They probably drugged my drink so that after I raped you I wouldn't be able to leave and they could rape me next."

"But they let us leave?"

"They probably thought it would be amusing for me to suffer like this."

"Is there anything you can do to feel better?" Leander asked innocently.

Allan would have started laughing but any movement would cause the agony to start all over again. "Are you offering yourself to me?"

Leander still weak from hunger and pain stammered out a tentative "What?"

Allan noticed Leander started looking a bit weaker and frail as the adrenaline stopped pumping into his system, and the excitement of the evening ended. He almost became worried when Leander lay back down on the seat cushions obviously too tired to hold his body up any longer.

"The only thing you can do to help me get over the drug is to let me fuck you." Allan said bluntly to the boy lying across from him.

He could tell something was wrong when Leander listlessly said. "Why don't you just rape me like you did in front of those men?"

Allan ignoring the remark asked. "When was the last time you ate anything?"

"I don't know about a day or two ago maybe three."

"Shit! That asshole! So you've been starving for the last two days?"


"Look when we get to the inn I'll make sure you have something to eat..." Allan's voice trailed off as a stray wind entered the carriage and blew across Allan's over sensitized skin. He jerked back and cursed his hands trying to gripe the smooth cushions under him he couldn't think or breath for the next few moments. "Oh God!" He whimpered not believing such agony of pleasure could exist.

Allan didn't notice Leander sit up and move over to his side of the carriage until he laid a warm hand on his sweating back and said in a questioning tone "I'm willing to help you?"

Allan groaned in agony at question and pushed his hard on against the seat cushions trying to ease some of the pressure. Obviously, the boy didn't know what he was saying; otherwise he would have stayed on his side of the carriage. "Get away." Allan growled afraid he would lose his self control and rape the boy anyway.

Leander flinched at the harsh quality in Allan's voice. "Suffer then." He started to move over to the other side of the carriage when Allan rolled onto his back and grabbed Leander's wrist startling the boy into a brief struggle to escape.

"Stop it!" Allan hissed after Leander accidentally elbowed Allan's stomach. Allan could feel Leander's hysteria rising and not knowing what else to do backhanded the boy hard enough across the face to stop Leander from seriously harming him.

Leander fell to his knees and started sobbing. "P...P...Pl...Please let me go."

Allan felt his heart twist at the sound of Leander begging for freedom. Allan tried to let his hand let go of Leander's wrist but his body wouldn't let him. He could feel the passion rising inside of him and the only outlet sat right next to him on his knees.

"I'm sorry." Allan murmured into Leander's ear as he pulled the boy up next to him and to lie across the top of his chest. Allan cried out at the contact his skin sending tingles of pleasure to ever point in his body. He didn't even feel the rocking of the carriage.

Allan stared at Leander's beautiful blue eyes staring down into his own blue eyes. Why didn't he notice Leander's beauty before this? He let go of Leander's wrist and seized the back of Leander's neck and forced Leander's head down so he could kiss the boy's sweet lips. Leander gasped in surprise when he felt Allan's tongue enter his mouth, but once he became use to the feel and decided he liked it he relaxed and started kissing Allan back.

Allan quickly felt himself losing control once Leander started participating in his own seduction. He groaned and without releasing Leander's lips turned himself over with Leander under him and pressed him into the cushions of the coach.

Leander started panting in between kisses trying to catch his breath his never felt like this before and he didn't know if his heart could stand the constant pounding in his chest. He didn't even notice Allan spreading his legs and settling between them. He could barely feel Allan's hands center on his private parts stroking and fondling him until he became mindless of anything else but the pleasure. He cried out softly in delight when a finger entered his ass and started stroking inside sending waves of pleasure crashing inside his body. His body started stuttering and jerking. His cries becoming incoherent even as Allan forced his knees to his own chest. Leander knew what was coming but by then didn't care. Allan controlled his body.

Allan stared down in shock at the boy, he never expected the boy could be so passionate, especially after the experience he went through at his father's house. He knew he shouldn't be taking advantage of Leander but the feel of the boy's soft slender body straining under him in pleasure was more than he could withstand.

His skin lost some of it's sensitivity as his mind became more focused on the creature writhing under him. He picked Leander's legs up and pushed them toward the boy's chest and locked them there with his forearms as his explored the boy. He could still see traces of blood and semen marring the whiteness of Leander's perfectly rounded buttocks. He lowered his mouth and started licking the area around the boy's anus, cleaning it. He then pushed his tongue into the boy and started stabbing in and out holding the boy still, to keep him from squirming away, when it all became too intense.

