Thursday’s Child by Strangeandcharm Rated: NC-17
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FeatureSummary: Thursday’s child has far to go.
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Categories: Supernatural
Characters: Castiel/Dean

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Pairing Type: Slash
Warnings: Character Death, Non-con, Rape
Word Count:
Completed: Yes Read: 847
Published: 03/21/2010 Updated: 03/21/2010

Story Notes:
Spoilers for 5.04, 'The End'. So I got to wondering: what would have happened if past!Dean hadn’t turned up in 2014, and future!Dean had actually succeeded in killing Lucifer with the Colt? Apparently, it involves lots of angsting. Who knew?

1. Thursday’s Child by Strangeandcharm [Reviews - 0] (120478 words)