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Summary: Lt. “Xander” Harris and Captain William the Bloody have both suffered and lost in the on going war between the Biogens and Council. Now, Xander finds himself on a ship under attack by Captain Bloody. Can a damaged and “useless” Xander find a way to save the Council crew and passengers?

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Categories: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Xander/Spike

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Pairing Type: Slash
Warnings: Attempted Rape, BDSM, Dub-Con, Non-con, Slavery, Torture
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Lt. “Xander” Harris and Captain William the Bloody have both suffered and lost in the on going war between the Biogens and Council. Now, Xander finds himself a prisoner of Captain William the Bloody (aka Spike). What will be Xander’s fate?

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15. Chapter 15 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3517 words)
Xander began to cry when he realized, Spike had stopped calling him “pet.”

16. Chapter 16 by stillrose [Reviews - 1] (2907 words)
The two men traded barbs and insults all through their shower. Xander protested Spike washing him and Spike did it any way. They continued with their “fight” until they climbed in bed. Once again Spike arranged his boy until Xander was draped across Spike with his head on Spike’s chest.

Spike began to card his fingers through Xander’s hair.

“Exactly how long am I going to have to grow my hair?” Xander mumbled into Spike’s chest.

“Shhh!" Spike laughed. "Go to sleep. Trust me when I say, pet, your going ta need it.”

Xander grinned and hugged Spike tight. Then he relaxed and let Spike stroke his hair. Xander was asleep long before Spike had reveled enough in the feel and scent of his boy to truly trust Xander was his.

17. Chapter 17 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (2443 words)

Spike lay down and once again arranged his pet so he could pet Xander’s hair.

“Oi,” Spike said. “Well then we’ll have to get Fred working on some special concoction so you can keep up with my dem…er needs.”

Xander rolled his eye. “In your dreams.”

Spike smiled. “Every night.”

18. Chapter 18 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3678 words)
“You all right?” Spike asked as he stepped in the galley and wrinkled his nose at the smell of Xander’s recently sour stomach.

Xander stared at Spike
. I’m Lt. Xander LaVelle Harris and I’m Spike’s pet, Xander thought. I can do this.

“Fine,” Xander answered.

Spike moved to Xander, reached out and brushed his knuckles over Xander’s cheek. “Really, pet?”

Xander rubbed his face against Spike hand and said, “Really.”

“Then let’s do this, Xan,” Spike said as he held out Xander’s shoes in his other hand. “Let’s go see Angel.”

19. Chapter 19 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3554 words)
“What do you want?” Angel finally asked.

“I want Spike,” Xander said noting the joy that flitted across Spike’s face and then hated himself for the next words he was about to utter, “but if there’s a chance to end this war then I want that too.”

20. Chapter 20 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3827 words)

Gavin turned and left Harmony to her dithering while he proceeded to the lift.

21. Chapter 21 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (4076 words)

“Remember, if you scream,” Caleb said as he raised his hand with the whip, “scream something useful.”

Caleb swung his arm down and the fiery pain seemed to slam into Xander’s back before he could even register the sight of the whip and wires digging into his flesh. Xander bit his lip and Caleb raised his arm again.

22. Chapter 22 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3574 words)
When the flame came to rest at the tip of Xander’s shriveled penis Xander screamed loud and long as if he could pour his very soul out of his tortured body through the sounds escaping his mouth. The flame was removed and Xander sagged in his bonds.

“Spike,” Xander whispered knowing these would be the last words he’d ever speak. “Spike, I love you.”

23. Chapter 23 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (2220 words)
“Spike,” Fred said as she looked up from her machine and at the two men, “you do realize that if this works, Xander won’t be a pure human anymore. He will be a Biogen.”

Spike nodded. “The first one created in over two hundred years. The first Biogen created by another Biogen.”

24. Chapter 24 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3103 words)
“That’s it, pet,” Spike said not bothering to hide the choke in his voice or brush away the tear making it’s way down his cheek. “I’m here, Xan. You’re safe and sound. Just stay with me, pet. Stay with me, Xander.”