After he felt Leander had enough and he could barely keep control raised himself up and spit into one of his hands and started slicking the spit over his throbbing cock. He almost came just from the slight touch of his own hand against himself. When he felt he was wet enough to enter Leander he stopped and pulled the boy closer to him. He felt Leander stiffen at the feel of the cock touching his ass; he leaned down and started kissing Leander again, and slowly started pushing himself into the boy. Leander groaned at the sensation of being filled. Allan gently thrust a little of the way in and pulled out a little before thrusting again a little farther this time. He continued until Leander had all of his nine inch cock imbedded into his ass and was gasping and whimpering for more.

At the soft little sounds Leander muttered, Allan lost control and started slamming into Leander harder and harder. Leander took it and soon his body started shaking and vibrating as his body readied for its first ever orgasm. Leander whimpered and tossed his head side to side trying to keep back his cry of passion.

Allan through a haze of his own pleasure could tell that trying to keep quiet was restricting the boy's own pleasure and he reached down under the seat and pulled up some of his clothes. He stopped thrusting for a minute, leaving Leander on the edge of climaxing, while he picked out his shirt, and placed it over Leander's mouth and told the boy to yell into it. At first Leander looked up at him in a panicky way as if Allan were crazy, but after Allan thrust into him again and he inadvertently cried out into the shirt. Leander noticed his cries were too muffled for the coachman to hear over the sound of the horses.

Allan saw the intense look in Leander's eyes turn cloudy once again as passion took over. He was pleased when Leander started whimpering and crying out into his shirt, no longer holding back. Within minutes Allan had Leander shaking and trembling and wailing into the shirt over his mouth as he continued pumping into the distraught boy. Allan could see fear entering Leander's eyes as his body started moving beyond his own control and he couldn't do anything to slow down or stop.

Allan started pounding harder into Leander and on the third thrust Leander's body clenched as his body reached the plateau he didn't know he'd been striving for. The small convulsions of pleasure forced Allan to slide in deeper than before causing Leander to scream in pleasure as his body once again started twitching in ultimate pleasure.

Allan stared down in amazement at Leander as he climaxed a second time briefly noticing the boy still had dry orgasms, just before his he lost control and started climaxing. He opened his mouth to cry out his pleasure, but the force of it robbed him of his voice; instead he started shuddering and shaking. Once the force of his climax subsided he lay down exhaustedly on the semiconscious boy still panting and sweating from the exertion he went through. At first he was in too much shock from the experience to notice the quiet sobbing of Leander, when he finally noticed, a flush of shame rushed to his face. He quickly pulled out of the boy and tried to lift himself off of the slight frame under him, but his body couldn't move.

Leander continued to cry softly even though the weight on top of him made it harder. He had never been so ashamed in his life. How could his body do this too him! He'd never experienced anything this nice in his life and he hated himself for liking it so much. Was this normal?

He weakly grabbed the shirt lying over mouth and tossed it to the floor of the carriage. He briefly tried pushing Allan off of him but the man on top of him was too heavy. As soon as his pounding heart slowed down Leander started noticing how uncomfortable his legs felt and he started wiggling them and finally moved them until his legs stretched out with Allan laying in between them. He vaguely heard Allan whispering in his ear 'I'm sorry' over and over again.

Finally, after an eternity, Allan sat up and moved away from Leander to the other side of the carriage. Allan couldn't lift his head to look at the disheveled boy still lying on the seat with his legs spread open wantonly, still in shock at the incredible feelings he just experienced. A sharp pang of guilt and shame over his actions made him want to go back in time and redo everything that happened in the past two hours. Mostly he wished he had never asked for that drugged drink.

Allan looked up when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He didn't stop Leander from picking up the discarded cotton shirt and covering his chest with it. Allan wished he had some sort of light in the carriage so he could see Leander's expression. He had betrayed the boy's trust to get him out of his father's home, and now he wasn't sure if they could stay together for the long voyage to America. If Allan hadn't already promised Leander's mother to meet in Charleston, Virginia Allan would have paid someone else to make sure the boy made it there safely.

Neither of them said anything to each other during the next four hours it took to reach the inn Allan had arranged to stay the rest of the night in. By the time the carriage rolled to a stop both occupants were dressed and looked exhausted. The driver tried not to show his surprise at seeing a boy climb out of the carriage after Allan, after all it was his job to know everything that happened with his master. Leander remained silent while Allan talked to the owner of the inn and paid for their room. Allan didn't want to leave Leander alone; afraid the boy's father would come after them. After Allan paid for the room and for the owner to bring up warm food from the kitchen, he led the way up a narrow set of stairs, and to a small room at the back of the house. He wanted the room as far away from the noise downstairs. Unfortunately, the room only had one bed. Allan debated on whether or not he should sleep on the floor, but he knew they both needed their rest for the trip tomorrow. He decided the bed was big enough for both of them to share. The bed seemed to take up all the space in the room, but there was just enough room for a set of draws, with a water pitcher to sit atop. He didn't want to talk to Leander, but he couldn't go all the way to America without speaking to the kid, because he was ashamed of himself.

