The Adversary by Xanthe Rated: NC-17
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FeatureSummary: Mulder is abducted, and subjected to repeated rapes and torture, during which he becomes emotionally and psychologically involved in a deadly battle of wits with his torturer. There are high stakes, as the prize for winning is possession of Mulder's soul — and his future. As this intense, award-winning story unfolds, Mulder is forced to confront his past, unravel his complex relationship with Skinner and face up to his own psychological demons — and, in the process, find a way to defeat his adversary.
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
Categories: X- Files
Characters: Mulder/OMC, Mulder/Skinner

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Pairing Type: Slash
Warnings: Rape, Torture
Word Count:
Completed: Yes Read: 8600
Published: 06/14/2005 Updated: 06/14/2005

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