Spike carded his hand softly through Xander’s hair.

“Stay with me, pet,” Spike said again and then very softly whispered. “That’s an order.”

Spike smiled as once again he heard the change in Xander’s heartbeat.

25. Chapter 25 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3437 words)
Xander smiled and then frowned. Smiling hurts, Xander thought. Pain reminded Xander.




“Just another fucking soulless…heartless..Biogen,” Spike said.

Xander smiled despite the pain and locked his fingers with Spike’s hand.

“Thank you,” Xander whispered and made the dance step back to unconsciousness.

“Anytime,” Spike quietly replied as he kissed his pet’s forehead.

26. Chapter 26 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3240 words)
“Pet, you ok?” Spike asked quietly from behind him. Xander looked up into the mirror to see Spike standing behind him with a worried look on his face.

“Just had to p…” Xander froze mid-answer. Something in Xander’s reflection wasn’t right. Xander focused his gaze. He stared at himself. He looked deeply into his own eyes.

Xander’s blood froze. He shifted his eyes from his own reflection to that of Spike’s.

“What have you done to me?” Xander said with a deadly whisper as both his brown eyes began to fleck with gold.

27. Chapter 27 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (1483 words)
“You know Xander can’t go back now,” Spike said thinking about what the council would do to Xander if they found out he was Biogen. Not only would they reject him but they’d study him.

“I know,” Angel said. “He’s family.”

Spike couldn’t hide his surprise at Angel’s answer and stared wide-eyed at his mentor.

“Xander’s family, Spike,” Angel said again firmly as he laid a gentle hand on Spike’s shoulder and squeezed briefly before turning and disembarking
The DeSoto.

28. Chapter 28 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (2037 words)
“We’ll try this again,” Angel had said while he carried Xander. “We’ll keep trying it again, Xander, until we can have this conversation without you beserking. You’ll learn control all on your own or I’ll beat it into you. Either way, you will learn.”

29. Chapter 29 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3863 words)
“Sometimes we can’t control what happens to us but…”

“’s about the choices you make when it happens,” Xander finished.

Angel nodded. Xander sat back down on the cot and stared at Angel.

“Tell me about the changes,” Xander finally said. “Tell me about being a Biogen.”

30. Chapter 30 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3292 words)
“Anyone ever tell you were a stubborn whelp?” Angel asked.

Xander smiled and confessed, “Nope. Only a stubborn ‘git.’”

31. Chapter 31 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3919 words)
Spike spun around and snarled at Angel, “I’m taking my Pet upstairs. Butt in again and I’ll put you down myself!”

Spike then turned around again and gently, but firmly grabbed hold of Xander’s arm and led him out of Angel’s office.

32. Chapter 32 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (2877 words)
Xander turned slowly in Spike’s arms until he lay cradled in them staring up at his lover.

“I’m happy to be alive, Spike,” Xander said. “Thank you for keeping me that way.”

Once again Spike’s vision shimmered with unshed tears. He choked back a sob and gently kissed Xander on his sweaty brow before once again whispering, “Yer welcome, pet. Yer so very very welcome.”

33. Chapter 33 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3287 words)
“It’ll be dangerous,” Spike feebly argued torn by his need to protect Xander and his need to keep him close.

“Trust me,” Xander said as he stepped deep into Spike’s personal space and placed his hands on Spike’s shoulders, “leaving me behind would be more dangerous.”

34. Chapter 34 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3419 words)
Xander then swooped in for a kiss of his own. Spike opened his mouth and submitted to Xander’s hungry claim. Tongues danced and the shared taste of Spike and Xander swirled in each other’s mouth. When both men were out of breath, Xander broke the kiss.

“You don’t need to say it, Spike,” Xander said huskily, “because I felt it…I feel it.”