Allan tried to gather up his courage to speak when the boy spoke from his position sitting on the end of the bed. "What's your name?" Allan's mouth dropped open in surprise he had assumed Leander already knew his name. In his shock he almost missed the boy's next words, "I mean it's not a big deal, but I just realized I don't even know your name..." by the time Leander finished talking it seemed like he was struggling not to cry.

"I'm Lord Allan, the second son of the Earl of Lancaster, and I guess I'm a highway robber on my spare time. I came to rescue you. Your mother and your brothers are on their way to America, and we are headed to London there is a ship leaving on the evening tide tomorrow night. The Lady Anne's captain is a friend of mine, so I only had to pay for one person..." Allan continued to ramble on but a knock at the door interrupted him. He opened the door and collected the tray of food from the servant girl's hands. The smell of the food made him realize how long it's been since his last meal.

Leander didn't even give Allan a chance to put the tray down before he grabbed a roll of brown bread and started stuffing it into his mouth. Allan felt like kicking himself for not remembering what the boy said about not eating anything for days. He should have ordered soup for the boy, and some extra food for himself. They didn't say anything for the next few minutes as they both ate all the food on the tray. Allan made sure he ate only a little bit of it, because he ate that morning and the boy needed the nourishment more than him.

Allan took the empty tray back downstairs, and asked the owner if she had any wash towels, and waited for the few minutes it took her to come back with two thin pieces of cotton. He walked back to the room slowly trying to think of how he was going to suggest the boy clean himself before he went to sleep. He opened the door and stared at the sleeping figure sprawled over half the bed.

Apparently, sleep was more important at the moment for the tired boy. Allan took off his clothes and used to cloth the owner gave him to clean himself. He still had traces of semen and blood on his penis; he quickly washed away the traces of his crime and dressed himself in some clean clothes from his trunk his manservant brought in while he was downstairs. He looked through the leggings and shirts to find something that would fit the smaller boy better than Allan's extra clothes he had under the seat of the carriage. He finally found what he was looking for at the bottom of the trunk, a pair of legging that he paid for but didn't realize they were to small until he tried to wear them a week later. He would have gone back to the man's shop and demand his money back, except he had to leave London quickly the next day after Sandy caught breaking into a nobleman's mansion. He packed everything in a hurry and forgot about the small leggings for at least a year.

Although, Allan was tired, he undressed Leander and quickly washed wiped away all traces of the rape. As he examined the bruises on the boy's back more closely his fury grew. Black and blue stripes overlapped yellowing bruises. He also had hand sized bruises on his hips where someone, gripped him roughly. Allan tried to think back to the two times he raped Leander trying to remember if he was overly rough. He knew that the first time he was careful, but he couldn't say the same for the second time, with the drugs fogging his senses, he couldn't tell how much force he used. Allan carefully cleaned Leander and redressed the boy in clothes that fit him better and Leander slept the entire time.

May 9, 1745

Lord Stephen crumpled the note in his hand after rereading it a few times. How dare that bitch keep the twins and run off to the Americas? He tried to control his anger without giving in to the urge to hurl his shot glass at the wood paneled wall. He couldn't remember feeling this furious since the time he found out his wife filed for divorce and had taken his sons, his property away to London. It took three long months for the lazy carpenters to refurnish his study and fix the walls after that incident. The twins fascinated Stephen, they were so beautiful the last time he spied on them in the park with their bitch mother and Leander. He missed having a young boy in his bed; Leander grew too quickly and cried all the time. Ellen coddled the boys too much.

A knock at the door startled him briefly from his thoughts. He stood up slowly and soothed the wrinkles out of his clothes before heading toward the door. He opened the heavy door just as Gary lifted his hand to knock again.

"Gary just the man I needed to see." Stephen smiled with false enthusiasm. "We need to make plans to go to America."

May 9, 1745

On the Atlantic Ocean

Randle and Sandy are godsends Lady Ellen thought as she heard her sons laughing loudly in the hall outside the door of their cabin. Randle and Sandy offered to take the boys up on deck and watch over them so they could get out of the small stuffy room and breath some fresh air. The captain suggested she remain below decks during the day until the sailor's went below decks to sleep. Luckily Randle brought a deck of cards and taught the fidgety and restless boys how to play. It kept the boys occupied for a few days; Peter and Patric quickly caught on, and begged the older men to show them how to play more games and shuffle the thick cards. Lady Ellen already knew how to play cards so she watched her sons fondly and hoped her oldest son would make it to America safely. She didn't know how Lord Allan would find them in the new world. Randle and Sandy tried to appear happy and confident that Allan would find them, but she didn't become a popular courtesan by not understanding men. They wanted to protect her from truth. Allan left so fast they forgot to arrange how they were going to meet in America. Randle assured her that his best friend was a resourceful individual.