Tamed by dreamlittleyo Rated: NC-17
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Summary: Written to the prompt: Antichrist or evil Sam trains Dean to be nothing more than a cock warmer and fucktoy. Dean is not allowed to talk or think about anything but fucking, and if he does, Sam punishes him.
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Categories: Supernatural
Characters: Sam/Dean

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Pairing Type: Slash
Warnings: Incest, Non-con, Rape, Slavery, Torture
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Published: 12/05/2009 Updated: 12/05/2009

Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I've no claim to Supernatural or its characters. Just playing in the sandbox.

Warnings: This is dark!fic. AU, evil!Sam, brainwashed!Dean, noncon, pain, and humiliation. Mentions of wax play, whipping, fisting, electrodes and gangbang (albeit obliquely). Seriously, guys, don't read this one if any of these warnings make you squeamish.

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