35. Chapter 35 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (1999 words)
Without missing a beat, but praying Spike would understand, Xander replied, “I did what I had to to survive. You don’t think I’d willingly submit to that do you?”

Riley arched an eyebrow.

Remember your promise, Xander silently begged Spike without looking at him.

“That,” Xander said as he pointed without looking at Spike, “is beneath me!”

Then before Xander could see the look on Spike’s face he delivered his own kick to it. The force of Xander’s kick sent Spike reeling and falling backwards to the ground unconscious.

36. Chapter 36 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3818 words)
This time the succession of kicks punctuating the voice’s last four words were aimed at Spike’s face. 

Why’s it always in the bloody face?
Spike briefly wondered before he once again surrendered into unconsciousness.

37. Chapter 37 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3057 words)
>Spike closed his eyes and swallowed his own fear and old memories. This is Xan! He silently reminded himself. This is my pet. Then Spike relaxed as much as he could allow.

“Then do it,” Spike ground out. “I promise ya…ya won’t hurt me.
YOU can’t!”

Xander took a deep breath and then reached around Spike to flick on the shower cycle. Tears will get lost in the spray, Xander thought as he felt his eyes begin to water.

38. Chapter 38 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (2788 words)
“Mi…Graham,” Xander said. “At ease. Just help me see that Seventeen makes it to the ‘Dale alive and healthy. I’ll make sure to pass the good word on to the Regent Prime.”

Graham smiled. “Yes, sir.”

Xander smiled and saluted Graham. Then he turned and headed back to his cabin.
It’s just a little ways, Xander thought, then I can fall apart in the privacy of my bugged quarters...not.

Spike, Xander thought. I want to go home. Promise me when we get out of this we’ll go home, back to the DeSoto

39. Chapter 39 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (2400 words)
Spike smiled and nodded. “Now get along and let me eat in peace.”

Graham hid a smirk and retreated to the other side of the door.

“Soddin’ soldier boys,” Spike muttered. “Too soft-hearted for this war.”

Xander smiled.
One more day, love, then this softy goes for broke.


40. Chapter 40 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (2054 words)
“I’ll g…go get them,” Tara said and slipped out the door.

Xander closed his eyes, took a deep breath and thought of Spike.

I promise. Xander thought. One way or another, we will be together.

41. Chapter 41 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3235 words)
“But how can you think Spi..Seventeen loves you?” Willowasked.

“Biogens don’t feel love!” Buffy yelled.

“They don’t?” Xander said angrily then whipped off his eye patch.

42. Chapter 42 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (3401 words)
“Wills, listen to me,” Xander said. “If you keep Spike locked up, then you lock me up with him. You execute him, you execute me. You vivisect him, you vivis…”

“Xander!’ Buffy and
Willow yelled in shock and protest at the same time.

Xander looked at his girls and said quietly, “Help me.”

43. Chapter 43 by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (4911 words)
Hang on!” Xander punched in another series of codes and the Zeppo roared. It surged forward and leapt from the floor as the hangar bay doors swung open for launch. Blue sky was wide open above the tiny ship and it darted forward and upward until soon it was punching through atmosphere and stars swam in front of the bridge display.

“We’re going home, pet?” Spike asked quietly from behind Xander.

Xander nodded, “Yeah, Spike, we’re going home.”

44. Epilogue by stillrose [Reviews - 0] (1993 words)
The mere idea of Xander being lost and alone sent a chill down Spike's spine. NEVER! Spike silently roared. Spike pulled Xander down to him and held him close.

"Never, pet," Spike growled. "Never gonna let that happen. I'll tie ya ta the bed and shag ya silly every day if that's wot it takes to prove it to ya!"

"Promise?" Xander laughed as he snuggled back into Spike.

"Oi! Cheeky git!" Spike replied as he gave another swat to Xander’s firm ass. He pinned Xander close to him.

Xander reveled in Spike's possessive hold. Home and freedom were in that hold and Xander never wanted to escape it.