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Site News
Annoymous Reviews are Disabled
I disabled annoymous reviews because some members were getting spam reviews and the only fix which was to add more fonts to the captcha security didn't work well enough.

Sorry for the inconvenience but until I find a solution to this problem this seems the best way to prevent getting spam attacked.

--Amalthia on 09/09/2009 03:01 AM 0 Comments
Contact Form should be working
I tested the Contact Us (which is highly misleading because you'll only be contacting me) and well it worked for me.

in case it doesn't my email is amalthia at gmail

--Amalthia on 06/25/2008 05:39 AM 0 Comments
Upgrading the site again
The Angst Archive may experience technical problems over the next two or three days because I'm going to upgrade efiction from 2.0.7 to 3.4.2

edit: upgrade went surprisingly well. However, there may still be glitches on the site. Please let me know asap if you find something not working so I can get right on it. Thanks! also annoymous reviews should be back.

--Amalthia on 06/24/2008 06:46 PM 0 Comments
Sorry for the site going down
But it looks like I got almost everything working correctly again.

--Amalthia on 04/09/2008 09:31 PM 0 Comments
Annoymous commenting turned off
I had to turn off anonymous reviews because spam bots have gotten into the site and left over 80,000 porn ads. I deleted all of them from the database and am now attempting to figure out how to get the review counts fixed on affected stories. (the easiest solution would be to delete the stories and re-add them) but I prefer not to do that unless absolutely necessary.

--Amalthia on 03/28/2008 03:14 AM 0 Comments
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